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11 Mother Friendly Gadgets for Mother's Day

11 Mom Friendly Gadgets for Mother's Day Whether your mom is a homemaker who doesn't show much interest in modern technology or a hi-tech businesswoman on the cutting edge of innovation, there are gadgets out there to suit the needs, interests and personalities of any and all mothers. Here we spotlight some of the best gifts and gadgets on the market as Mother's Day nears. EasyBloom Plant Sensor Even though your mom might already have a green thumb, there is now technology available that can make it even greener. When you stick this sensor in the soil, it gives you immediate readings on moisture, sunlight, drainage, and other factors, letting you know what would be best to plant there. Take it out of the ground after 24 hours, stick it in the USB port of your computer, and get instant readings and recommen- dations on what to plant in your garden. $60 MyPressi TWIST Portable Espresso Maker If your mom is constantly on the go but can't live without a nice cup of espresso in the morning, then this is the present to get her. This ultra small and portable espresso maker will allow her to brew a fresh cup no matter where she is, and it's also very easy to pack. Your mom can just put it in her purse and have access to a great cup of espresso even when she's stranded somewhere with no coffee shops in sight. 10 $170 ASUS Videophone Touch Your mom is always saying that talking on the phone is nice, but she would rather see you, right? Well then here's a way to make her happy. This videophone is very easy to use and your mom can make unlimited video calls via Skype to everyone in the family. It has a seven-inch touchscreen with built in camera, speakers and microphone so there is no assembly needed. Now your mom will be able to see you every day, even if you live on different sides of the conti- nent. $200 Polaroid PoGo 5.0 MP Instant Digital Camera Polaroid has brought the wonder and excitement of its old cameras into the future, and your mom will be happy to rediscover the joys of a Polaroid camera. The camera has a digital printer built into it that prints out pictures just like an old Polaroid, only in superior digital quality. Instant gratifi- cation, retro sensibilities and futuristic designs all in one your mom will not be able to resist. The package also comes with a 30-pack of photo paper for starters. Polaroid $360 zink Louis Vuitton Monogram iPhone Case 3G If your mom has an iPhone, like many moms do, she still needs something to distinguish herself from the rest of the pack. How about a classy and elegant designer case for it? The monogram canvas case is ultra slim and offers easy access. But most impor- tantly, it looks great. The case is also lined with microfiber, which will protect the phone and make it very easy for your mom to slip it out of the case with very little hassle. $265 Swarovski USB Memory Key If your mom is more fashionista than futurista, here's some- thing that she's going to love. It's a USB memory card made by the revered crystal-maker Swarovski, but it's also a very fashionable accessory. The cute USB comes in several different colors and themes, and they all have lobster clasps that allow you to wear them as pendants as well. Not only is it a cute pendant with sparkles and crystals, but it's also four gigabytes of fashionable storage. $115 Cirrus Digital Photo Keychain Regardless of how old-fashioned you think that your mother might be, she has to be ready to at least let go of the tattered old pictures of you and your family that she's carrying around in her wallet. With this small digital keychain she will no longer have to dig through her purse to show you off, and most importantly, the pictures will never get ripped or crumpled, and will always be available in glorious digital color. The keychain is available in both black and pink. $20 E cirrusdigital Mango Tango flight bag Your hi-tech mom might need to carry her laptop around with her everywhere, but there's no reason she can't do it fashionably. The faux leather flight bag holds your laptop securely in place and offers a lot of extra pockets as well, all the while wearing the disguise of a very chic and stylish handbag. $45 E The Nike+ SportWatch GPS If your mom is a fitness buff and loves jogging and working up a sweat, this is a great new gadget for her to enjoy. The gps watch makes running more fun and more interactive than ever by tracking your routes, speed, distance, heart rate, calories burned, etc. It also offers training modes that will help your mom meet her fitness goals while having more fun running than she's ever had before. 7'27 2.96 $199 Eye-Fi 8GB Explore X2 SDHC Card This is for the mom that loves digital cameras but doesn't Eye-Fi like the hassle of storage and dealing with erasing data. This memory card gets rid of images and videos by itself as soon as they are uploaded to a computer. The card also enables you to transfer the media wirelessly within a 90- foot range. This gives your mom more time to take pictures without wasting time on card maintenance. Pro x2 8GB +Wi-Fi $50 iPad 2 If you are thinking of buying your mom a laptop, don't do it, she probably won't be interested, and if she really needed one, she would probably already have one. The new iPad is a much better solution for your hi-tech mom who loves to stay on top of all the latest trends. The iPad is very easy to navigate and allows her to surf the web wherever she may be. Most importantly, it's very fun to use and is a great device for bonding with the children or grandchildren. 27 $500 infographic by: P INVESTINTECH.COM PDF SOLUTIONS

11 Mother Friendly Gadgets for Mother's Day

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Whether your mom is a homemaker who doesn't show much interest in modern technology or a hi-tech businesswoman on the cutting edge of innovation, there are gadgets out there to suit the needs, interes...




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