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2050 : The Future of Technology

2050 The future of technolosY BEST CHOICE Future school Mostly, your avatar will go to school. You learn while interacting with your teacher online. You will still need to go to school to learn social skills. 32 x 20 4000 go00 Supercomputers You can download the entire contents of your brain on your smartphone. It processes data so quickly that it tells you bird droppings are going to fall on your jacket before you realise that! Robot helpers They assist senior citizens in moving around. False teeth remind old people that it's time to take their medicine. Future clothes Disposable fashion is in. You can spray on clothes for a perfect fit. Nanotechnology fabrics tell you about changes in you body. They also use your body's energy to run gadgets. Hydrogen fuel This fuel is generated on large solar farms to power devices from computers to cars. Fossil fuels will be exhausted. Copyright©2014 Mocomi & Anibrain Digital Technologies Pv. Lte. All Rights Reserved uGu com E-657

2050 : The Future of Technology

shared by ram.shengale.7 on Jun 06
Read the infographics on The Future of Technology. The future of technology will be beyond the reality, with use of supercomputers & robot helpers life will become so easy. The concept of future scho...


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