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Which are the Greatest Sports Fans in America?

WE'RE #1 THE BEST CITIES IN AMERICAN PRO SPORTS 2011 TOP 10 U.S. BEST CITIES for sports fans 1. DALLAS-FORT WORTH 2. BOSTON 8. 3. PHILADELPHIA 4. CHICAGO/EVANSTON 5. NEW YORK 6. PITTSBURGH 7. ATLANTA 8. LOS ANGELES 9. MIAMI 10. TAMPA/ST. PETERSBURG 1. New York 99 6. Philadelphia 7. San Francisco 2010 TOP 10 U.S. CITIES 2. Boston 3. Los Angeles 8. Detroit FOR SPORTS FANS 4. Chicago 9. Dallas 5. Pittsburgh 10. Miami 2010 AMERICA'S BEST SPORTS FANS DO THE REDWINGS HAVE THE BEST FANS? The Detroit Red Wings have made the "Winning is not playoffs the last 19 seasons a sometime in a row (from 2010), the thing, it is an all-the-time longest such streak in the thing." "Big Four" professional sports leagues. -Vince Lombardi For cities that produce winning franchises, pro teams often become part of the collective psyche. Best Sports City 2002 & 2004 BOSTON Massachusetts New England Patriots won 3 Super Bowl championships. Celtics won their 17th NBA title in 2011. Red Sox have won 2 of the past 8 world series titles. The Dallas Cowboys, Nicknamed "America's Team" in 1979 by NFL Films DALLAS producer Bob Ryan, the team has garnered 5 NFL titles, and holds the NFL record for most consecutive sellout games - home and away – Техas 160 straight from 1990 to Christmas 1999. 13 US CITIES HAVE ALL 4 MAJOR SPORTS TEAMS NHL NBA Atlanta Braves Thrashers Falcons Hawks Boston Red Sox Bruins Patriots Celtics Chicago Cubs Detroit Tigers Blackhawks Bears Bulls Red Wings Lions Pistons Dallas-Fort Worth Rangers Stars Cowboys Mavericks Miami Marlins Panthers Dolphins Heat Minneapolis-St. Paul Twins Wild Vikings Timberwolves Washington DC Nationals Capitals Redskins Wizards San Francisco (Bay Area) Giants Sharks 49ers Warriors Major League Baseball (MLB) National Hockey League (NHL) National FootbalI League (NFL) National Basketball Association (NBA) Philadelphia Phillies Flyers Eagles 76ers New York (8 teams) Yankees & Mets Rangers, Islanders Giants, Jets Knicks, Nets Phoenix Diamondbacks Coyotes Cardinals Suns Denver Rockies Avalanche Broncos Nuggets OHIO: A STATE WITH ALL FOUR PROFESSIONAL TEAMS BUT NOT IN ONE METROPOLITAN AREA Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Cavaliers B> BENEALS llans REDS ALERS 55 - NEW YORK TOP 10 CITIES WITH THE 33 - BOSTON 27 - CHICAGO 13 33 27 O MOST SPORTS CHAMPIONSHIPS 55 22 - DETROIT/LOS ANGELES 17- PHILADELPHIA 14- PITTSBURGH 13 - OAKLAND/SAN FRANCISCO/GREEN BAY 13 - ST. LOUIS 10 LARGEST CITIES IN NORTH AMERICA without a major pro sports franchise 1. AUSTIN, TX 2. EL PASO, TX 3. LOUISVILLE, KY 6. TUCSON, AZ 7. HAMILTON, ONTARIO 8. FRESNO, CA 9. QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC 4. LAS VEGAS, NV 5. ALBUQUERQUE, NM 10. VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA TOP 10 RIVALS SOME OF THE OLDEST RIVALS Mets THE NFL'S LONGEST RUNNING RIVALRY. Vs These teams go to war every time they meet. The Bears could lose 14 New York Yankees New York Mets Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears games a season as long as those two wins came Vs VS against the Packers. New England Patriots Indianapolis Colts Washington Redskins That sentiment goes both ways. Pittsburg Eagles ny VS THE LONGEST MOST STORIED AND BLODDIEST RIVALRY EVER VS Washington Redskins New York Giants Detroit Red Wings Colorado Avalanche UBS VS Vs VS These teams duked it out for best New York team Pittsburgh Steelers Cleveland Browns Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox Baltimore Ravens from the 1880's - 1950's and continued waging war RAIDERS Vs in their new California VS homes. Radical Giant and Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins Oakland Raiders San Francisco 49ers Dodger fans routinely beat, GIANTS stab, shoot and yes, kill Dodgers, VS os AvGELES each other in squabbles. LAKERS VS LA Dodgers San Francisco Giants Boston Celtics LA Lakers Lister:_The_13_Best_Rivalries_in_Pro_Sports 5 RIVALRIES VS New York Yankees Boston Red Sox have stood the test of time ACCORDING TO THE WORLD OF WADLEY zos ANGELES LAKERS Vs VS VS New York Yankees Boston Red Sox Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears Boston Celtics LA Lakers What do four of these have in common? They are divisional games between teams close in proximity. The exception is the Lakers-Celtics. They have a very unique Dodgers, TDodgers GIANTS rivalry in the sense that they both have been so good for VS UBS so long. Dating back to the 50s, they have played each Condinaa VS other several times for the NBA title and because of that it San Francisco Giants is a legitimate rivalry. Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox NO MATTER WHAT TEAM YOU SUPPORT, WE'RE WITH YOU. ticketliquidator has you covered with a huge selection of tickets, Show your sports pride and attend a live sporting event today.

Which are the Greatest Sports Fans in America?

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Who are the best sports fans in America? It's a good question. Wherever you live, you probably think that your city is the most passionate, has the loudest crowds, and deserve the title of America's g...


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