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2014 Bot Traffic Report

Bot Traffic Report 2014 Bot traffic to small and medium-size sites is between 63% and 80%. Sophisticated malicious bots are on the rise. In 2014 Bots account for 56% of all website traffic 44% Bad Bots Good Bots 56% Human Traffic account for 29% of account for 27% of Bot Traffic all website visits all website visits #%$! 22% Impersonators Hacking Tools 3.5% 3% Scrapers 0.5% Spammers For most websites bot traffic is between 63% and 80% What's your bot situation? Small Site 1,000 visitors/day 80.3% Bots Large Site 100,000 visitors/day 56.2% Bots Medium Site 10,000 visitors/day 63.2% Bots Alexa MVP 1M+ visitors/day 52.3% Bots No matter how big or small your site is, bad bots are 1/3 of all your traffic Coming in 2015 The rise of the impersonator bots Impersonator bots are the most advanced, malicious non-humans. They are the only group of bots to consistently display growth in the last 3 years. 22% 20.5% 19% 2012 2013 2014 Fake Search Engine Bots • Bots with Browser-like Capabilities Impersonators are: DDOS Bots Spy Bots Bots Masked by Proxy Servers Are RSS bots on their way to extinction? In 2014, the broad decline in RSS bot traffic led to a 10% drop in good bot traffic. 31% 27% 20% Many predict the demise of RSS at the hands of social media, I READ FEED 2012 2013 2014 which invaded its natural habitat. Malicious Bots by Type Risk to Website Damage Main Target Downtime, data theft, site/server hijacking, Impersonators All websites degradation of service Data theft, site/server CMS-based Hacking Tools hijacking websites Content theft, reverse E-Commerce Scrapers engineering of pricing and websites business models Comment spam, phishing links, search engine blacklisting #%S! Spammers All websites Information presented in this study is based on a sample of over 15 billion bot and human visits, Brought to you by which occurred over a 90-day period. The data was collected from a group of 20,000 websites on Incapsula An Imperva Company the Incapsula network, with an average traffic rate of at least 10 daily human visitors.

2014 Bot Traffic Report

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Everyone knows the story of how the world wide web made the internet accessible for everyone, but a lesser known story of the internet’s evolution is how automated code—aka bots—came to quietly ...



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