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101 REASONS TO BE AN ENGINEER SEMI PRO ENGINEERING 1101 REASONS TO BE ENGINEER 101 Have many fields to choose from 100 Develop the analytical side of your brain 99 Protect and save lives through good design 98 Put Lego skills to use 97 Work in a high demand industry 96 Have a secure job 95 Participate in Engineers Without Borders and other non-profits 94 Have leadership opportunities 93 Be involved in active professional associations 92 Enjoy a historic and well established industry 91 Use the latest tech EEOYXIA> TO TATONTOTI TOATTYELO 90 Learn the Greek alphabet 89 Have a building named after you 88 Be respected by your peers 87 Have a profession that encourages ethics and morality 86 Qualify as a professional with only a bachelors degree 85 Enjoy opportunities to travel 84 Meet people from around the world 83 Experience many opportunities for training and growth 82 Have the choice to work in the public or private sector 81 To chose a management or technical path 80 Be able to help your kids with their math homework 79 Master CAD software 78 Tell people you know calculus 77 Find the beauty in data 76 Confuse others with big words 75 See things in concept before created or built 74 Become a master at spreadsheets 73 Play with eight figure numbers 72 Make your kids proud 71 Finally find a practical application for significant figures 70 Pay parents back for college tuition 69 Learn a variety of technical and interpersonal skills John Doe Engineer, PhD, ÞE, CPM, 68 Alphabetize the space after your name 67 Have the option to change specialization mid-career 66 Convince the world that conductors, not engineers, drive trains 65 Understand better how the world works 64 Make your parents proud 63 Refer to a million dollars as a 'rounding error' 62 Follow in a parent's footsteps 61 Save money for your company or country 60 Learn how to create 59 Prove to yourself that you can do it 58 Be a role model for our youth "Three types of engineers -- agricultural, sales and nuclear engineers -- were represented among the 10 occupations with the lowest divorce rates in a recent study." 57 Enjoy better marriages 56 Give presentations to students 55 Give public tours 54 Give product demonstrations 53 Have the opportunity to be a high paid consultant after retirement 52 Learn the power of optimization 51 Be able to stamp stuff 50 Have the potential for additional degrees 49 Help in times of major catastrophe 48 Learn a bunch of jokes that no one else gets 47 Surround yourself with like-minded individuals 46 Argue why TI or HP calculators are better 45 Solve major problems 44 Impress your significant other 43 Create 3D visualizations for things that don't exist 42 Study and learn from product or structure failure 41 Learn to decipher plans and schematics 40 To not typically deal with emergencies or traumatic events 39 Become a cubicle warrior 38 Dress out of fashion without anyone noticing 37 Be rewarded for being a nerd 36 Coordinate between agencies 35 Follow in the footsteps of visionaries 34 Have your company pay for your higher education 33 Put those hours of Sim City or Minecraft to use 32 Finally answer the question "So what do neers actually do?" 31 Be able to call yourself a 'pro' 30 Be the biggest boss on the biggest projects 29 Unlock doors for growth within your company 28 Become an active life-long member of Tau Beta Pi 27 Be the expert in the room 26 Become an expert at technical writing 25 Participate in design competitions The word engineer comes from a Latin word meaning 'cleverness' 24 Be 'clever' 23 Help protect the environment 22 Have a reason for life long learning 21 Make multi-million dollar decisions 20 Find practical applications for 3D printers 19 Mimic humanity through robotics 18 Become a licensed professional before you turn 30 17 Start your own firm 16 Learn to solve any problem using a table or graph 15 Contribute to specification manuals 14 Engage in important research 13 Build structures that marvel the Wonders of the World 12 Improve quality of living 11 Know you are making a difference 10 Affect the world, daily 09 Learn to question everything 08 Be respected by the world 07 Place your mark on the future of the world 06 Put stuff on other planets, safely 05 Find practical applications for math and science 04 Strive for world domination 03 Help solve the world's energy crisis 02 Accomplish the impossible Six of the top ten highest paying undergradvate degrees are engineering, 01 Get paid well SEMI PRO ENGINEERING rom student to stamp References


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"Welcome to Semi Pro Engineering, the community for new engineers progressing towards their license. You may not yet be a “Professional Engineer”, but if you are anywhere from a student to receivi...




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