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The World's Ugliest F1 Cars

THE 10 UGLIEST F1 Cars of All Time MAKI F1011974 anex E25 Janex FIresT TOPIOraRI 25. Treitan MAKI F101 • 1974 15 Races • 2 DNQ •0 Points The original design for the eventual race car was 150kg over weight and never allowed to race. Maki left F1 after 3 years with zero points won in the 45 races they entered. Howden Ganley (Australia), injured when trying to qualify for German GP. Did not race for Maki again. Car never qualified for any race with any of its drivers. Cosworth DFV V8 Engine. Japanese Company EIFELLAND TYP52 ROLF STOMNUN COODS GOOD -16- EIFELLAND TYPE 21 • 1972 8 Races • 0 Points Problems with overheating, downforce, reliability, a temperamental team owner, and a very ugly car with an unusually conspicuous wing mirror, spelt short-lived disaster for this team. Team owner, Guenther Hennerici, made his fortune in the caravan business. Rolf Stommelen (Germany) E, Qualified for 8 races with a best finish of 10th at Monaco. Cosworth V8 Engine. German Team ENSIGN N179 • 19 E VEAR GOOD ENSIGN CAnfrun ENSIGN N179 • 1979 11 Races • 7 DNQ • O Points A bizarre design that appears to have a step ladder strategically placed on the front of the car. The team's best result with this car was a 13th place finish. Patrick Gaillard (France), Marc Surer (Switzerland). Car only used for 4 races and didn't qualify for any of them. Ford V8 Engine. UK Team FERRARI F2012 20 MA Santander KAJPERJKVI xer alav yab FERRARI F2012• 2012 40 Races • 400 Points Perhaps the most successful ugly car ever. Rule changes meant all 2012 cars were pretty ugly but the Ferrari took the biscuit. Alonso worked wonders with a poor machine to achieve 3 wins and the team took second place in the constructor's championship. Fernando Alonso (Spain), Felipe Massa (Brazil). Car suffered 3 retirements out of 40 drives. 3 First place finishes. Ferrari Type 056 V8 Engine. Italian Team ARROWS A22 200 YATECH SATA chello ROYS AS PreA orange EL AIT, IYATE IUYS ARROWS A22 • 2001 34 Races • Retired 15 times • 1 Point A strange car whose most lasting impression from the 2001 season was the weirdly shaped, elevated front wing they used at practice in Monaco. The FIA banned it immediately. Jos Verstappen (Holland), Enrique Bernoldi (Brazil). Retired 15 times in 34 outings. Best finish 6th at Austrian GP. Asiatech V10 Engine. UK Team BRABHAM BT46B parma nalat Parmaial YEAR GOOD. BRABHAM BT46B • 1978 1 Race • 1 Victory This car was designed to counter the dominance of Lotus at the time. Known as the "Fan Car" its odd looking design was certainly effective. Too much so, with team owner Bernie Ecclestone forced to withdraw it after only one race in the face of opposition from other team bosses. Niki Lauda (Austria), John Watson (UK). Won the only race it ran before being banned. Fiat 12 Alfa-Romeo Engine. UK Team WILLIAMS FW26• Allanz D MOtin CQ WILLIAMS FW26• 2004 36 Races • 1Win One of the most powerful F1 cars of all time, it was also mocked for its "Walrus" nose. The walrus look was removed after 12 races after complaints from the drivers. Recently voted ugliest F1 car ever. Juan Pablo Montoya (Columbia), Ralf Schumacher (Germany), Marc Gene (France), Antonio Pizzonia (Brazil). 7 retirements and 3 disqualifications in the 36 times the cars ran. BMW 3.0 V10 Engline. UK Team MARCH (711) • 197O STD 17 MARCH (711) • 1971 22 Races • 33 Points Famous for its tea-tray front wing. The March 711 still performed considerably well, finishing fourth in the constructors' championship. Ronnie Peterson (Sweden), Alex Soler-Roig (Spain), Nani Galli (Italy). Retired 12 times andf finished 2nd 3 times. Alfa Romeo 3.0 V8 Engine. UK Team TYRRELL P34 • 197 YEAR GOOD elf GOOD VEAR GOOD. VEAR elf TYRRELL P34 • 1976/77 30 Races • 1 Win • 98 Points A 6-wheel F1 car pretty much says it all. This freak's proudest moment was a 1-2 finish in the Swedish Grand Prix. Six wheel cars were banned in 1983. Ronnie Peterson (Sweden), Patrick Depailler (France), Jody Scheckter (South Africa). Retired 27 times out of the 60 races it ran. Won the Swedish GP. Ford Cosworth DFV V8 Engine. UK Team LIGIER 1976 26 GITANE GOOD LIGIER JS5 • 1976 16 Races • 20 Points The Ligier team placed a lot of emphasis on engine cooling and grip. They managed this pretty well, but to the the great detriment to aesthetics. A hideous looking car that resembled an alien. Jacques Laffite (France). Retired in 7 of its 16 races. Finished 2nd at Austrian GP. Matra V12 Engine. French Team SOURCES DESIGN 911UK PORSCHE SPECIALIST YEAR GE

The World's Ugliest F1 Cars

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F1 is a beautiful sport, but these cars are the antithesis of beauty. Engineering marvels, but aesthetic horrors. Do you remember them all? Remember to share this infographic and fuel the conversation.






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