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10 Brilliant Ways To Encourage Social Login

10 brilliant ways to encourage Social Login Social Registration can make life much easier - for you and for your users. Access to all their valuable social data for you. A seamless, personalized experience for them, with no need to generate yet another password. Below we've listed the top 10 ways to encourage social registration on your site. Now let's get started... f Login Display your login Proudly Proudly If you want social functionality to be integrated within your pages, then a bold call to action above the fold on f in Q+ your homepage and other key pages will draw attention. Consider your users' Entry Points User Journey While it is always worth having a call to action on the homepage, where else do users enter your site? Consider where on the page your call to action to login will be clearest. Prioritise Variety Include a choice of more than one social network with which to login, or a native account sign-up. Whatever you choose make sure the primary Login with Facebook or try using Twet action is BIG, bold and bright. Guide with Colour Direction Colour can also help guide users to a desired behaviour. Bear colour in mind when distinguishing between primary, secondary or tertiary calls to action. Spend time on your Call-To-Action Get It Right Calls to action for social login deserve the same consideration as advertising banners - you need to be appealing to as wide a cross section of users as possible. Contextualise Capisce You should vary calls to action by the context in which they appear. Next to a list of popular IBI videos, you could prompt users to login to see recommendations just for them. Use friends as Social Proof Trust Users are more likely to try something if they know that it has the approval of people they know. With a Facebook login, even before a user has logged in socially on your site, you can display a 'facepile'. An Article of Interest Share Instructions Be Direct Saying 'log in with Facebook' is more likely to Great things await. see a higher uptake than a more open approach such as 'why not log in with f Login with Facebook Facebook?", even if the latter sounds more conversational. Keep permissions Simple & Friendly Ask Once users have taken the first step and clicked to login socially, ensure f Request for permission that the authentication process is as simple as possible. Do not ask any permissions that you don't need, Reassure your Users Honesty Let your users know that the social login is for their benefit too, and that you f Login with Facebook won't misuse their details. It's a good idea to include the line 'we'll never post anything without your permission'. Thank You #Audiencelntelligence Join the conversation Tח *Q = Tחו P a [email protected] y alntent_HQ f Intenthq in Intent-hq

10 Brilliant Ways To Encourage Social Login

shared by IntentHQ on Dec 19
Social Registration can make life much easier — for you and for your users.


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