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10 Amazing Facts About Robots

10 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT ROBOTS FACT #1 The word 'robot' comes from... the Czech 'robota', which means drudgery. It was first used in a 1921 play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots). FACT #2 The first 'robot homicide' occurred... in 1981 in a Japanese factory. A robotic arm accidentally crushed a worker... or so they say. * FACT #3 The first humanoid robot was... debuted in 1939. Elektro, built by Westinghouse, was seven feet tall and could 'speak' 700 words. FACT #4 Robots will emerge on their own... (as their own species) by 2040 according to Hans Moravec, founder of Carnegie Mellon's Roboticslnstitute. FACT #5 Taliban fighters disable robots... used by the U.S. military by flipping ladders onto them. Thus defeating something high- tech with something low-tech. FACT #6 The number in use is... more than a million. And over half of these robots are based in Japan, the epicentre of technology. FACT #7 The world's first cyborg is... professor Kevin Warwick, who uses a chips in his arm to remotely operate doors, an artificial hand, and an electronic wheelchair. FACT #8 The first time robots were mentioned. was when Leanardo da Vinci referenced and sketched 'mechanical knights' in 1945. NASA has since created his robot. FACT #9 The first working robot. made cars as part of the production line at car giant, Ford, back in 1961.. FACT #10 The smallest robot is.. called a nanobot. It measures 10 nanometres in size or less than one thousandth of a millimetre. gotronic Source: about-robots/ resources/fact-file-robots

10 Amazing Facts About Robots

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10 things you might not have known about the robotics industry.



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