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Winter X Games - By The Numbers

WINTER GAMĖS WINTER X GAMES ASPEN, CO|BY THE NUMBERS Winter X Games 2012 was one for the books. Records were smashed and numbers that were never thought to be possible were reached. But that was then, and 2013 is now. If history tells us anything, it's that things will only get bigger and better. In this infographic Krush brings you X Games statistics that will blow your mind, facts that no one has heard of, and future predictions of what we'll see at the 2013 Winter X Games and beyond. Get stoked cause it's gonna be epic! ATTENDANCE 2013 Prediction Attendance will surpass the 120,000 mark. 120K WINTER X GAMES 15 highest attendance ever 114,200 100K 80K 60K 40K 20K YEAR '97 66. '00 '01 '05 90. '07 '08 '09 '10 '11 '12 '13 86. 20. €0. CO WHO'S WATCHING? AVERAGE NUMBER OF HOMES IN THE U.S. THAT WATCHED THE WINTER X GAMES ON TELEVISION With all the technological advances we see everyday, we can only guess what these numbers will look like in 2013. 2013 Prediction 2013 2012 2003 2002 412.673 903,000 1,000,000+ 310,810 HOUSEHOLDS HOUSEHOLDS HOUSEHOLDS HOUSEHOLDS GLOBAL EXPOSURE (TELEVISION) 2012 -2013 2013 Prediction The X Games were broadcast in The X Games will broadcast in 232 MILLION 260 HOMES MILLION HOMES in in 192 200+ countries and territories countries and territories DIGITAL MEDIA ESPN's digital media audience for the 2012 Winter X Games content during the four days of the event delivered an average minute audience of 2,300 unique visitors, up 147 percent from 2011. INTERNET MOBILE The number of unique visitors to XGAMES.COM during the four days was up 75% from 2011 The Winter X Games 2012 app was downloaded more than 87,000 TIMES Users spent a total of 8.1 MILLION (SO% up 60% from 2011 in January on iPhone and Android platforms minutes on the site The average daily unique visitors to the Winter X Games section of the ESPN mobile Web for the four days was r43 It would take a single person PERCENT from 2011 15.4 YEARS UP to log that many hours alone online 2013 Prediction Users will spend more than MILLION minutes on the site SOCIAL MEDIA FRENZY 2012 WINTER X GAMES You Tube FACEBOOK YOU TUBE The X Games Facebook page gained more than The X Games channel on YouTube received 50,000 FANS 3.4M VIEWS 8.7M AND during the four days of the event VIEWS during the four days of the event during the two weeks surrounding the event that equates to 520+ 432 new fans every hour equals OR views every minute 8.7 new fans every minute BLOWING UP TWITTER 171,373 total X Games tweets over the four days of competition #XGAMES was tweeted 69,000 times, by more than 40,000 people, and generated 118 million views during the four days of the event. 2013 Prediction SOCIAL MEDIA You Tube X GAMES FACEBOOK PAGE X GAMES CHANNEL on youtube will receive over 5 million views during the four day event TOTAL X GAMES TWEETS will surpass 5 million LIKES by the end of the event over the four days of competition will be more than 300,000 (current: 3.9 million likes) DID YOU KNOW? PAST WINTER X GAMES FUN FACTS In a survey conducted by ESPN, X Games spectators were asked, 143 "WHAT ATHLETE DID YOU COME TO SEE?" 1000 SHAUN WHITE scaffolding structures built 60% two-way radios used during the event 420 followed by 55,000 pounds BOBBY BROVWN of bubblegum snowcone syrup used to give jumps definition in the sunlight zip ties used The base of the SuperPipe is built out of dirt instead of snow to create the 5,000 The X Games produces up to $3 MILLION 22-foot walls saving an estimated HOURS 20M A amount of time that is a day in retail sales spent preparing Buttermilk Mountain for the games GALLONS of water necessary to build the Pipe FUTURE PREDICTIONS. $3M-4M+ two-way communication through cloud-based system on smartphone or tablet as riders progress, the length & height of the Pipe will continue to grow, thus increasing the amount of water saved by using more dirt as the attendance numbers grow, the amount of money spent by spectators will ultimately grow as well WHAT TO WATCH FOR AT WINTER X '13 WHO'S GONNA THROW DOWN? TUCKER HIBBERT MARK MCMORRIS KELLY CLARK Stomped the first-ever Backside Triple Cork 1440 PAST WX FEATS • First female to land a 1080 in comp • First female to repeat gold in the Snowboard SuperPipe comp MOST DECORATED SNOWCROSS RACER IN X GAMES HISTORY WATCH FOR. WATCH FOR. • First to land the Triple Cork in a Slopestyle comp run • First-ever six-peat gold at an X Games winter event WATCH FOR. • Three-peat gold in SuperPipe • First female to throw a double SHAUN WHITE ELENA HIGHT First woman to land a Double HALLDÓR HELGASON Backside Alley-oop Rodeo in a halfpipe (not in comp) PAST WX FEATS • First double mctwist in comp • First to five-peat gold in SuperPipe • First perfect score in WinterX Games history in SuperPipe comp .watch for it WATCH FOR. His infamous "Lobster" flip, which is a double backside rodeo flip with a super tweaked, laid out japan grab in the middle COMEBACK KID! • Been out of halfpipe WATCH FOR. • Double alley-oop backside rodeo • Six-peat gold in SuperPipe • Competing in Slopestyle, preparing for Sochi '14 comps since 2009 WATCH FOR. (has yet to land it during a competition) TANNER HALL • His return as he prepares for Sochi SOURCES: 0_03.ppt+&cd=8&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us boards-and-skis-a-recap-of-tweets-about-winter-x-games-2012/ KRUSH.COM K The Resort Association Chris Castaneda, Director of Operations for Snow Park Technologies (SPT) Projects ATTENDANCE BUTTE, CO CRESTED BUTTE MOUNT SNOW, A MONS INNOW ASPEN. ASPEN, C ASPEN, C ASPEN ASPEN, C ASPEN, CO ASPEN, CO 0000 ASPEN,

Winter X Games - By The Numbers

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The Winter X Games 2013 marks the 17th year of this snowy action sports festival of greatness. Each year the competition gets more intense and the tricks get even bigger. Ever wonder how big the Winte...



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