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15 Things You Didn’t Know Could be Hacked

15 THINGS YOU DIDN'T wwwwwm KNOW COULD -WWMW BE HACKED Thanks to the Internet of Things, Everything is Now Connected, but This also Means Everything Can be Hacked. ONLINE MENU MENU PIRK PEULTRY FISH Gain access to a business by ORINES injecting malware to an online menu in a restaurant that's popular with employees. CARS Take control of a moving car through its wireless communication systems using a laptop. RIFLES Change the target of the shooter through Wi-Fi using a mobile phone. DEATH RECORDS Complete state electronic death records and register to become a funeral director online to complete IN a certificate of death. Can be used for revenge and get insurance benefits. STOPLIGHTS Manipulate traffic lights using a home version of infrared transmitters used by police, fire, and emergency vehicles. AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEMS Intercept and interfere air-to-ground with communications to lead planes off course, cause aircraft to "disappear" or create "ghost" plans on controller's screens. LOW EARTH ORBIT SATELLITES Build a ground station to receive data from and transmit data to satellites, change their orbits, and send them hurtling to earth. PRISON CELL DOORS PRISON Hack an industrial programmable controller to open cell doors all at once. DIGITAL CAMERAS Remotely turn on Wi-Fi and secretly take videos and photos. KID-TRACKING DEVICES Hack the GPS system and follow user. DRONES Use Wi-Fi to connect to an unsecured port and control the drone. FYI: drones could wield guns, use pepper spray, and morph into deadly missile. НОMЕ AUTOMATION SYSTEMS Hack the central device that controls the system (often a smartphone) and control lighting, locks and temperature. MEDICAL IMPLANTS Turn off a pacemaker by remote control. NATIONAL POWER GRID Disrupt the electrical supply system and cripple the country's economy. HVAC SYSTEMS Steal log in credentials that belong to the HVAC provider and use it to infiltrate company's computer network. For more practical insights on I.T. Security visit: wwW.AIM.PH/BLOG aim Corporate Solutions, Inc.

15 Things You Didn’t Know Could be Hacked

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Thanks to the Internet of Things, Everything is now connected, but this also means everything can be hacked.


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