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25 Must-Have Apps for Car Owners

MUST HAVE APPS FOR 2SCAR OWNERS Driving a car is a normal and routine experience for most people but owning a car can be a completely different beast. Scheduled maintenance, surprise flat tires, and many other expensive events can be a harrowing experience. Have a look at these 25 killer money and time saving mobile apps. TRAFFIC & NAVIGATION APPS E iOS/ANDROID FREE iOS/ANDROID FREE iOS/ANDROID FREE MICHELIN WAZE BEAT THE TRAFFIC MICHELIN NAV & TRAFFIC World's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. It gives users reliable driving directions while also delivering up to date traffic data. PROS Real-time traffic maps and even Free, non-subscription application i that includes GPS, community alert option, and video feeds from cameras situated on the UK's roads, along with detailed incident reports. time information. real traffic PROS PROS Best app for short trips CONS Easy reporting interface CONS Accurate and easy to follow CONS Good app for phone not a tablet Not accurate metrics measurements User can't switch mph to kph INRIX iOS/ANDROID FREE X FREE INRIX XD AROUND ME With this app you can make smarter driving decisions while it provides accurate, real time traffic information. You no longer need to stop and ask someone for directions to get where you're going. It's your guide to find anything you are looking for. PROS Nice if you are new to an area CONS PROS Traffic camera video CONS Not compatible with Apple CarPlay Generalised search FUEL-FINDING APPS w E GasBuddy 1OS/ANDROID FREE UK 1OS/ANDROID FREE iDS | £0.79 FINDING OHEAASTOGETHER GASBUDDY WHATGAS UK FUEL CALCULATOR This app gives you the best price on gas whenever you may be. For every gas price reported, users towards You can find the nearest petrol station and cheapest price for unleaded, diesel and LPG-petrol in the UK. Using the latest average UK fuel price and your cars MPG you can : avoid surprise journey prices and budget your trip. points give-aways. PROS earn prize PROS PROS Best gas prices CONS Accurate and easy to use CONS Clean, simple and accurate app CONS Only USA and Canada Out of date prices Banner ads iOS/ANDROID FREE FREE PLUGSHARE GASCUBBY Ultimate tool for tracking gas mileage and vehicle maintenance. Plug into the most accurate and complete charging station map worldwide. PROS 50,000 public charging stations CONS PROS Easy to use and read CONS None Minor bugs HELP & DIAGNOSTIC APPS AA 1OS/ANDROID FREE 1OS/ANDROID FREE ANDROID $2.99 OBDroid AA BREAKDOWN REPAIRPAL OBDROID Imagine that your car has broken down in the middle of nowhere. This app will allow you not only to call rescue, but see traffic updates, plan route and check cheapest fuel prices. PROS The app asks that you enter the make and model of your car. Once that's done, you can search for repairs that are needed in local shops. PROS This app display vehicle and engine speeds, intake airflow, calculates fuel economy and resets Check Engine warning lights, too. Really handy CONS Extremely helpful and dependable CONS Overestimated prices PROS Excellent diagnostic app CONS Poor updates Require bluetooth scanning tool HOBD |CHECK ANDROID f2.95 ANDROID FREE TORQUE OBDLINK With the help of diagnostic scanner hardware, Torque give you a peek : into the inner workings of your car's brains. You can turn your phone or tablet into a diagnostic scanning tool: read diagnostic trouble codes, and check emissions. PROS Fantastic scanner PROS Convenient app CONS Doesn't work with every auto CONS No manual RIDESHARING APPS 1OS/ANDROID FREE 1OS/ANDROID FREE iOS/ANDROID FREE UBER BLABLACAR SIDECAR New way to taxi. Uber matches passengers requesting rides with drivers based on the GPS location Share city-to-city car journeys with people. The world's largest ride sharing community: over 2 million: pick from cars in the area based on journeys every month. Sidecar will allow passengers to know the price of the ride upfront and and then sends the drivers contact user profiles. information to the passenger. PROS Best taxi app PROS Stable and useful PROS One of the best ride share apps CONS CONS CONS Poor usability Limited currencies supported No notifications lyA iOS/ANDROID FREE iOS/ANDROID FREE LYFT CARMA This app allows users to request a ride and get picked up by a reliable community driver in minutes. PROS Good Uber alternative The app lets users share commuting costs with neighbours and colleagues headed the same way. Riders pay. PROS Cheaper ride and carbon footprint CONS CONS Doesn't work with some phones Needs more features PARKING APPS AA Ring Go iOS/ANDROID FREE iOS/ANDROID FREE ANDROID f1.99 PARKER RINGGO AA PARKING ! Find the cheapest and Parker allows you to easily find and pay for parking, see available and No coins for your parking? With the i RingGo app you can pay to park with convenient parking in the UK and your credit or debit card instead. most Ireland using data from Parkopedia. decipher complicated street signs. PROS spaces those PROS Good parking app CONS Pay some extra for using app PROS Google streetview integration CONS 'Walk to car' function CONS Very limited in some cities Parking prices not always correct e: ANDRO FREE ANDROID FREE EASYPARK FIND MY CAR With this app you can now carry the parking meter in your pocket and can start, stop and extend your parking ! find your car. You will never forget time wherever you are. It's a simple application that uses GPS location services to help you where you parked! PROS Excellent app to find your car PROS Easy to use CONS CONS No push notifications Minor problems with car location PPCGB SOURCES PERFORMANCE PARTS

25 Must-Have Apps for Car Owners

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