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11 PC Keyboard Shortcuts to Enhance Your Productivity

|I PC Keyboard Shortcuts to Enhance Your Productivity As a small-business owner, time is your most valuable asset. Sadly, adding a 25th hour to the day isn't an option, but there are ways you can get an hour back. Speed through menial computer tasks and increase your overall productivity by memorizing and practicing these keyboard shortcuts. Minimize Steps An average person loses 2 seconds per minute of work by switching back and Shift + Home or End Use this shortcut to select all text on the current line. forth from their mouse. Pgup Shift PgDn Ctrl +t Open a new tab in your browser. Using keyboard shortcuts can save you 8 workdays per year. Ctrl +I Focus your cursor on a URL or search field to navigate the Web quickly. Ctrl + backspace Edit your text more efficiently by deleting entire words. Ctrl + arrow Move the cursor one word at a time and cut through large swaths of text. 1 365 days per year Ctrl + Shift + arrow Select one word at a time in your text without pecking at those arrow keys. I Workdays without keyboard shortcuts I Workdays with keyboard shortcuts Maximize Productivity 25%f Windows + tab Cycle between windows. of small-business owners believe one extra hour in Windows + I a workday is worth $500. Lock the computer. 50% C of small-business owners believe not having enough time to get everything done is their biggest challenge. Windows +m Minimize all windows. Backapace 1. 2. End Time is the most valuable asset to small-business Ctrl + shift + t owners: Re-open a closed tab in your browser. Ctrl + Shift + esc Launch the Task Manager to check your system's resources and applications. I Time: 38% I Computer: 36% |Company Website: 13% Mobile Phone: 11% Office/Storefront: 2% Published on Design by Text by Kate Kudish Source: OPEN Forum

11 PC Keyboard Shortcuts to Enhance Your Productivity

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Did you know you can save eight workdays a year using keyboard shortcuts? This infographic will teach you time saving computer tricks.


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