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2014 Is the Future Now?

2014 1927 1956 1988 1996 2002 2005 2007 TODAY Video AT&T begins experimenting with a video telephone. Weight The first camera phone >1 lb Skype begins offering FaceTime is launched. Skype has 299M video chatting. Bell Laboratories develops The first Digital Picture Phones The first cordless Communications the Picture-Phone. Mitsubishi's digital connected users worldwide. videophone Sanyo SCP-5300 Is the Future picture phone sold for $786* in 1988. Easing the difficulties of long Sent 1 b&w picture / 2 seconds Sent video at 3-7 frames / second |iPhone 5s In 2005, 200 billion 3.95 ounces distance communication has long been a goal of innovation. Sent 1 b&w picture /5.5 seconds digital images captured worldwide. NCW? 1982 1999 2000 2006 2008 2008 2012 2013 TODAY Virtual Fitness Launch of the first Fitbit allows users to track their Jane Fonda's first Dance Dance launches. Nike+iPod first Wii Fit released 19% of smartphone Users of Xbox Fitness can Over 18 million From electronic “fat shrinking" appliances to “magic" body trimming diet potions, fitness has developed since the 50’s toward virtual fitness programs. 23 million watch celebrity trainer videos through Xbox One and Kinect. workout video. Revolution By 2010, has released. by Nintendo. owners have members use Nike+ and downloaded an app to track or manage health. TAKE OFF EXCESS WEIGHT released in the US; becomes a units sold daily exercise. digitally track their exercise with a FuelBand, SportWatch or fitness app. Don't ilay FAT-You Con Lese POUNDS ad INCHES SAFELY popular form of active-play Imillion + video games or exergaming. active paid subscribers. WiiFit between 2008 and 2012. 000000000 000000000 Wearable Technology » Should wearables be Googles Glass Explorer Glasses As we look to a new year of innovation and life-altering trends, it is enlightening to look back on how previous generations imagined the future. People today are most excited Jewelry Jawbone Fitness Band Samsung shipped O $129 $1500 19% 9% I want it to blend into 13% my everyday dothing 800,000 Forward thinkers of the 50's Hidden 22% Watches Pebble Smartwatch experimented with wearable technology like radio hats with the idea of instant a ccess to or about wearable FitnessSHIRT Clothing 30% $150 smartwatches within Visible wo 27% I want everyone to know P'm tech-savvy 9% Shoes 11% technology for. 1 month of launch. From The Jetsons to information and entertainment. None/Other Nike+ Smart S hoes Disneyland's Tomorrowland, the 1950's and 1960's saw a wealth of predictions about time-saving and lifestyle-enhancing advancements to change everyday life. Many of those dreams have come true, some are 1908 1908 1929 1958 1989 TODAY Flying Cars First passenger flight: Wilbur Wright takes an employee along for a ride. Ford introduces Pan American Airlines Moller debuts the first flying hover The US government commissions the development of a 'flying car' for military use: the Model 59K Skycar. Future thinkers at Terrafugia debut their 100+ preordered the Model T. inaugurates its first passenger flight from Miami to San Juan. craft in a Jetsons-like aircraft. Transition car/plane hybrid in 2006. While personal transportation is now an affordable daily necessity, flying cars are still a thing of the future. $21,400* 35 mpg 100+ mph cruising • 20 hrs of training to fly still in development, while others are far off in the future. Robot Assistants Automatic household cleaners: - By 2013 Smarthouses A Intelligent personal assistants Smarter Cars Robots were expected to be an integral part of society, assisting ; 53% 77% 2002 2006 3% of US homes have a smart Among users, TODAY XX 9 million units sold Such as... automation system made possible by telecoms. Nest smart thermostats ship Scooba automatic iRobot's Roomba automatic vacuum humans with menial tasks to Siri Google's self-driving cars floor-washer Vital Findings loves following trends, designing infographics, and having fun, so we thought you might enjoy joining us on this blast through time, from the imagined world of the future to the current reality of today's technology. make life easy and open up our free time. 2.1 billion Google Now Samsung S Voice sssss worldwide use Siri. have driven 300,000 cleaner released. released. of iPhone owners use Siri to create miles without an accident. 1 Roomba can travel 704.6 miles in its lifetime. 40K+ units a month. pounds of dirt collected by Roomba reminders. 1960 1984 1994 2006 Jetpack Today Jetpacks Jetlev-Flyer Water Jetpack Martin Aircraft Swiss pilot Yves Rossy invents a kerosene-burning pack with wings. He uses it to fly over the Alps and across the English Channel before crashing in the Strait of Gibraltar. Bell Rocket Belt Nasa introduces the SAFER, a propulsive backpack for when astronauts come untethered during space The Jetsons-like futuristic world Bill Suitor uses an projected a society of citizens zooming through space via jetpacks, but a commuter- worthy jetpack is still far away. advanced Bell Rocket Belt 40 mph is introduced and can fly for 9 mph Max flight altitude: 5,000 ft to fly into the Los Angeles Olympic Games for the opening ceremony. Max flight altitude: 30 ft Water propelled $99,500 Carbon-fiber apparatus $100,000 21 seconds. walks. High Speed Travel 1910s First prototype vactrain proposed by In the first 4 months of The concept: A future Maglev will connect Tokyo to Nagoya in about Hyperloop TODAY Maglev While progress has been made to create a higher speed mode of transportation, we have many years to go before these concepts become a reality. high speed Robert Goddard operation in Japan, the Maglev carried Elon Musk (Tesla Motors CEO) envisions the high speed transportation system "Hyperloop" to link Los Angeles to San Francisco in 35 minutes. vacuum tube travel 12 minutes Boston Magnetic Levitation 40 minutes. New York 10 million+ Current commute time Currently in operation in China and Japan between cities is 100 minutes. 1000mph passengers. 760mph For sources: Please visit * Inflation-adjusted cost Vital Findings For more infographic examples, please visit: NOT YET.. SORT OF? YES!

2014 Is the Future Now?

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As we look to a new year of innovation and life-altering trends, it is enlightening to look back on how previous generations imagined the future. From The Jetsons to Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, th...


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