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11 Insane Sci-Fi Inventions You Never Knew Existed

INSANE 11SCI-FI INVENTIONS YOU NEVER KNEW EXISTED How many times have you wished you had a gadget from your favorite Sci-Fi movie? There are a lot of technologies out there that have been inspired by these Sci-Fi shows and films. Here is a look at some inventions you probably never thought you would actually see. SCI-FI TECH 1) TRICODER Device that collected info about a person's health by scanning the body for diseases TODAY'S VERSION Hand held device that works like an H ultrasound The magic of the Star Trek tricoder has come to life, GE created what they call the GE Vscan. Weighs about one pound and scans are completed in two minutes. Can find health issues without any invasive surgeries by measuring and analyzing organs. The VScan is currently available to the medical field. SCI-FI TECH 2, ROBOTAXI A personal automated robotaxi TODAY'S VERSION A personal automated robotaxi Thỉnk back to the original 1990 Total Recall when Amold Schwarzenegger hopped into a robotaxi. RELALL Each month 25,000 people ride these 10 autonomous taxis that run on electric power. Since 2010 Masdar City citizens have been able to ride in real-life robotaxis. -Masdar City is a planned city in the United Arab Emirates. They power up while waiting for riders to board, so charging stations are not necessary. SCI-FI TECH 3, HOVER BOARD A hover board that was a form of transportation and zipped in all directions TODAY'S VERSION A hover board that hovers over its magnetic track a few inches above the ground with no change in direction or altitude Every 80s kid dreamed of one day having a hover board like the one in Back to the Future. 2011 France researchers created Mag Surf with superconductor magnetic levitation. They released a YouTube video showing Mag Surf gliding along its U magnetic track. O Researchers used this demonstration to promote research in urban transportation. EXOSKELETON SCI-FI TECH Hi-Tech suit that can fly, shoot repulsors and even has a computer to talk to you TODAY'S VERSION A suit meant to give humans more strength (not fly or shoot anything) Can you imagine having an Iron Man suit? Soon, U.S. soldiers will, but theirs won't fly. They hope to have soldiers in the XOS 2 by 2015. Raytheon This XOS 2 suit designed by Raytheon increases the agility, strength and endurance of the soldier wearing it. High-pressure hydraulics help the soldier lift heavy objects repeatedly without exhausting or injuring the soldier. NANO DRONES SCI-FI TECH Tiny devices that can spy on you TODAY'S VERSION Insect-sized devices that spy on you We know the government is now using drones, but did you ever think a drone could be the size of an insect? The University of Pennsylvania released a video in early 2012 of their nano quadrotors. flying in figure 8 formation These insect-sized drones fly with precision while doing flips avoiding obstacles shifting direction Scientists hope to use this technology to replace human search and surveillance teams. UNIVERSAL SCI-FI TECH 6, TRANSLATOR A translator that allowed users to communicate with Aliens AAAA TODAY'S VERSION A device that translates phrases into thousands of human languages P2 Doctor Who and Star Trek were able to use a universal translator, and now we can too. Now it's used for Voxtec created the Phraselator P2 for the military. law enforcement emergency medical technicians construction foremen other fields It can translate more than 100,000 English phrases into 70 different languages. DOG TRANSLATOR SCI-FI TECH Collar that gives dogs a human voice and translates exactly what they say TODAY'S VERSION Device that analyzes and translates how a dog feels Translating something into thousands of different languages is impressive and practical, but what we really want to know is what our dogs are saying. ??? It can tell you if they are hungry, happy, or if they want to play. The Bowlinguaul translator isn't quite like the one in UP!, but it will tell you how your dog feels. The device analyzes the acoustics of your dog's bark. There is an app that analyzes a dog's bark then tweets what they are feeling or "saying." SCI-FI TECH CLONING 8. Multiple clones of the same person TODAY'S VERSION Scientists are able to clone animals, not humans Scientists aren't cloning people like they did in Multiplicity, but they are cloning animals. Scientists have successfully cloned 23 different animals including: "Rat Sheep Lamb Cow Water Buffalo Cat Dog Horse Mule Deer Rabbit Monkey SHARK REPELLENT SCI-FI TECH A spray can capable of repelling a shark TODAY'S VERSION A magnetic device that causes sharks to swim away In the 1966 Batman, he repelled a shark with a can of spray shark repellent. Stroud is using his discovery to protect sharks and prevent fishermen from catching them when they are not fishing for sharks. Chemist Eric Stroud created something similar, just not in a spray can. This repellent relies on magnetism that interferes with the sensors that sharks use for hunting and navigating. He uses the magnetism in a fish hook, the SharkDefense Smart Hook. The spinning magnets overwhelm the shark's sensors and cause them to quickly swim in the other direction. SCI-FI TECH (10, ADAMANTIUM An indestructible metal that can cut through anything TODAY'S VERSION A metal that is virtually indestructible Adamantium is the strongest metal in Sci-Fi films, it is what Wolverine's claws are made of, and a company in the U.S. created something similar. This metal will be used in armor and public structures, like bridges. Modumetal was created by using nanolaminating, which changes the exterior structure of metals and makes them corrosion-free, stronger and virtually indestructible. FORCE SCI-FI TECH 11, FIELDS A barrier of energy that acts as a protective shield TODAY'S VERSION A laser meant to destroy UAVS There are a number of Sci-Fi characters that have force fields to protect them, and now the U.S. AA** Air Force has something similar. UAV unmanned aerial vehicles Boeing has created a highly concentrated laser called the MATRIX. It is invisible, unlike a typical force field, and can automatically detect and destroy UAVS.. The laser is lightweight and can be carried by a few soldiers. SOURCES,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wiSH ........*. AAAAAAAA ...**** ......***.. ******* MAAAAAA

11 Insane Sci-Fi Inventions You Never Knew Existed

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