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3 Reasons Securing Big Data in Hadoop is a Big Deal

AR65FAD36ESE L6525 6X6GV33N3 GreNet THE DATA PROTECTION COMPANY 44 H36 VFAR4658W746 D6FA59S8 M548N56Y 3:6F55 From large enterprises to The global volume of data will grow by a factor of 300 – from 130 to 40,000 exaby tes - start-ups and small businesses, companies are generating more between the year 2005 and 20201 230218350 data than ever before Not only is the volume of data growing, but T6BY879U the velocity at which it is transferred is increasing too 148LS 35224X1155 6 SYASU 09.9P7A6 44536 42" OMbps 3. 58465M4%W6 V33N34B6 M By 2018, global fixed broadband speeds will reach 42 Mbps, up 5870161W16 from 16 Mbps in 20132 REASONS SECURING 9AB67Z8B SALLS35Z2 65M4% WJ6565S4U320 BIG DATA HADOOP BIG DEAL T84R65FAD 3ESS 135F54 41312 4GYTYRY 044H 065AA4S 312TY6GFAS BAT H579AB6728B379 B56%G6H5V D35F IN T68Y87 666 UGSDS G&HSAV3SF5 B3796 065AA4535Z 24X116S MS4NSAY F4036ES IS A 6448U665L 323156 1K33LLE 3 5M4% V 2 Security breaches are on More organizations are the rise, yet Hadoop lacks deploying Hadoop because it the ability to completely provides scalable, secure data in a cluster or in cost-effective storage and motion across your network faster processing of big data 32% DI5%4BU665 >200 MILLION JAN MAR SED9280 % 55 G44H36 39021-03988193 Between January and March 2014 alone, of companies surveyed have already more than 200 million records were made a Hadoop deployment, 31 percent stolen - the equivalent of approximately intend to deploy Hadoop in the next 12 93,000 records stolen every hour. A 233 months, and 36 percent say to use a percent increase over the same period Hadoop deployment in more than a year lastyear 4 TIPS TO SECURE BIG DATA IN HADOOP LEVERAGE USE TRANSPARENT ENSURE LOOK FOR CENTRALIZED KEY AND SEAMLESS IMPLEMENTATION IS COMPLIANCE-READY AND POLICY ENCRYPTION FAST AND EASY CAPABILITIES MANAGEMENT → Encryption should not disrupt Hadoop performance or end user experience → Rapid deployment and implementation across multiple DataNodes in a Hadoop cluster → Organization should control encryption keys for ultimate security → Support and enforce compliance mandates, such as HIPAA and PCI DSS, in your big data implementation Granular access controls → Protect both the → No rearchitecting of your big data implementation should be required to guard against unauthorized or rogue data-at-rest stored in a cluster and data-in- access to high value data motion rapidly streaming across your network 1 Source: 3 Source: IDC, Trends in Enterprise Hadoop Deployments, October 2013 2 Source: 4 Source: SafeNet Breach Level Index, Q1 2014

3 Reasons Securing Big Data in Hadoop is a Big Deal

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Security breaches are on the rise, yet Hadoop lacks the ability to completely secure data in a cluster or in motion across your network. Check out our infographic for some helpful tips for securing bi...


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