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5 Common Challenges in Mobile App Development

5 COMMON CHALLENGES IN MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT USER EXPERIENCE Among the significant challenges with mobile application development has actually been individual experience. Some enterprise app designers deal with mobile gadgets as simply an additional display and extend enterprise applications to mobile gadgets without recognizing that individual communications and habits are greatly various. This creates an unintuitive and troublesome experience for individuals leading to reduced adoption and use of the application. OS FRAGMENTATION There are too many versions of the Mobile operating system in circulation. Hence, developers can't just focus on the most recent versions of the OS. It's not easy K for users to upgrade their OS and carriers have little incentive to do so. In order to work around this problems, developers need to determine which OS are most popular and develop with the latest widely adopted version in mind. Mobile Developers Freespire need to conduct a research on which handsets that are popular among their customers and familiarize their selves with the carriers' upgrade schedules. DEVELOPMENT APPROACHES Today, there are three common ways that developers are building applications for mobile devices, Native, Hybrid and Web based. Native development is expensive and not favorable for across multiple code bases. Web technologies with a centralized code base for core components of their connected applications and uses combination of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. HTML5 will be delivered as hybrid apps, which mix Native Apps Web Apps HTML code into a native container and use native Hybrid Apps code for navigation and platform specific integration. These hybrid apps will get more sophisticated and capable as a result. So what's your choice? SECURITY Safety around gadgets and applications can be a beast to handle with lots of various gadgets & running system versions. The capability to gain access to details through mobile gadgets can bring tremendous chance, this is the reason many businesses hesitate in sharing informations. As a result, businesses are trying to secure their gadgets utilizing Mobile Device Management (MDM) options which poorly carried out & can result in an inadequate individual experience. DEVICE FRAGMENTATION Choosing the most popular devices will become more of a challenge as device types and platforms proliferate. Developers can expect to find a whole range of larger touch-sensitive devices. Mobile surfaces will grow beyond specialized devices as the cost of multi-touch monitors falls -- to the point where touchwall computing becomes broadly available. Developers will need to scale their user interfaces, because an 84-inch experience is very different from a 4-inch experience. Source: f mobile-app-strategy/d/d-id/1109754 mobile-application-development/ developing-android-apps/ O MobilePhoneApps4u Infographic Designed By MobilePhoneApps4U |

5 Common Challenges in Mobile App Development

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As people are switching from desktop to mobile, mobile app developers are struggling with processes, tools, resources and no. of challenges in developing desired mobile application. “In a recent...


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