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Star Wars: The Data Wars

STAR WARS THE DATA WARS PC-WHOLESALE.COM A HISTORY OF DATA STORAGE TECHNOLOGY FROM A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY... Year Introduced and First Appeared In С-ЗРО This humanoid protocol droid was created with the purpose of serving and performing tasks and chores. Within C-3PO's memory banks lies an enormous amount of data including fluency in over six million languages and forms of communication as well as GEORGE LUCAS STAR WARS 1976 over thirty secondary functions including programming and other complex assignments. Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope (Novel) DARTH VADER'S ARMOR Darth Vader's armor served not only to strike fear in the ranks of his enemies and allies alike but also as a pressurized advanced life support system after he sustained serious burns and other injuries during his duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi. The helmet included a respiratory system and enhanced his sense of smell, hearing and vision while the armor's chest plate computer monitored, recorded and logged his cardiac, respiratory and neural vitals. Dataports on this chest unit allowed the stored 1977 diagnostic data to be collected if needed. STAR MARS Star Wars DATATAPE A datatape, also know as a datacard, is used to store and transfer data such as files and holographic messages. During the Galactic Civil War, Princess Leia Organa hid a datatape in R2-D2 which contained the plans to the first Death Star that were stolen from Imperial Forces. Episode IV A New Hope (Film) THE STAR WARS SAGA CONTINUES 1980 EMPIRE PROBE DROID These droids were often sent out to perform reconnaissance missions. Their capabilities include recording images, video and audio, processing and storing the data as well as broadcasting the Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back information back to a central base. Probe (Film) droids were used by Imperial forces to discover the secret rebel base located on the Outer Rim planet of Hoth. STAR WARS LIBRARIAN DROID Also known as an archivist droid, these droids exist for the 1985 sole purpose of data storage and processing. Their use in libraries include assisting the chief librarian in cataloging Star Wars Droids The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO (TV Series) information and records within the archives. STAR WARS DATAPAD A basic hand-held interface computer capable of storing data as well as performing basic computing tasks such as calculations, word processing, and downloading data from larger and more advanced databases and computers. HEIR TO THE EMMIE Heir to the Empire (Novel) 1991 HOLOCRON A holographic chronicle, or holocron, is a crystal device used to store large amounts of data and information. STAR WARS DARK EMPIRE What differentiates this device from other data storage devices is that it is primarily used to teach the user various Jedi and Force techniques and can only be opened by someone who is Force-sensitive. A holographic projection of the Jedi who created the holocron will appear and interact with the user. Dark Empire (Comic) STAR WARS TALES FROM THE MOS IBLEY CANTINA CREDIT CHIP A popular and secure form of payment available in many star systems, the credit chip is capable of transferring and receiving currency which is stored on the chip itself as well as being transmitted to a central bank. As an additional means Tales from of security, the chip is programmed to self destruct if it detects tampering or any attempt to modify it. the Mos Eisley tina (Short Stories) 1995 STAR WARS TRYNER FLIGHT RECORDER An integrated computer system which logs and stores events and incidents that take place on a starship. This data includes on-board surveillance tapes, interior and exterior damage reports and any outgoing and incoming communications during the craft's journey. The Darkstryder Campaign (Novel) DATA GOGGLES These devices were created by the Neimoidians for transmitting and receiving data. Although data goggles are incapable of storing data they can receive real time holographic messages and have the ability to access and activate a spacecraft's central computer using only the user's mind. O°O 1999 EPISODE I THE PHANTOH HINACE Star Wars Episode I The Phantom O Menace (Film) 2001 THE NEW ORK TIMS LLE CORUSCANT SECURITY FORCE DATABASE STAR WARS DARTH MAUL This database is a vast data storage system with information gathered on planetary and galactic criminal activity and investigations as well as other statistical and procedural data. The database is accessible on any starship computer or datapad with the proper security or Jedi credentials on the galactic capital planet of Coruscat. Darth Maul Shadow Hunter (Novel) STAR WARS JEDI ARCHIVES DEDI APPRENTICE This digital library of knowledge and history spanning thousands of years is made up of a vast collection of datacards and other data storage devices. Open only to Jedi, the archives were designed to Jedi Apprentice The Only prevent outsiders and hackers from accessing the information within its walls. Witness (Novel) (2002 STAR WARS JENI STARFIGATER DATA POD A small data storage device used on spacecraft with the purpose of storing critical, secret or otherwise important information. In the event of an attack, the data pod can be launched into space to hide its secrets from enemies. Star Wars Jedi Starfighter (Video Game) STAR MAP STARWARS KNIGHTS ULD REPIRIIC These ancient computer systems contained a holographic map including every star system in the galaxy. Originally built as monuments to attest the greatness and scale of the Rakatan Infinite Empire, they were also useful for navigation 2003 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (Video Game) purposes. STARWARS SONIC IMPRINT SENSOR KNIGHTS This device is used for editing, playing back and storing recorded audio; particularly voices. The voices stored on the device can be particularly useful when used to bypass voice-locked or voice-activated computers and entryways. The sonic imprint sensor is also capable of organizing words collected from a single voice into phrases and sentences that can be used to confuse and manipulate. 2004 THE SITH LORDS Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (Video Game) HOLO-DIRECTORY A holo-directory is a database of information, such as text or images, which is viewable through a three-dimensional -ΤAR WARS LAST JEDI O2008 holographic interface. This interface is useful to visualize the information and can be as small as a MASTER OF DECEPTION The Last datapad or as large as an entire room. of the Jedi Master HOLODIARY of Deception (Novel) A holodiary is much like a datapad in that it is used for inputting and storing data, however it does not have the ability to perform computations. Another unique attribute of the holodiary is that the data stored within can be displayed in the form of a hologram. 2010 CLONE WARS OWHOLESALE Star Wars The Clone Wars (TV Series) Sources: .

Star Wars: The Data Wars

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A history of data storage technology from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.... Even back in the 1970's the creators of Star Wars envisioned a world full of impressive technology. (For th...


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