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10 Massive acquisitions pulled off by Salesforce till 2021

10 Massive acquisitions pulled off by Salesforce till 2021 1. SLACK Slack could help Salesforce achieve its social media vision. Since Salesforce's primary services are relat- ed to Sales, Customers Services, and marketing, in- slack tegrating a communication tool that could facilitate the interaction of employees, customers and ven- dors easily was crucial. And that was Slack. With Slack, Salesforce could deal with the new normal such as working from home. Salesforce could com- pete with competitors or prevent competitors. 2. EXACT TARGET Salesforce considered developing in the pre-sales direction after gaining success in sales and service ExactTarget. divisions. The next rational phase was marketing. Ex- actTarget had 6,000 customers as well as six mod- ules. It had B2C customers, Expedia, Universal Music Group, Coke, and Nike. By the acquisition, Salesforce gets an entry into the B2C segment. It could cross-sell its MAP offerings, sales force automation, and social media. 3. DEMANDWARE Among the numerous reasons, Salesforce bought De- mandware to broaden and multiply the contracts that Salesforce can extend to the current customers, includ- demandware ing various other commerce services. Apart from this, the acquisition provides Salesforce with a new assort- ment of potential customers to impart other services ranging from marketing to online analytics through ex- move faster, growfaster tensive back-office digital solutions for marketing and IT tasks. 4. VLOCITY As the leading company in CRM software, it is only natural that Salesforce would expand to acquire CRM applications for vertical markets. With VIlocity, Salesforce has the opportu- nity to assist companies in more specific market areas. Vlocity Salesforce aims to improve its skills and services, especially in areas predicted to grow in the market trend. Most compa- nies have trade secrets that serve as leverage. Thus, acquir- ing Vlocity opens Salesforce up to improvements, particular- ly in those areas Vlocity is strong. 5. TABLEAU By shopping for Seattle-based Tableau, Salesforce +. sends a clear message to the marketplace the level at which they seek to operate, as BI was becoming more influential in decision making. Of course, Salesforce al- +ab|eau ready had a BI platform, i.e., the Einstein Analytics plat- form. However, their results were not outstanding. Hence, there was a need to leverage a thriving BI platform. By acquiring Tableau, Salesforce aims to provide one of the most intelligent and intuitive analytics. 6. KRUX Salesforce remains the same in its aims. One aim is to offer >krux the best services in all they are engaged in. And that is the primary purpose of buying Krux. Krux was to help Salesforce with marketing, as well as being able to compete with other Data Management Platforms such as Adobe. DMP compiles and organizes data sets from external sources and analyses them alongside internal sources from an organization. 7. BUDDY MEDIA The main reason Salesforce bought Buddy Media was the hype on social media. There have been steady increases in displaying personal details on social media about people worldwide. Individuals on different social media platforms share their likes and dislikes, favorite products, and shop- BUDDYMEDIA ping habits. These data could help Salesforce Customers in quite many business operations. The most common way is how Buddy Media allows companies to insert their brands in various conversations on social media platforms. 8. QUIP With competitors Microsoft and Google boasting similar Quip products, the acquisition confirmed Salesforce's ambitious plans for its platform. The benefits of this acquisition were amplified following the company's loss to Microsoft in the takeover war of Linkedin some weeks earlier. By having a top word processor under its belt, Salesforce gained a foothold in Microsoft's territory. After all, the general tech community depicted Quip as the "Word Killer." 9. CLICKSOFTWARE ClickSoftware empowers organizations to plan and ad- vance field administration work insightfully. Based on ClickSoftware Service cloud, Salesforce Field Service Lightning bridles the most recent in dispatching, portable labor force Making Service Click strengthening, and loT advances to enable organiza- tions to interface their whole assistance labor force on a solitary, unified stage. 10. MULESOFT Large international companies acquire smaller ones primari- ly to use their technology, resources and save their develop- ment time. The acquisition also allows the larger companies MuleSoft to explore and plunder the customer bases of the smaller ones. Well, both purposes have been served well by Sales- force's acquisition of MuleSoft. This deal was important for Salesforce because it needed access to data across a broad range while expanding its machine learning process and ar- tificial intelligence mechanics. 3)

10 Massive acquisitions pulled off by Salesforce till 2021

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You probably are aware that Salesforce is the pioneer and leading provider of cloud-based CRM software. They offer different products that help connect businesses to their customers. And through conti...


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