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14 Technologies To Keep Your Kids Safe [Infographic]

TECHNOLOGIES YOUR TO KEEP 14 KIDS SAFE 1 ENFORCE vouUR INTERNET RULES EVEN WHEN YOU'RE NOT WITH YOUR CHILDREN BONUS FEATURE: All of these settings are customizable for every age. Middle school aged children can be blocked from social media, Mobicip teenage children can be blocked from adult content, all COMPATIBLE WITH: iPhone and iPad at the parent's discretion. CAPABILITIES: Category blocking, time limits, Internet activity reports, blocked phrases, and YouTube filtering. Awarded 2010 Parents Choice Silver Honors Award for top mobile app for kids USE SOFTWARE CHANGES TO IDENTIFY IN YOUR CHILDREN's INTERNET HABITS THAT COULD INDICATE A LARGER PROBLEM COMPATIBLE WITH: Laptop and desktop computers. MCAFEE'S safeeyes CAPABILITIES: Logs browsing history, records IM conversations, blocks access to certain sites, and alerts parents of explicit, or sexual language used on social media, DID YOU KNOШ? KIDS CHANGE THEIR BROWSING HABITS... AI .WHEN THEY'RE INVOLVED IN CYBER BULLYING :( 3 MONITOR PHONE CALL ACTIVITY COMPATIBLE WITH: Landline phones and smartphones. magicJack CAPABILITIES: Monitor call logs, call durations, the time calls are placed, and contacts with the My Account feature. DID YOU KNOW? ADMITTED STRANGERS. ONLINE 28% TO SPEAKING WITH OF TEENS шиши KEEP TRACK AND STAY IN TOUCH WITH 4 GPS LOCATNG AND NECKLACES WATCHES CAPABILITIES: Be alerted when your children travel outside designated safe zones, communicate via two-way voice, and panic button on devices MY FILIP AND AMBER ALERT alert authorities. COMPATIBLE WITH: Desktop, laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets. DID YOU KNOW? THERE ARE ABOUT 115 CHILD STRANGER ABDUCTION CASES EACH YEAR STOP DISTRACTED 5 DRIVING BONUS FEATURE: You can enable the use of music or navigation apps while others are disabled. cellcontrol COMPATIBLE WITH: All smart phones. CAPABILITIES: Disables texting and social media while driving. It also determines which incoming calls are allowed while driving. - DID YOU KNOW? UNDER THE AGE OF ТШЕПТУ 10% OF DRIVERS FATAL CRASHES IIII||- INVOLVED IN III|| WERE DISTRACTED ш USE YOUR SMARTPHONE TO MAKE SURE 6 THE RIGHT PEOPLE ) RESPOND WHEN YOUR KID NEEDS HELP COMPATIBLE WITH: iPhone and iPad. CAPABILITIES: Children are able to send an alert to a list of parent-created trusted adults when they have a small or urgent problem. BONUS FEATURE: Children NEAR PARENT APP are informed which adult is responding with an ETA. 7 SMARTPHONE-COMPATIBLE I BABY MONITORS COMPATIBLE WITH: Smartphones. Withings CAPABILITIES: High-quality video images and long- range transmitting. SMART BABY MONITOR BONUS FEATURE: Room temperature monitoring and on-demand lullabies. MAKE SURE YOU NEVER H LEAVE YOUR CHILD IN A HOT CAR COMPATIBLE WITH: This is a self-functioning system comprised of a car seat clip and a key chain. CHILDMINDER SYSTEM CAPABILITIES: If you move more than 15 feet from a child secured in a car seat, the monitor will issue an alarm after eight seconds. DID YOU KПOШ? IN 2013 THERE WERE AT LEAST 44 DEATHS INVOLVING CHILDREN DUE TO HEAT STROKE FROM BEING LEFT In VEHICLES WATCH YOUR KIDS AT HOME 9 WHILE YOU ARE AWAY COMPATIBLE WITH: Desktop, laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets. НОМЕ ADS SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM CAPABILITIES: Place up to six cameras in or around your home, and view live footage. - DID YOU KNOW? ARE SOMEONE THE CHILD КПОШS 90% III I AND ITII---I TRUSTS OF SEXUAL OFFENDERS INCLUDING BABYSITTERS! In KNOW THE EXACT LOCATION OF SEX OFFENDERS IN YOUR SURROUNDINGS COMPATIBLE WITH: Smartphones. OFFENDER LOCATOR CAPABILITIES: Pinpoints sex offenders living near your current location. LITE DID YOU KNOШ? IN THE UNITED STATES APPROXIMATELY 1.8 MILLION ADOLESCENTS HAVE BEEN A VICTIM OF SEXUAL ASSAULT SPEED HE SEARCH FOR Il LOST KIDS COMPATIBLE WITH: iPhone and Android. CAPABILITIES: To store images of your child and descriptive information, such as height and weight. id CHILD BONUS FEATURE: Without wasting time, you can share these facts with other park goers, social media, and law enforcement. 12 GET UP-TO-DATE ALERTS ABOUT YOUR CHILD'S INTERNET USE: COMPATIBLE WITH: Desktop, laptop computers, iOs, and Android. CAPABILITIES: Get alerts as soon as your child posts/texts something potentially inappropriate, or calls someone he or she shouldn't be speaking to. SAFETY WEB PARENT APP DID YOU KNOШ? INTERNET PREDATORS SEEK YOUTHS WHO POST SEXUALLY PROVOCATIVE PHOTOS. VIDEOS. AND THOSE WHO TALK ABOUT SEX ONLINE STAY UP ON 13 CHILDREN'S HEALTH COMPATIBLE WITH: iPad and Android. CAPABILITIES: Post questions for pediatricians to answer, and get up-to-date information about children's health topics. BONUS FEATURE: You can even HEALTHYCHILDREN.ORG APP search pediatricians near you! 14 SIMPLIFYING CAR SEAT SHOPPING COMPATIBLE WITH: iOs and Android. CAPABILITIES: Plug in your child's age and weight, and learn what seat is right for your little one. CAR SEAT HELPER APP DID YOU KNOW? CAR SEATS REDUCE THE RISK OF INFANT DEATH BY 71% 54% AND FOR CHILDREN SOURCES HTTPWWW.PHOEMKCHL DREMS.ORGOMMUNITVNJURY-FREVENTION CENTERCHLD PASSENER SAFETVAR.SEAT HEL PER WER APe HTTPWWWAAPDRGEN-USAAP-STOREPASESGET-THEAAPMOBILE-APPASPX HTTPWWW.PARENTS. COMDSSNETYANTERNTAEST-APPS-PREVENT-CYBERBULLYNGAACE HTTPWWW.INTERNETSAFETY.COMSAFE-EYES-PARENTAL-CONTROL-SOFTWARE PHP HTTPWWW.MYFIIP COMABOUTASP HTTPwwwAMBERALERTPL.COM HTTP www.cL COMTROL COMSTOP.TEXTINS WHLE-DRIVING FOR-YOUR-FAM LY HTTPWWW.PCMAG COMARTICLEZ0,2817,238 00ASP HTTPWWW WITHINGS.COMUSBABY-MONITOR HTM. HTTPWWW.BABYALERT INFOCHILOMINDER-SOFTCUP-SYSTEM 2-SYSTEM-PACKAGE S8 HTM HTTP wwwDAWEATHER COWHEAT HTTPABCNEWS.CO.COMMUSMISSINC.CHILDREN-AMERICA-UNSOLVED-CABESSTORYAD- 19120pe7 HTTPTECHCRUNCH.COM200sOv2STHE-PHOMESLATEST-HITAPPA-SEX-4FFENDER-LOCATOR HTTPWWW.CHILOSAFEEDUCATION.COMSTATISTICS.HTM WOLAK I, FINKELHORD, MITCHELL K, VRARRA M. ONLINE "PREDATORS" AMD THEIR VICTIMS MYTHS, REAITES, AND IMPLICATIONS FOR PREVENTION AND TREATMENT AMERICAN PSYCHOLOCIST, 200e53, 111-128 HTTPWWWNSOPW OOVEN USADUCATIONACTSNYTHSSTATISTICSTASPKAUTODETECTCOOKIESUPPORT-1 HTTPWWWADSSECURITY COMHOME-SECUNTYSERVICESVIDEO-SURVELLANCE ASPK HTTPWWW.FEL.GOWNEWS/STORIES/201 1/AUOUST/CHLD 080611 LEARN MORE ABOUT PROTECTING YOUR KIDS. SPONSORED BY: magicJack" 0001 CO и

14 Technologies To Keep Your Kids Safe [Infographic]

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Just when keeping your kids safe seemed harder than ever, have no fear! There are TONS of apps, sites, tips and tricks that you can easily implement to keep the kiddos out of harms way and give you pi...




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