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10 Phone Designs You Won't Believe Ever Sold!

PHONE DESIGNS 10 YOU WON'T BELIEVE EVER SOLD 1997 Motorola StarTAC Rainbow A great choice for a clown, the StarTAC StarTAC Rainbow is possibly the most 90s phone ever created. O MOTOROLA COOL FEATURE: Store 100 numbers! 1997 Sony CMD Z1 SONY It's strange to think that phone design used to be about going as small as possible - this comically tiny phone had a keypad that could 3 only be used by a poking stick. MEN COOL FEATURE: 20 seconds worth of voice memos! 2003 Samsung T700 The aim for this phone was to look like a futuristic communicator from Star Trek, but ended up resembling a toilet seat. COOL FEATURE: Calorie Calculator 2003 Nokia 7600 An experimental "fashion phone" that was really difficult to use - NOKIA texting required two hands. COOL FEATURE: One of the smallest 3G phones ever made. 2003 Nokia N-Gage NOKIA This "Frankenphone" was an attempt to combine gaming with phone functionality, resulting in something of commercial a disaster for Nokia. COOL FEATURE: The same shape as a taco. Phats ebun A tenily 2003 A triends utes SAMSUNG Samsung D700 The bizarre era of the rotating screen is encapsulated in this phone, where you had the power to position your phone at the most awkward and impractical angles. COOL FEATURE: WAV and Polyphonic ringtones! 2005 Samsung Serene Designed alongside Bang & Olufsen, this designer phone was a mix of a rotary style phone and a powder compact. COOL FEATURE: The camera was located on the hinge, which made taking photos near impossible. 2005 Samsung Z130 The display rotated, but no-one could work out exactly why. WIDE VIEW COOL FEATURE: Early 3G phone with video calling. Zn 8 9 2007 Motorola Aura Answering a phone with a snap and a flip was always cool, but the Aura involved a spinning motion and an unusual circular screen. 085 e Ve COOL FEATURE: Designed by Swiss watchmakers. 2008 Toshiba G450 TOSHIE Why have one keypad when you can have two half completed in keypads! Released a post-iPhone era, this is one of the most unusual designs of recent years. COOL FEATURE: Very retro monochrome graphics. SOURCES: HTTP://Www.GSMARENA.COM PRESENTED BY LIME IT lime 9NNSWVS

10 Phone Designs You Won't Believe Ever Sold!

shared by AlexGillham on Jun 19
Between the Nokia 3310 and the iPhone, there was a lot of experimentation in the world of phone design. Here we recall the 10 most impractical phone designs of all time.



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