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20 Amazing Facts About Amazon

SALE 20 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT NEW BUY Amazon NEW BUY m NEW Amazon is one of the biggest and most successful companies of all time. The founder, Jeff Bezos, is the richest man on the planet. These are not facts to sniff at! Here are twenty amazing facts about one of the 21st century's most spectacular success stories that continues to make all of our internet shopping much easier. Jeff Bezos founded Amazon as an online book retailer out of his garage in Bellevue, Washington Bezos built a Bezos' parents giant mailbox were his to handle all the mail first investors, his fledgling company was receiving. You can still go see it today! lending their son $300,000 In the early years of the business, every time a sale was made, a bell would be rung. Sadly, this wasn't a scalable part of the business and the bell ringing tradition fell by the wayside Amazon has made Jeff Bezos Bezos first name the world's richest man, choice for Amazon was with him being worth around $125 billion 'Cadabra'. His lawyer said it sounded too much like 'cadaver' 7.5% of the working-age Despite being CEO, Bezos only takes home $81,840 population of Seattle, Washington work for per year Amazon Nowadays, they have the 'Desk Door Originally, when they were struggling for cash, Amazon Awards' for the best money saving idea employees come up with had desks built out of old doors Another name toyed with before settling on Amazon was relentless. still leads to Amazon! Since 2012, Amazon has been investing in robot technologies. Now there are over 45,000 automated robots roaming Amazon warehouses, picking out packages Amazon's 'One-Click' ordering system is actually unique to them. Apple had to purchase a licensing agreement to offer the same! By 2013, Amazon was shipping 1.6 million parcels daily When the company started to grow massively, employees were expected Bezos has a firm belief that a functional, working team has a finite size, it should be small enough to be fed by two pizzas! 60h to work no less than sixty-hour weeks Amazon has over One Amazon order 117,000 employees in 2016 was ordered world wide and delivered in under fifteen minutes! Amazon's Arizona centre is made up of over 1.2 million square feet Once Amazon went down 71T for 40 minutes. They lost over $4 million in revenue as a result 田 Design by VIZIƆNONLINE

20 Amazing Facts About Amazon

shared by Eavesy on Oct 21
Here is a quality infographic from the team at VizionOnline providing 20 interesting facts about the tech giant, Amazon.




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