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10 Factors that Affect the Pricing of Multilingual Subtitling Services

SUBTITLING PRICING The Process Transcribing audio from the Translating the transcribed file Reviewing live subtitles added source video and creating to the source subtitles video Pricing Model Per Minute Subtitling projects are always charged on per minute of video that you would like multilingual subtitles created for. The price per minute is determined on the following factors - Factors CONTEXTUALLY RELEVANT SUBTITLES Human Translation & Subtitling Multilingual subtitles created by humans cost relatively higher than ACCURATE GRAMMAR RELIABLE a CONTENT machine translation but the COMPOSITION investment benefits you with: File Format Ovi Certain file types are more difficult or time consuming to work with than others, and so the price of subtitling for some formats is higher mov mp4 Mov SCC -avi syt .mP4 •mcc than others. Timestamps Complimentary timestamps are added at regular, predefined intervals. For timestamps at customized intervals or at certain events, m00:15 00:31 m - 00:49 there is generally an additional cost involved. VA Audio Quality Low quality audio makes it more challenging for subtitling experts to decipher what is being said in the video. $4 No. of Speakers As the number of speakers increase in a video, so does the complexity and time taken to create = ($ $. $4 subtitles. Language Pairs English Spanish There are fewer He brew resources available for rare language combinations, for which demand is also lower. Spanish COMMON RARE Video Category For industry-specific projects, subtitling experts usually need to have an educational LANGUAGE EXPERTISE INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE LANGUAGE CERTIFICATION background and certifications related to their subject area in addition to their language expertise. SPECIALIZED EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Multilingual Source Files When the source audio is in multiple languages, multiple native language experts are required to work on the file, thereby increasing the cost of subtitling. no. of Tanguages Urgency An LSP can process a certain number of minutes of video per working day. Urgent orders are charged at a premium rate. FRANCE Country's Economy taxes, aveyage income The economic climate of the country where the linguist resides and it's standard of living has a role to play in deciding the price of the subtitling VIETNAM taxes, aveyage income service. RELEVANT CERTIFICATIONS Subtitling Experts' Credentials YEARS The following aspects of a subtitling experts' credentials will determine not only the cost of a project but also its quality: OF EXPERIENCE INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE Translate By Humans We are making the world talk! ISO 9001:2015 Certified [email protected] PR cost of seyvice ||

10 Factors that Affect the Pricing of Multilingual Subtitling Services

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This is your guide to understanding everything that goes into the art of multilingual subtitling and how subtitling companies determine the cost of a project.


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