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40+ Freaky Facts & Stats about Whatsapp

WHATSAPP Koum realized that the app store is going to see a huge rise in the app industry. With this in mind an app idea was developed which allowed users to update statuses for showing it to the people in their network. FOUNDED IN 2009 f facebook. WhatsApp BY JAN KOUM & BRIAN ACTON (EX-YAHOO EMPLOYEES) AFTER LEAVING YAHOO IN 2007, THEY APPLIED IN FACEBOOK BUT FAILED KOUM IMMEDIATELY CHOSE THE APART FROM FACEBOOK, EVEN TWITTER HAD A CHANCE NAME WHATSAPP, AS IT SOUNDED LIKE WHATS UP' TO HIRE BOTH OF WHATSAPP'S FOUNDERS BUT THEY DIDN'T KIISSI 4S4 LAND US They hired a iPhone developer named Igor Solomennikov from Russia 5TΗ MOST On Feb, 24, 2009, they incorporated WhatsApp Inc in California DOWNLOADED APP ON ANDROID Download on the BlackBerry App Store The Black Berry App of WhatsApp was developed by Chris Peiffer, who is a close friend of Koum. The App was officially launched exclusively for the apple store in November 2009 Before Facebook, Google offered to pay $10 billion for WhatsApp Google As proved by facebook, WhatsApp is worth more VSVN than entire annual budget of NASA for 2014, which was 17 billion 55 Employees working in Whatsapp CASH 19 BILLION WhatsApp has spent Zero Cash on marketing, solely focused on building a pure messaging experience with Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion on 19th Febuary! Now in 32 Languages, available for iPhone, Blackberry, Appple, Nokia, Windows Phones 32 Deal was Finalised on Valentine's Day, 2014 Now Whatsapp is #1 Messaging App, with Instant Messaging App Share of mobile messaging traffic - 75% "No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks!" HOW DOES WHATSAPP GENERATE REVENUE? 24 The one and only way by which WhatsApp earn its revenue is charging the subscription fee from the users. In most of the countries the first year of WhatsApp service is free on almost all platforms and after an year it charges from $0.99 to $1 for one year of service from its users. 30 200 195 BILLION MILLION- MINUTES As of January 2015, 30 billion messages gets sent and received on WhatsApp daily. More than 200 million voice notesget shared on WhatsApp everyday Average amount of time spent by users on WhatsApp at a weekly basis is195 minutes 800 386 MILLION MILLION INTERESTING STATISTICS AND FACTS ABOUT In April 2015, Forbes predicted that telecom companies will lose about $386 billion between 2012-18 due to OTT apps like WhatsAPP As of April 2015 WhatsApp has more than 800 million active users 01 oWhatsapp 700 MILLION MILLION More than 1 million users get registered on WhatsApp daily More than 700 million pictures get shared on Whats App daily 10% 72% 27% 72% Of users check Whatsapp Everyday India has the largest number of active users on WhatsApp and it formulates more than 10% share of its user base WhatsApp is responsible for 27% of selfies shared on internet 23 1000 100 An average user ends more than MILLION The average user checks the app approximately 23 times per day 23 1000 messages per month on WhatsApp More than 100 million video messages shared every day POPULARITY OF WHATSAPP IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES 84% Mobile phone internet users in Argentina use WhatsApp 31% Social messaging users in Ireland use WhatsApp There are more than 70 million active WhatsApp users in India 81% 40% 36% iPhone users in Italy avail the services of WhatsApp Italian divorces cite Mobile web users in United WhatsApp texts as evidence Kingdom use WhatsApp 57% 17% 8% Indonesian Smart phone users use the services of WhatsApp Smart phone users in Finland use WhatsApp US teens (14-17 years) use WhatsApp on a daily basis THERE WERE ISSUES WITH WHATSAPP JANUARY 2012 MAY 2011 A security hole was reported in WhatsApp in May 2011, which left user accounts vulnerable to session In January 2012, WhatsApp got removed from the iOS App store due to unknown reasons but was re-added 4 days later. hacking and packet analysis. The text of WhatsApp were not encrypted and used to be sent in plaintext which meant messages could be read easily by hackers if packettraces were available. MAY 2014 Even the Window platform discarded WhatsApp from its store in 2014 for a few days due to technical difficulties. It was re-added later in May 2014. COOL WHATSAPP TIPS AND TRICKS Stop automatic media download in WhatsApp Go to Settings and set the media download settings to never Disable the 'read reciepts' (blue ticks) • Go to Settings > Account > Privacy • Uncheck Read Reciepts Extend your WhatsApp trial period • Delete your WhatsApp Acoount • Settings > Account > Delete My Account Disable last seen Time Go to settings> privacy settings> last seen> hide last seen. Create a new account using same name and details and VOILA! But please note, if you hide your 'last seen,' you also won't be able to see other people's last seen as You have another year of free WhatsApp Service well & Same in the BlueTicks Hide the profile picture and Status For hiding your DP and Status, go to Settings > Account > Privacy. There you'll see the options of hiding your picture and status. Backup and Restore WhatsApp Chats Go to Settings> Chat Settings> Backup Chats WHATSAPP LAUNCHED ITS WEB CLIENT IN JANUARY 2015. THE WEB CLIENT OF WHATSAPP ALLOWS THE USERS TO USE WHATSAPP ON THEIR COMPUTERS. SOURCES Brought to you by: Shrop-Cn Lese 囍

40+ Freaky Facts & Stats about Whatsapp

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Infographic based on Whatsapp whole story.. from 1st day till till now. Lots of interesting Facts & Stats about Whatsapp are mentioned Including Tips & Tricks to explore it more. Check out this cool i...





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