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5 Gadgets To Help You Quit Smoking For Good

5 Gadgets To Help Quit Smoking For Good Quitting smoking won't be easy, even with these gadgets. But why not do everything you can to lessen the burn and successfully quit smoking for good. Below are five handy gadgets to help quit smoking. The Filtrim The Filtrim device makes it easier to ween yourself off of cigarettes slowly. The Filtrim perforates the paper of each cigarette. What this does is cool the temperature of the burn, therefore reducing the amount of chemicals being inhaled. With a tear in the paper, cigarettes produce much less draw. This is a great idea for those looking to ween themselves off smoking. You can add more perforations as you progress, so your cigarettes produce less and less smoke and you inhale less nicotine. The AcuOne Believe it or not, electro acupuncture is an existing alternative therapy to help you quit smoking. It apparently will help to reduce cigarette cravings and body weight loss. This is done through gentle shock points on the inside of your wrists. They last for two minutes at a time and should be done about 8 - 15 times per day. While you might be sceptical, many have reported success with this device. I may even increase The QuitKey QUITKEY The QuitKey is for those who want the control taken out of their hands. Great for those who lack willpower, the QuitKey will alter your habits and smoking pattern by slowing down the rate at which you have each cigarette. This is done through creating an individualised process based on your own smoking habits. The QuitKey will help you cut down cigarette by cigarette but isn't for those who struggle to take orders from a small machine. The NicoStopper NICO This gadget works similar to the QuitKey, but instead locks all the cigarettes within the NicoStopper and only lets you have them at certain intervals. This is one of the more expensive gadgets on the list, coming in at 300 dollars. If you can afford it, this is a great way to cut down your smoking. The price should make you think twice about smoking too. Electronic Cigarettes Electronic cigarettes are actually vaporisers. They generally resemble the appearance of normal cigarettes and a re an excellent way to replace smoking altogether with a far safer alternative. Inside each e-cigarette, a heating element heats a nicotine laced liquid that when inhaled produces liquid vapour. Much like smoking, you absorb the nicotine through your lungs. But unlike smoking, there are no extra chemicals and the vapour won't burn. You can get a whole range of flavours and varying strengths of nicotine. One of the best new gadgets to help cut down on smoking or quit smoking all together. Sensor detects when smoker takes a drag Heater vaporises nicotine |LED lights up when the smoker draws on the cigarette MICROPROCESSOR |CARTRIDGE holds nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol BATTERY controls heater and light See more @ LOO

5 Gadgets To Help You Quit Smoking For Good

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Quitting smoking is one of the best health decisions a smoker can make. Thanks to modern technology, there are a range of gadgets available that will help make the journey to a smoke free life an easi...




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