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15 Years of Tech Innovation: What's Next?

15 Years of Tech Innovation: What's Next? 1997 - Dotcom Boom & Y2K Bug The Y2K rollover scare of the midto-late 1990s ramped up business as companies spent millions to upgrade software systems. 1999 - Salesforce Cloud Management New application service providers (ASPS) and software as a service (SaaS) emerged. For example, the Saas business model allowed for instant purchase of software solutions online. 2001 - iTunes & iPod iTunes launched in the face of music industry fights over illegal downloading, hoping to change the online music experience forever. The iPod takes the experience mobile. 2005 - Youtube Founded by former PayPal employees as a venture funded technology startup, YouTube spurred expansive online engagement and enhanced the value of user-generated content. In 2006, Google bought the company for US $1.65B USD. 2009 - Consolidation 2009 saw consolidation replace innovation as a new industry strategy. The software industry saw huge buyouts in 201Ó at $49B USD, echoing those that occurred at the height of the Dotcom boom in 2000. 2011 - Mobile Technology We're now experiencing the explosion of mobile services across industries and the wide adoption of mobile access by consumers. SALESFORCE CLOUD MANAGEMENT MOBILE TECHNOLOGY Y2K BUG ITUNES & IPOD YOUTUBE CONSOLIDATION 1997 o- 1999 2001- 2005 - 2009 2011 1996 1998 2000 2004 2007 -2010 f DOTCOM BUBBLE & GOOGLE НОТМАIL NASDAQ HIGH FACEBOOK IPHONE TABLET 1996 - Hotmail While the early 1990s saw the birth of the World Wide Web, 1996 marked the beginning of the Internet boom. Venture capital investments at that time were estimated at $12B USD. 1998 - Dotcom Bubble & Google Inc. Increasingly more widespread Internet use by everyday citizens with the debut of informational platforms like Google Inc." 2000- Nasdaq High & Bubble Burst Inflated confidence in technological advancements in conjunction with other factors resulted in the Nasdag hitting an all time high on March 10, 2000, with intraday trading closing at 5048.62. At this time venture capital investments were estimated at $106B USD. 2004 - Facebook Facebook, one of the first social networking sites, debuted at a select number of colleges and universities, and would quickly change the face of social interaction online. 2007 - iPhone Released on June 29, 2007, the iPhone increased consumer interest in multimedia enabled smartphones that also gave Users mobile Internet access. 2010 - Tablet While Microsoft presented the concept for a "Tablet PC" in 2001 that was pen based, mobile computing devices operated by with a touch-screen, gained popularity amongst consumers in late 2010 with the debut of the iPad and similar products. Sources: 1.) "Enterprise Software History, Part 4:Dotcom to Today" by Lara Zuehlke, 2.) Wikipedia, talkTECH communications

15 Years of Tech Innovation: What's Next?

shared by talkTECH on Jan 21
Over the last 15 years, technology has evolved at a rapid pace. The infographic breaks down the ever changing world of technology starting with the birth of Hotmail in 1996 to the explosion of mobile ...


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