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Why is Swimming Important?

WHY SWIM? POOL RULES No Diving 2. No Splashing 3. No Running 4. Have fun! You dont need any special equipment to swim, just your body and a swim suit. It's a fun healthy way to spend time with your family. E LOCKER ROOM SWIMMING BURNS CALORIES In just 10 minutes, the average swimmer burns between 80-130 calories depending on the type of stroke used. BUTTERFLY STROKE 129 BREASTSTROKE 117 SIDESTROKE 94 BACKSTROKE 83 PROMOTES HAPPINESS AND RELIEVES STRESS After 20 minutes of swimming, the brain releases endorphines, which are responsible for the "feel good" effect experienced after spending time in the water. REDUCES RISK Less Injuries just 30 minutes a day lowers... In a study on triathlete injuries, 50% were due to bicycling, 43% due to running and only 7% due to swimming! High Cholesterol Out of every 10 injuries By lowering your LDL (bad) cholesterol by 10%. 5 = o o Diabetes The risk of Type 2 Diabetes is reduced by 30% in Only 1 = K women. Heart Disease swimming makes you The risk of Heart Disease is also reduced by 30% in STRONG It's easier on the joints. women. Water is 12x more dense than air, increasing muscle strength, bone density, and range of motion. WHO BENEFITS? 1 Children 4 Pregnant Women Swimming stimulates the body and mind, increasing brain development, while strengthening muscles. Swimming counteracts back strain, while helping to strengthen the heart and muscles, while increasing oxygen flow to the baby. 2 Asthmatics 5 Senior Citizens Swimming, expands lung volume, making it an ideal exercise for people with asthma. Swimming stretches & strengthens muscles, aids in the prevention of heart disease & diabetes and helps promote longevity. 3 Patients 6 Singers Swimming is the preferred method of rehabilitation for patients due to the gentleness of the exercise. Believe it or not, swimming helps expand and maintain lung capacity. LA LA LA... SOURCES: INFOGRAPHIC CREATED BY: volum8 the Learn more about savethelastlap by visiting )) YMCA

Why is Swimming Important?

shared by volum8 on Jun 12
#Savethelastlap is a campaign to help raise funds of our local YMCA in an effort to save the pool. For the past 60 years, the pool has been a pillar of our community. These are some interesting fac...






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