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2013: The Rise of VPNs against the fall of Online Privacy

2013 - THE RISE OF VPNS AGAINST THE FALL OF ONLINE PRIVACY! 2013 was a dark year for online privacy! The Edward Snowden revelations about the NSA Prism Program, the rising cybercrime and the connivance of tech-giants exposed the true nature of the internet! Personal information and activities are monitored, analyzed and passed around like commodities. At a time when ordinary Netizens have nowhere to turn to, VPNS are our last resort NSA STOP SPYING ON US No to NSA Stop NSA Stop Stop NSA NSA NSA MAKES A MOCKERY OF ONLINE PRIVACY Invisible broweing VPN LOOK! HOW VPN PROVIDERS TRIED HIDE TO STRENGTHEN YOUR ONLINE PRIVACY IN 2013 #1 HideMyAss Performance in 2013 IDE MY A Expansion On A Global Scale 33 Servers and 60 Servers and 2 Servers and 4494 IPs in UK 1 Server and 121 IPs in Bulgaria 10254 IPs in USA 277 IPs in Spain 1 Server and 121 IPs in Belgium 1 Server and 1 erver and 248 IPs in Turkey 121 IPs in Canada belgium Bulgaria Canada Spain N 1 Server and 60 IPs in Hong kong Turkey United States Poland 1 Server and Hong Kong 121 IPs in Mexico Germany Saudia Arabia :-- Taiwan Mexico 4 Servers and 451 IPs in Singapore Singapore 1 Server and South Africa Australia -- 372 IPs in Taiwan 1Server and 1 Server and 155 IPs in Saudia Arabia 123 IPs in Sauth Africa 1 Server and 124 IPs in Poland 2 Servers and 187 IPs in India 1Server and 2S1IPS in Australia 2 Servers and 386 IPs in Germany On November 8th, 2013 Hide My Ass! Reached 500 Servers! Expanded Payment Methods HideMyAss Annouced The Availabilty of WebMoney HideMyAss Started Accepting Bitcoins To Counter NSA Data Mining Program For 10 More Countries June 19th, 2013 Aug 6th, 2013 Highlight Of The Year HMA! ProVPN iOS APP 8 Oct, 2013 #2 StrongVPN Performance in 2013 Strong & Steady Expansion Continues 6 Servers in Canada 56 Servers in Usa 1 Server in United Kingdom 3 Servers in Japan Luxembourg United Kingdom Canada Netherland Sweden United State Japan Germany Hong Kong 3 Servers in Netherlands 2 Servers in Hong kong 1 Server in Sweden 1 Server in Germany 1 Server in Luxembourg StrongVPN Continues to Facilitate $2 Add-on Accounts Now StrongVPN Starts Accepting Bitcoin For Customer Convenience & Security Available on New York Servers Nov 1st, 2013 Dec 5th 2013 #3 PureVPN Performance in 2013 Addition of 7 New Countries Brings Total Country Count to 26 Costa Rica Bulgaria Egypt Ukraine Hong Kong Italy Hungary PureVPN Introduced 5 Multi Logins PureVPN Started Accepting Bitcoin Dec 31", 2013 July 23d, 2013 PureVPN P purevpn ioS & Android Apps AT ANM ES PureVPN Hit The Market Legin ila ur Parv A your urevpe neame On March 14th, 2013 & July 5th, 2013 Find Server Connect #4 IPVanish Performance in 2013 IPVANISH IPVanish Pumped up Server Count 1 Server in Finland 1 Server in Australia 19 2 Servers in United State 2 Servers in France 2 Servers 4 Servers in Mexico in Canada 3 Servers 3 Servers in Luxembourg in new zealand 2 Servers 1 Server in Germany 2 Servers in Hungary in Indonesia 1 Server EVANISH IPVanish Software Updates in 2013 in Thailand IPVanish Mac OS Client vl.2 Released IPVanish Windows Software vl.3.1.1l Feb 20h, 2013 Aug 16, 2013 IPVanish Windows Software vl.3.0.5 Released IPVanish Mac Client IPVANISH vl.3 Released VPN Jun 24", 2013 April 11", 2013 IPVanish Makes Headlines SAMSENG 1000 AM Logout senin With Apps For Connect Me To Va johnuserguy Android & i0S Platforms Connected V Ramenber Pnsond OS VPN Help Cance On Sep 13th, 2013 & Dec 4th, 2013 #5 İBVPN Performance in 2013 Expansion On A Global Scale 1 Server Server 3/12/13 1 p2p Server 3/5/13 3/12/13 1 Server 4/18/13 --Einland Moscow 1 Server Canada Server Turkey 3/26/13 Switzerland India 11/25/13 Panama Egypt Server 1 Server 5/22/13 Australia 1 12/19/13 Server Server New Zealand 7/10/13 11/12/13 ibVPN Updates & Expansions in 2013 Proxy-on-Demand for Android İBVPN Client for iOS Version 1.3 Released 04/04/2013 10/08/2013 Improvements for Ultimate and Multi VPN users İBVPN Client for iOS Version 1.4 Released 12/11/2013 06/21/2013 Introduced 6hrs Free Trial İBVPN partners with Sabai Technology 02/08/2013 08/06/2013. THE BIG ONE Version 1.6 Launched for ibVPN Windows Client 12/13/2013 ibVPN Entrance in the Android Market With Android App Invisible OUY A 14:46 "Dowr VPN Invisible "browngVPN Login Package imate V USA erndon) Register Location 08/07/2013 laval #6 CyberGhost Performance in 2013 Server Expansion in 2013 NEW SERVERS IN ICELAND AND CZECH REPUBLIC Seven New IPs Five in Reykjavík Two in Prague 5 NEW SERVERS ADDED TO THE CYBERGHOST VPN NETWORK Jan 16h, 2013 We have added 5 new servers in Phoenix, Arizona Jan 29th, 2013 Big Launches for 2013 Launched Launched CyberGhost5 For all CyberGhosties iOS APP For Hotspot CyberGhosties 11th Oct, 2013 O gr Ghat 4 PM CyberGhost V loton PADA Eyber Ghost Change Contry Select Country AUSA Oops, Iory paord More Notable Contributers To The VPN Industry in 2013 VPN4ALL privateinternetaccess TM for safe browsing, always use protection, overplay Private ExpréssVPN ATorGuard VPN.S vyprvpn Wifi BestVPNService Welcomed Promising VPN Providers in 2013 OVPN EżyVPN VPN AREA COM ICANVPN COMPANY Sumrando LIQUID VPN NOrdVPN"" VPN GUARD Refrences Y01000 1010101 10010 Creativity by 01001 00 100 0100 Best VPN Service search, find & get the best 010 %23

2013: The Rise of VPNs against the fall of Online Privacy

shared by linda.devies on Jan 04
This Infographic illustrates the fall of privacy and as a consequence the rise of VPNs.




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