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2015 Bot Traffic Report: Humans Take Back the Web, Bad Bots Not Giving Any Ground

IMPERVA For the first time, humans are more active than bots, INCAPSULA Global Bot Traffic Report 2015 accounting for 51.5% of all website traffic. This is a breakdown of online traffic in 2015: Bot traffic varies according to a website's popularity 54.3% 45.1% 21.9% 9.3% 30.4% 29% Humans 60.3% 51.5% 26% 49.1% 31.1% 28.9% 14.6% Small websites Medium websites Large websites Alexa MVPS Good Bots Bad Bots 10-1K daily visits 1K-10K daily visits 10K-100K 100K-1M+ daily visits daily visits 19.5% 29% On the most popular websites, bots are a minority. On most websites, but bots are a majority. I Humans I Bad Bots I Good Bots As a rule of thumb When a website attracts more humans, the relative amount of good bots decline, while bad bot traffic stays the same. This happens because... For the first time, Bad bot trends: humans are more active than bots Impersonators go up, rest go down Against the backdrop of an increase in all traffic, the influx of human activity is a result of: SPAM Accelerated growth in the human online population. 50% 40% Consistent growth in cyber-criminal use of bad bots 24.5% 2.5% Scrapers 2% Hacking Tools 0.1% 30% Impersonators Spammers 20% Decelerated growth in organizational use of good bots. A Impersonators are advanced malicious bots, 106 Bad Bots are attack tools used designed to bypass security solutions. For the fourth year in a row, they have become more common. Good Bots are information gatherers used by organizations by cyber-criminals. 2012 2013 2014 2015 They don't increase activity on They increase activity on popular popular websites because their websites because their operators Spam bots are used primarily for black hat SEO. Their activity is down as a result of Google penalizing websites that host or benefit from spam links. I Humans I Bad Bots I Good Bots operators are equally interested in prefer preying on successful all online content targets WE ARE THE A Scraper bots, commonly used for the reverse TAKE BACK THE NET! 51.5% engineering of pricing models, continue to be active on The data presented herein is based on a sample of over 19 ecommerce and travel sites. Brought to you by billion human and bot visits occurring over a 90-day period, from July 24, 2015 to October 21, 2015. It was collected IMPERVA from 35.000 lIncapsula-protected websites having a minimum daily traffic count of at least 10 human visitors.

2015 Bot Traffic Report: Humans Take Back the Web, Bad Bots Not Giving Any Ground

shared by biancagorospe on Feb 22
2015 was the first year that human traffic exceeded bot traffic (51.5%). See our infographic to learn more about trending human, good and bad bot traffic and the relationship between bot traffic and w...


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