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10 Fields Where BI is Surprisingly Used Extensively

2 UNIVERSITIES GOVERNMENT Data management - critical for streamlined decision-making. Data analytics can tackle factors involved in low scores and higher drop-out rates. NEED: Better recruitment model. Prediction about failing and succeeding students required く NEED: Effective response plans and risk reduction during natural disasters. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT CENTER UNIVERSITIES IDENTIFY HIGH-VALUE PROSPECTS EXAMPLE: Philippine Government's Intelligent Operations SOLUTION: Integration of information from national and local units. Prediction of requirements to prepare resources in advance. EXAMPLE: Business analytics software utilized by WSU helped achieve 96% accuracy in identifying application prospects with "high-yield". SOLUTION: Business analytics to analyze demographic data points- • Grades • No. of hours enrolled per semester Family assistance · Part-time or full-time status data Dowered by SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCES NEED: Fast answers from vast data flow needed to quickly ad op targets for 3 FOOD INDUSTRY Best practices for fast-food SOLUTION: Processing of massive datasets -with 5000 mobile phones- to rapidly take down targets. EXAMPLE: The central intelligence repostory made fo chains: FOOD INDUSTRY Operations Forces training. NEED: Average metrics from McDonald's was not useful to predictively develop valuable best practices 4 LIBRARIES SOLUTION: Actionable insights derived from data points like- • point-of-sales data, in-store traffic & flow in drive-thrus, Libraries can collect a wealth of data to assess the needs of EXAMPLE: McDonald's used trend-analytics. leading to improvement of services like the drive-thru experience. patrons & to respond proactively. • ordering patterns & video data. Superior evaluation of restaurant activities. Best practices developed and iterations made in- • Menu variations • Restaurant design Training program optimization Supply-chain optimization NEED: Enhance website's utility by analyzing users'motivations and usage patterns. REDESIGNED LIBRARY USER-OPERATIONS USING DATA ANALYTICS VIDEO GAMES SOLUTION: Google analytics reports helped track data points like- • Pages visited • Depth of site-navigation • Site location at end of visit • Where users went from their The mobile and internet revolution has EXAMPLE: Rutgers-Newark Law Library. New Jersey had their website redesigned to increase new visitor-surge by 21% and retuming-visitor surge by 44%. generated vast amounts of data that can allow video game producers to generate insights that can deliver business value. website AUTO-SCALING AND BIG DATA INTEGRATION BY GAMING COMPANIES v 6. SOCIAL MEDIA NEED: Quick processing during peak-demand times, handling high volume, mashups and time-consuming cluster management. Companies can receive consumer data and market trends from various demographics on social media which can be converted using analytics into actionable data. SOLUTION: Auto-scaling abilities, big data integration, pre-built connectors and automated cluster EXAMPLE: Amajor gaming company used ODS' big data analytics to save time and handle massive data processing. SOCIAL MEDIA BOOSTS ONLINE RETAIL REVENUES v management reduced time and errors. 10 BI CRUISE LINER COMPANIES Use of data mining and statistical. modelingcan increase the rate of repeat customers. (7 NEED: Online retailers face limitations in FIELDS WHERE nsights into promedia IS SURPRISINGLY SOLUTION: Socil. business analytics uses- Social data points - shares. EXAMPLE: LabelSneak, a UK online retailer, used social media insights to up revenues by 148%. USED EXTENSIVELY Likes, customer interests and connections. Strategies like listening campaigns help find right audiences and develop personalized content If you thought it's just the Information Technology sector which benefits from Business .... ..... ... ..... ..... Intelligence and Analytics, you're mistaken! Here are 10 fields that have begun using Business Intelligence extensively. Be prepared to be surprised! NEED: Last-minute price dropping, destructive competition and poor understanding of demand. GENERATING'REPE AT' CUSTOMERS WITH ANALYTICS 8 PUBLIC UTILITIES Analytics can reveal patterns in fields likepower transmission & energy production that can be leveraged to address unique problems. SOLUTION: Using design thinking-based data analytics & adaptive pricing strategies and optimization,income management was revamped& pricing methods were improved. EXAMPLE: Cruise Lines increased profits and 'repeat customers'with the services of Atlanta-based Revenue Analytics. 9 FASHION Business Intelligence and Analytics offersinsight into consumer demand and market awareness. NEED: Centralized asset maintenance and updated data access for all key users. ENHANCED FAILURE PREDICTION ACCURACY EXAMPLE: Gas turbine manufacturer achieved g0% failure prediction accuracy with IBM's big data and analytics. SOLUTION: Using portals and apps, planners & field-engineers received updated data. Eficient maintenance modules led to better reliability and safety. Updated solutions delivered for long-term projects. NEED: Wastage affects the fashion industry. Challenges like missed opportunities, poor product DATA-ANALYTICS IMPACTS FASHION GOODS PRICING: assortment and late response to trends are SOLUTION: Improvement in right products sold at the right place and time. Data analytics done usingvaried sources- EXAMPLE: British retailer Asos improved goods pricing with data analytics& saw 33% increase in sales. Retail sites 10 PUBLIC TRANSPORT • Runway reports Blogs covering trends Social media Mass transportation systems and needshave led to a specific type of Bl called transit intelligence. User data, routes, vehicle maintenance data can be used to gain productivity in: • Maintaining schedules • Higher profitability • Effective public service NEED: People's choice of transport and affecting factors was needed by city authorities for BIG-DATA BASED CITY-WIDE future planning and upgrading transportation systems. TRANSPORTATION PICTURE SOLUTION: Predictive analytics & big data SAY "GOOD-BYE" TO EXAMPLE: Boston officialsdevelopeda city-wide transportation operations picture. beloful mass-transit tool reaped insightful passenger flow, transport schedules & parking t information by combining SPECULATION AND data "HELLO" TO BUSINESS ANALYTICS FOR RELIABLE NEED: Transport sneed to companies n FOR TRANSPORTATION maintain competitive pricing while increasing sales and profits PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS ANALYSIS OF BIG DATA & PROACTIVE BUSINESS. SOLUTION: Predictive analytics delivers insights on customer behavior, pricing and services.Results in s y and EXAMPLE: TAmajor European railway company made its passenger branch profitable and became the preferred option for public transport flexibility of services. BROUGHT TO YOU BY AIMS INSTITUTES AIMS EMPOWERING MINDS

10 Fields Where BI is Surprisingly Used Extensively

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Here are 10 fields where Business Intelligence and Business Analytics is getting widely used.


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