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What Happens to Your Body During a Marathon?

→ FINISH 42KM HITTING THE WALL (32KM) 30KM < You've burnt through entire glucose your supply so your body begins to rely on fat for fuel. As fat provides less energy, you may PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS THE END You've burnt the energy (30KM) As you deplete your glucose supply you might experience confusion and disorientation slow down or hit the equivalent of 10 Big 'runner's wall Macs and sweated 2-5 kg of water whilst running 50,000 steps. ENERGY SPENT (21KM) You've used enough energy to charge an INSOMNIA (O-24HRS) HALF WAY 21KM High levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the blood can make it difficult to sleep after your marathon iPhone for 6 months and lost up to 3 litres 24HRS of sweat AFTER ENDOCANNABINOIDS RELEASED (10-15 КM) A natural version of THC is pumped into the brain. This gives a sense of calmness and wellbeing, but also temporarily impairs working memory and time estimation GROWING TALLER (24 HRS AFTER) You'll regain the 1-1.5cm of height you lost during your run 10KM< RUNNERS HIGH (2-10KM) As endorphins release you'll notice a euphoric feeling and pain relief MUSCLE SORENESS PEAKS (72 HRS) Microtears and inflammation in the SHRINKING (5-10 KM) muscles cause pain which peaks around 72 hrs after the race Water leaks from invertebrate disks; you shrink in height by THE BURN (O-1KM) 1-1.5cm Your cells break down glycogen to provide the muscles with COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEM (1+ MONTH AFTER) glucose (fuel). Lactic acid releases, 5KM « alerting the brain you're under physical stress High levels of stress on the body leaves you susceptible to colds and infections for several months 72+ afterwards HRS AFTER START « StubFindr

What Happens to Your Body During a Marathon?

shared by stubfindr on Jan 25
Ever wondered what happens to your body during a marathon? An infographic & article showing a timeline of the crazy effects a marathon has on your body. From the start line to finish line and 72 hours...


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