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Wheat Thins Celebrates Covert NCAA Basketball Fans

WHEAT THINS CELEBRATES COVERT NCAA BASKETBALL FANS! Each year, millions of Americans go crazy during NCAA March Madness. The trouble is most of them also have jobs! This year, Wheat Thins, the official cracker of the NCAA, and the snack known for its deliciously complex taste and intensely satisfying crunch, is coming to the rescue and celebrating NCAA Basketball fans across thẻ country with tips for covertly viewing the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship games at work. We know your boss is watching, so we've got your back. Here are the top ten tips to keep NCAA March Madness going and do what you do...even at your desk. SUBTLETY LIS KEY #1 Subtlety is key. Walking into the office wearing a team jersey over a dress shirt is a surefire way to arouse suspicion on game day. Instead, work your favorite team's colors into your outfit. Seriously, which shade of blue button-down you wear has never meant so much. 2DON'T GET CAUGHT Don't risk getting caught watching the game at your desk. Book a conference room! Surely you and your colleagues-in-the-know have plenty of important matters to discuss. Like potential sales channels. And - as tipoff approaches - which of the 4 TV channels has the game you most want to watch. U.S. workers could spend more than 8 million hours watching games from the office. TIMEOUT: BLOCK YOUR S 3! CALENDAR If all meeting rooms are booked, block some time in your calendar for that super critical conference call and throw on your multimedia headset. You'll be taking this call from your desk (but actually watching the live stream of the game on March Madness Live - MML). QUICK THINKING lIS CRUCIAL MARCH MADNESS Quick thinking is as crucial in the office as it is on the court, so use the MML "Boss Button" to stay just one click avway from the boss thinking you are keeping that project on deadline. TMEUE 3.4 million hours of March Madness Live was streamed on the first day of the 2011 tournament alone. KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN Eating ribs at your desk is a dead giveaway. There's no WAY you're really working on that spreadsheet with sauce all over your fingers! Instead, satisfy your Wheat Thins craving with Wheat Thins' Smoky BBQ flavor. You'll get all MMMM. the kick and none of the mess. Smoky! 2012 March Madness OHIDE THE EVIDENCE CONFIDENTIAL There are more than 100 quintillion ways to fill out a bracket, so go crazy online. But if you insist on kicking it old skool, keep your paper version tucked in a file folder. When your coworkers glimpse at you and see you spending so much time in your work, it will only inspire them...and increase office efficiency! TIMEOUT: The 2011 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball tournament averaged 10.2 million viewers per game. TWO WORDS: STRESS BALL To stay calm during those unavoidable nail-biting moments, keep a stress ball in your hands at all times. And when your # 3 seed gets eliminated in the third round by a buzzer beater, squeeze! TAKE YOUR BOSS TO LUNCH Management's on to you? One-fifth of Americans plan to visit a restaurant or bar, or order takeout or delivery from one, to watch the NCAA Tournament. Take your boss out to lunch- maybe to the local sports bar where the game just happens to be playing on a dozen mounted HDTV screens? - and let human nature take over. ADON'T FORGET TO CHYDRATE Keep yourself hydrated. Fill up at the water cooler between games. But don't give yourself away - make sure your water cooler conversations are all about reality TV, not NCAA Basketball. 10 LO SPEAK IN CODE Did you see that forward? DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! No doubt you'll get frustrated watching one of your teams brick open jumpers. No doubt you'll get so frustrated that you'll yell at your monitor. So come up with office-related code names to exchange with your colleagues. "I can't open this freaking attachment!" now takes on a whole new meaning STAY IN THE GAME Share your own tournament tips and stories at @wheatthins or on To find out more about the variety of Wheat Thins sizes and flavors, visit NCAA, March Madness and NCAA Basketball are licensed by or trademarks of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. | NCAA/Resources/Latest+News/2011/April/Mens+tournament+draws+highest+viewership-in+six+years | http//! | hitp:// madness-takes-over-in-many-offices-1692269.php | | National Restaurant Association,, 3/15/11 Wheat Thins

Wheat Thins Celebrates Covert NCAA Basketball Fans

shared by rmmojado on Mar 25
Every year, people go “mad” over NCAA basketball. Unfortunately, sometimes work gets in the way of watching the games. This infographic is to show you how to secretly keep up on all of the games ...



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