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11 Unexpected Places to Find Industrial Robots

11 UNEXPECTED PLACES TO FIND INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS ENTERTAINMENT WHO USES IT: ALFONSO CUARÓN WHAT IT’S FOR: SPECIAL EFFECTS The 2013 blockbuster Gravity relied on a system created by Bot & Dolly called IRIS for much of its filming. These robots were the genius behind the ground breaking, realistic zero gravity scenes fea- tured throughout the film as they wielded cameras, lights, and even the actors themselves with synchronized precision. Director Alfonso Cuarón and his amazing team of animators created CG shots of outer space scenes, filling in all but the actors' faces. Next they input the CG data into the IRIS, which translates it into real life move- ments for the "robotic cameraman" to perform the same way the CG scenes were designed. The incredible precision and coordination of the robots' movements are RESOURCES: digital/factvsfiction/ freefloating-feelhow-gravily-simulates-zerog16016504 impossible by human standards, allowing the combination of the "real" shots of the actors' faces with the CG imagery to be flawlessly synchro- nized and the entire experience to feel amazingly realistic. gravilyblockbusterfilmed-by-industrial-robots.html robotsfilmed-hollywoods-nextblockbuster/?goback= %2Egde_135028_member_5793446066825220098#%21 WHO USES IT: BLUE MAN GROUP WHAT IT'S FOR: ROBOTIC COMEDIANS RESOURCES: blueman-grouptickets/ - bmg image source 29344479323&set=pb.29300864323.- 220752000 0.1372430190.&type=3&theater - bmg image source robots/medium/kr30_3/start.htm - image source blue-man-group video - info source The Blue Man Group decided to add full Their most recent performances incorporate robots that go as far as interacting with the individuals of the group. The exposed elements of the robot will take your breath away as it weaves in between stage props and performers, replicating human characteristics. These robotic arms move at heightened speed and intensity, but most of all a level of precision unmatchable by humans. sized industrial robotic arms to their shows. This coveted group has always used impressive technology in their performances. Usually, the advancements they use are hidden or presented in some other way than a piece of machinery. WHO USES IT: DISNEY'S EPCOT CENTER WHAT IT'S FOR: SUM OF ALL THRILLS pcot Center's addition, the "Sum of All Thrills" is the ultimate interactive ride. Raytheon teamed up with Walt Disney Imagi- neering with the intent to grow kids' excitement about math, science, and engineering – only to discover this wouldn't be an easy task. After months of brainstorming The "Sum of All Thrils" was born, which promotes math and physics by each rider programming their own ride through a simulation and testing stage before even going on the ride. Once on the ride, kids can enjoy their own creation through the simulator hood while the robot moves along a path created in the rider's simulation and testing phase. The simulator works off of a RoboCoaster System that takes the participants on a ride they could have never anticipated. The Robo Coaster is the first system equipped for amusement parks and leisure. Being used outside an industrial setting meant that the robot had to be revised; the solution was to add a 4D simulator package. As a result, Epcot and all the other contributors got a final product worthy of being titled the most high tech simulator on the market. RESOURCES: - image source - disney epcot simulatorcoming soon-to-innoventions-atepcot/ - image source - sum of all thrills ride - image source – info source LIFESTYLE WHO USES IT: GOOGLE WHAT ITS FOR: MAKR SHAKR ROBOTIC BARTENDER 的 的 的 的 的 的 伯 蛇 KUKA Smart phones were in full force at the Google Developers Conference where this eccentric bar remix was exposed. ponsored by Bacardi and Coca-Cola, Makr Shakr takes bartending to a new level, with limitless possibilities. Three individual systems allow customers to freely design their own drink. Customization is encour- No ingredient or portion size is off limits since the precision of measurement allows the Makr Shakr to create mixed drinks on a level that human bartenders just can't match. Believe it or not, the Makr Shakr can monitor alcohol consumption and blood alcohol levels by keeping track of intake and accounting for basic physical data. Specializing in both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, this digital design system takes an oath to keep aged as drinks are ordered via App on an open platform, allowing users to choose from extensive inventories. Standees and those plugged into the RSS feed can view each others' recipes, and give feedback or suggestions. This app links to various forms of social media, so if your friends can't make it to the bar that night they can still Customers safe and satisfied. The Makr Shakr creates an interactive environment as drinkers join together to co-create the perfect cocktail. There's no better way to break the ice. help you create a drink! RESOURCES: bycarloratti-and-mit-senseable-city-lab/ - makr shakr entire bar & close up of makr shakr - info source alcoholicdrinks-from-themakrshakrrobot-O51513/ WHO USES IT: TESLA MOTORS WHAT IT'S FOR: TESLA: MODEL S The much anticipated Tesla: Model S car is a result of the most I advanced robotics. Production methods comprised mostly of robots, while the assembly and painting processes were a combined effort. The first stage of production is the body center where robots control the placement and the assembly of intermediary parts. Each robot worked in synchronized pattern, each programmed with a different task. Responsibilities vary, as one robot might have to place a part in a certain location, while another would be responsible for conjoining that part to three other parts to construct the framework of the car. These exceptional robotic systems not only lift these parts easier than humans, they also don't have to worry about cumbersome components. The level of difficulty is much higher for humans than robotic systems. As production ends, the frames are sent to the paint shop where robots apply a number of coats. Once the paint is applied and dried, the models await human inspection and approval. From there, the cars are finished in the assembly center. Once again, the robots handle a great deal of the heavy lifting, like putting in sunroofs. Trained professionals complete the car, handling the more delicate tasks like indoor product installations. RESOURCES: - image source special/palletizer_robots/kr40_pa/start.htm - image source - info source - info sourceÜtoEFc - info source HEALTHCARE WHO USES IT: BOSTON MEDICAL CENTER RADIATION ONCOLOGY JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL LOCATIONS THROUGHOUT THE U.S. WHAT ITS FOR: CYBERKNIFE Gperkeite T his breakthrough robotic radio surgery system is changing the life of people living with tumors worldwide. Regardless of the I location or whether the tumor is benign, the CyberKnife can reach it. The CyberkKnife is classified as a noninvasive surgical procedure that delivers beams of high doses of radiation. Extreme accuracy allows doctors to eliminate the most complex tumors that otherwise might have been considered inoperable. Referred to as an alternative to surgery, this system is pain free with little to no recovery time. And if that's not impressive enough, CyberKnife's advanced software and imaging technology locates tumors while reacting to the natural movements of the body, such as: breathing and digestion. Synchronization with the natural rhythm of the body lets the beam focus only on the problem area and not the surrounding areas. Candidates will be happy to hear that there are no extra provisions taken during surgery. The patients can lie freely during the proce- dure without being strapped down or sedated. This technology is utilized in a team setting; a number of doctors are assigned to each case to ensure decisions are unanimously agreed on. RESOURCES:êvideo=CKP_TreatmentOverview<emld=268 - info source – cyberknife – image source WHO USES IT: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER WHAT IT'S FOR: RESOURCES: hybridor/artis-zeego - image source - artis zeego machine zeegotechnology - info source SIEMENS ARTIS ZEEGO Jeffrey W. Moses M.D. and Director at the Center of Interventional C Vascular Therapy in NYC, believes this technology provides opportu- nities to "create new therapies based on the capability of the device." Contact with this device has already improved Dr. Jeffrey lommonly referred to as "Zeego", this x-ray technology has been converting hospital rooms across the nation to what are known as “Hybrid 0.R. Moses' experience in the operating room, as he and his team of surgeons, anesthetists, and staff have this elaborate system at their fingertips. The mobility of the x-ray machine doesn't get in the way Rooms." This state of the art x-ray equipment is an X-ray platform that operates using an industrial robot. The robot gives the machine 18° of freedom, offering incredible flexibility. of his team, and many times simplifies their job by always providing interactive real-time x-ray results. ART & EXPRESSION WHO USES IT: GOOGLE &CHEVY WHAT ITS FOR: CHEVY SONIC ART CAR & KINESTISPHERE RESOURCES: 0- info source - image source nexusqinto-anotherdimensionat/ - image source and info source \he "Art Car" is a Chevy Sonic fully loaded with robotic technology designed to paint murals. Even robots can be creative (if so programmed) and free- dom of expression should never be compromised, so the Bot and Dolly team highlights ingenuity and creativity as it works to operate these robots. No wall is off limits as the car transforms itself, unfolding windows and exposing computerized spray guns. Muralist Jeff Soto is one of the Bot and Dolly also developed the Kinestisphere for fiberglass Nexus Q sphere that features a visualizer and rotates on a robot arm. The Kinestisphere operates in real time, with different stations. Each zone allows the robot to change its shape, style, color, and noise. With the desire to make music a collaborative effort, a number of individuals are needed to operate the Kinestisphere. The idea is that you and your friends can create exclusive music mixes as each person gains control over different elements. first to use the "Art Car". The installments take practice but provide a level of precision he never could. The Art Car allows him to freestyle alongside the robot. WHO USES IT: WYNN RESORT LAS VEGAS WHAT IT'S FOR: LAKEOFDREAMS RESOURCES: Has-vegas/19370/ - lake of dreams - image sourceó4Q behind the scenes video - lake of dreams – info source Large LED screens provide visuals, along with extravagant props that are filtered in and out of scenes using industrial robotics. This resort features a nightly avant-garde dinner As a main component of the show, the robots are never actually show called Lake of Dreams. Fueled by anima- seen because of their aility to blend in with their surroundings. tion, technology, and a mixture of dream and reality; During the show, the robotic components lead the viewers to believe this show is ahead of its time. Lined with 4,000 that the props are a figment of imagination as they magically propel underground lights, 3 ½ miles of aeration tubing, and surfaced with a pool filled with 1 million gallons of water, through the air. By the end of the show, guests are left questioning what's real and what is an illusion. This unique show holds so many this isn't your traditional dinner show since it doesn't actually feature any humans. technological secrets that viewers don't question it long, they just keep coming back for more. WHO USES IT: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF VETERAN AFFAIRS TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES: science/bodies inert-they-moveda-robotwiththeir minds. html?_r=1& - info and image source full/nature l 1076.html - info source WHAT IT'S FOR: NEURAL INTERFACE obotic breakthroughs have allowed scientists I to explore the options of reconnecting the brain to the body. For those living with Tetraplegia or conditions similar to it, this can lead to regaining body SYSTEM movement. The system works off of a small sensor that is placed below the skull. The sensor is loaded with 96 pinprick electrodes that link thoughts to move- ments. Essentially, all the patient has to do when con- nected to this machine is think of the movement they A recent success story embraces the achievement of a woman who's been paralyzed from the neck down for the last 15 years. The robotic system was able to bring this woman her own cup of coffee just by interpreting her thoughts. As the robotic arm began moving, a smile sprouted on the 58-year old's face as her dreams became reality, and she too witnessed the computer translating her thoughts into an electronic command, giving her back some want to perform. The neural interface system responds to the patients thought through the movements of a robotic arm. These arms can execute three-dimensional movements, such as reaching or grasping for an object. of the freedoms she had lost. DLR MGH WHO USES IT: THELONGNOW FOUNDATION WHAT IT'S FOR: THE10,000YEAR CLOCK esigned with the intention to last a 10 U nillennial lifespan, this larger than life 200 foot tall clock is buried deep inside a remote mountain. This clock calls Van Hom, Texas home where it requires a full day's hike to reach the interior gears of the clock, situated deep within the limestone mountain. While there are other 10,000-year clocks throughout the world, this one in particular was a project born of inspiration. Sitting on the land of the founder and CEO of, Jeff Bezos helped fund and design many elements of this project. In addition, a team composed of designers, engineers, physicists, inventors, and biolo- gists are to thank for this innovative approach to the ultimate teller of time. If there is one thing the team is fueled by, it's the passion to leave their mark. Well aware that this clock will outlast their life span, the team felt compelled to start a project that required the help of future generations. The clock has to be wound in order to show the correct time, giving visitors complete control. The clock will always know the current time even if months or years pass between winds. As soon as it's Wound, it will return to the current time, magnifying a symphonic melody youU won't hear anywhere else. RESOURCES: - info source ofthe-long-now/ - image source image source, location of clock COPYRIGHT 2013 KUKA ROBOTICS | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

11 Unexpected Places to Find Industrial Robots

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11 unusual and interesting uses for industrial robots. Robots being used in cinema, comedy shows, fun park rides, robotic bartender, automotive industry, surgery, robotic art car, resort entertainmen...




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