30 Years of Elf Handiwork

UITIMATE COupons. 30 Years of Elf Handiwork The most popular holiday toys to come out of the workshop since 1981 ARCALE CLASSICE SERES ndo AENT DONKEY KONG 1981 Donkey Kong Donkey Kong was the first appearance of Mario, the star character of Nintendo, depicting him four years 1982 Rubik's Cube 1983 Feliks Zemdegs of Australia is the current Rubik's of Super Mario Bros. Cube record holder, solving the cube in 5.66 sec- onds in early 2011. Cabbage Patch Kids The Cabbage before the release 1984 Patch Kids brand Care Bear of products began with Xavier 1985 The Care Bears were first created Robert's creation in 1981 by Ameri- can Greetings to be pictured in greeting cards. Transformers of dolls called In Japan a line of Transformers called "Little People." "Kiss Players" were released. Set in an alternate Transform- ers Universe, these Transformers were powered by the kisses of young girls. STARTING LINEUP 1986 ले Lazer Tag New Lazer Tag equipment is still being produced by Tiger Electronics and Hasbro, but it's 1987 fondu GAME BOY. Koosh Ball 1988 The Koosh Ball, consisting of approximately 2,000 natural rubber filaments, not compatible with the original Starting Lineup Pat Mclnally, a professional football player for the Cincinnati Bengals got the idea after being in 1989 TEEMACE MUTANT NIMA Worlds of Wonder Lazer Tag gear. was named after the sound it made Nintendo 1990 Gameboy & Tetris Tetris creator when it landed. a toy store and notic- ing that, amongst the regular GI Joe and other fictional action Alexey Pajitnov Teenage came up with the name by combining the Greek numeri- Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT's creators origi- nally self-published the comic as a single issue to parody four of the most popular comics of the early 1980s: Marvel Comics' Daredevil and cal prefix "tetra" (referring to each figures, there were no action figures based on real-life heros for children to play with. game piece's four segments) and Pajitnov's favorite sport, Tennis. New Mutants, Dave Sim's Cerebus, and Frank Miller's Ronin. 1991 POG 1992 Rollerblade Barbie Rollerblade Barbie caused plenty of WWE controversy upon its release because Barbie shot real Action Figures 1993 While most boxed figures fall in the few dollars range, POG sparks out of the back of her roller- 1994 The name origi- nated from POG, a brand of juice made from guava, passionfruit and orange. Players used POG bottle the rare few can blades, a feature that didn't exactly sit well with parents of young children. be $200 to $8oo. Power Rangers Action Figures The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers faced stiff censorship in 1995 caps before the game's commercial- Malaysia, where the ization. Beanie Babies word "Morphin" is censored because of In 1999, to make the halt of beanie its close relation to the drug Morphine. For a time, they were simply called the "Mighty Power Rang- ers" in Malaysia. babies production abundantly clear to customers, Ty Inc. released a bear STAMTehr named "The End." 1996 Tickle Me Elmo 1997 The original idea was a Tickle Me Tazmanian Devil, but Tyco lost the rights to make a Looney Tunes plush and then gained rights to Sesame Street. Tamagotchi 1998 The name is a com- bination of the Japa- nese word 'tamago", which means 'egg, and the English word "watch". As of 2010, 1999 Furby In Furbish, Dah/a-loh/u-tye means "Good Pokemon over 76 million Tama- morning", be- cause dah = big, a-loh = light, 2000 Snap The back of the box gotchis have been sold world-wide. claims "catching Pokemon is a Razor u-tye = up. Scooters snap!", although this is one of the only The scooter's de- games in the series that actually doesn't allow you to signer, Gino Tsai, claimed he de- signed the Razor Scooter in part catch a Pokemon. because his legs were too short and it took him too long to walk around his huge bicycle fac- tory in Taiwan. 2001 Bratz 2002 In 2005, global sales were two BeyBlades Japanese toy manufacturer billion dollars. Bratz had 40 2003 percent of the fashion-doll Takara got its inspiration for the Beyblades name from "Beigoma", which was a line Robosapiens market by 2006 (behind Barbie, at 60%). Creator Mark Tilden 2004 intended to make the Robo Sapien easily modded by designing Nintendo DS 2005 of traditional the electronics inside Japanese spin- ning top toys. The Nintendo DS, the toy with clear labels, and easy access. Many distinguished by its two seperate LCD screens (the lower being a touchscreen) and its built in micro- Xbox 360 enthusiasts have Other names "hacked" the robot func- tions, enabling such fea- tures as an LED belt that considered for the Xbox 360 during developmental stages were Xbox Next, Xenon, phone, was the first displays text, headlights and speech synthesis. Nintento console to be released in North Xbox 2 and NextBox. America before Japan. 2006 2007 Playstation 3 Including a Blu-ray player in the PS3 was a key factor in Sony's Blu-ray winning the High Definition format iPod Touch 2008 The iPod touch proved it can put you in harm's way while simultaneously saving your life when English teenager Sophie Frost was struck by lightning while wearing her iPod. The wire from Biscuit war over HD DVD. There were 10.5 2009 My Lovin' Pup Parents continue to fall in love with this lifelike dog that responds to million PS3's sold Zhu worldwide in 2008 2010 Zhu Pets when Toshiba decided to stop The name is derived from voice and touch iPad producing HD DVD players. the headphones actually saved her by causing the bolt to shoot across her body rather than through it. China and commands and The Baltimore best of all, means "little pig", although the Zhu Zhu Pets Ravens are among a handful of NFL football doesn't need to be potty trained. teams who have ditched tra- themselves are actually robotic hamsters. ditional papers and video reels and instead do all their game planning and prepara- tion on the iPad. 2011 ELTO Here are the top 3 contenders for 2011. Which one is on your kid's wish list? LeapPad LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Jeremy 27 LET'S ROCK Elmo iPad 2

30 Years of Elf Handiwork

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Whether it's a doll from a popular movie/TV franchise or the latest electronic gadget, each holiday season there's that hot toy you'll find at the top of most kids' wish lists. These same items have d...


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