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10 Terrific Reasons Why your Business Must Leverage M-Commerce

Terrific Reasons (10 Why your Business Must Leverage M-Commerce M-Commerce sales form a huge percentage of eCommerce sales. Transactions happening on mobile will soon overtake those taking place on desktops. In this scenario, it makes tremendous sense for businesses to leverage the potential of M-Commerce. This infographic offers 10 reasons that make a solid case for M-Commerce. 1 Mobile Device Usage is Exploding 9.5 Billion mobile subscription 9.5 Billion mobile subscription 7.1 billion 10 Mobile Subscriptions in 2014 95-5% of the world population 9.5 billion Mobile Subscriptions by 2020 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 2020 smartphone users 1% of mobile users 1% change The number of 2.56 smartphone users worldwide will surpass 2.38 51.7% 2.16 49.5% 1.91 46.4% 1.64 42.9% 2 billion 1.31 38.4% 34.3% in 2016! 7.6% 25.0% 16.8% 12.6% 32.4% 10.4% 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Increase in Usage of Mobile Web Mobile Web Adoption is growing 8 times faster than Web Adoption did in the 1990s and early 2000s. 8X There are over 1.2 billion people accessing the web from their Mobile devices JULY 2013 JULY 2012 5.9% 9.7% 18.8% 26.6% 9.4% 15.2% Europe Asia North America 11.3% 23.7% 11.1% 17.4% 3.2% 6.8% 8.0% 14.6% Worldwide Africa South America Oceania Global Mobile Traffic - 11.1% in 2012 jumped to 17.4% in 2013 (6% Increase in a Year)! Rise in Usage of Mobile Apps The time spent on app has gone up by 7 hours in a Year NUMBER OF APPS • Time Per Person (HH:MM) 30:15 30 25 23:02 20 15 18:18 10 Q4 2011 Q4 2012 Q4 2013 4 M-Commerce Apps Are Popular increase in use of 174% shopping apps year-over-year. increase of 220% shopping category on Android alone. 180%- 174% 135% - 121% 103% 89% AVERAGE 76% 89% 90% 74% 49% 45%- 33% 30% 0% VTUTESA HESSAGING SOCIAL LIFESTYLE HEALTH& FITNESS TRAVEL SPORTS MUSIC GAMES A SHOPPING PRODUCTIVIY MAGAZINES MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT Mobile use Grows 76% year-over-year Consumers Love M-Commerce Consumers prefer shopping through their mobile devices. Why? 73% 69% 69% Time saving Easy to locate good deals Can do on-the-go 63% ,55% Can do while Dont have to multitasking wait in line 6. Mobile Commerce Sales are Increasing Massive increase in mobile commerce spending! Revenue through Mobile Apps in 2013 70% ↑ from 2012! 26bn 18bn 2012 2013 In 2013, revenue attributable to mobile apps was $26 Billion - up 70% from $18 billion in 2012 Preference for Mobile Commerce in the Holiday Season Mobile sales accounted for a large portion of sales on key retail holidays in 2014. U.S. 22% of all Cyber Monday sales U SALE mobile sales 41% of all site traffic $100 $121 Tablet Smartphone Average Order Value Average Order Value 8 Helps Gain Insights into Customer Data Better Understanding Timely Customer Intelligence of Customer Needs f. 2/3 of smartphone users say they will share personal information with marketers in order to reap the benefits of personalized services. 9. Pay a Price for not Leveraging M-Commerce Why Mobile 67% 48% said that if a site didn't work smartphone users say that they're more likely to buy a well on their smartphones it product of service from a made them feel like the mobile-friendly site. company didn't care about their business. 48% 36% said they felt like they've fell frustrated and annoyed wasted their time by visiting when they go a site tha'ts not mobile-friendly. those sites. 57% 23% would not recommend a of adults have cursed at business with a bad mobile their phone when a site site. doesn't work. 10) Gives Your Business a Competitive Edge 40% of people have turned to a competitor's site after a bad mobile experience. Is this happening with your business? Yes? It's time to get a responsive site or a mobile app for your business. Google Google Google Google Over to You Mobile commerce has experienced exponential growth over the years. Capitalize on its growth by providing your visitors with an immersive mobile experience. Companies that have jumped the mobile bandwagon have seen phenomenal growth in their profits. It's your turn now! Sources: Mobiforge: TechCrunch: DigitalBuzzBlog: Zdnet: AGILIRON Statista: / SearchEngineWatch: SlideShare: Mobify: BuildMobileSite : Visually: Ericsson: Invesp: Mashable: Nielsen: Econsultancy: Emarketer: Flurry: Freepik: 2013-2014 Year-Over-Year Growth Rate II

10 Terrific Reasons Why your Business Must Leverage M-Commerce

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3. With more and more people switching over to smartphones, m-commerce is gaining a lot of momentum. The customer today wants to be able to have ubiquitous access to information, anytime and anywhere....



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