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What About During the Cup?

WHAT ABOUT during the Cup? The Portuguese expression "Imagina na Copa" (which roughly translates to "What about during the Cup?") has been heard more and more over recent months, reflecting a feeling of pessimism towards the World Cup mega-event that is being staged in Brazil this year. We wanted to find out where this pessimism is coming from and what companies can change in terms their approach to customer services by the time the event starts, so they can avoid #imaginanacopa. WHAT'S THE WORLD CUP IN BRAZIL GOING TO BE LIKE? Good Great Bad Terrible 60% 21% 16% 3% WHAT'S THE MAIN REASON FOR THE PESSIMISM? A lack of infrastructure Customer services Service suppliers Quality of products 72% 8% 5% 1% WHICH SECTOR IS GOING TO PRESENT THE MOST PROBLEMS DURING THE CUP? 28% Security 28% 14% Air transport Ground transport 20% Alrports 1% 6% Healthcare 1% Financial services 1% Hotels Commerce WHAT SHOULD COMPANIES BE DOING TO AVOID MESSING UP? Invest in înfrastructure Improve customer services 63% 14% 5% Organize promotions with lower prices Invest in new customer services technology 7%. 6% 5% Invest in research to better LInderstand the consumer Invest in communication with the consumer ARE YOU FOLLOWING THE #IMAGINANACOPA HASHTAG? 12% YES www ww www ww www TO CRITICIZE PRODUCTS ON SOCIAL NETWORKS 24% AND HAVE ANY COMPANIES CONTACTED 2% NO YOU TO LISTEN TO YOUR COMPLAINT? YES ABOUT SOCIAL NETWORKS AND THE INTERNET: 96% BELIEVE THAT THESE CAN HELP COMPANIES IMPROVE THEIR SERVICES DURING THE CUP MAINLY ON. You Tube facebook. 80% 10% g+ 1% THOSE WHO WILL BUY WORLD CUP PRODUCTS THROUGH THE WEB: BUY D 56% 44% SCORING GOALS Your website as a relationship channel According to the survey, a lack of structure and customer services are Brazilians' biggest concerns in relation to the World One quick and easy of improving the Cup. structure of your company and customer services is to turn your website into registrations for intelligent ones that identify someone when they are your customer. Create automatic replies that make customer's lives easier. Invest in online self-service and you've scored a goal! Way relationship tool. Change old A social network is a guaranteed goal According to 80% of those interviewed on the internet, it is the social networks, and mainly Facebook, that are the ideal channels for improving services during the World Cup period. It should be remembered though, that not every hiect subject should be discussed in public. An integrated strategy between your channels should therefore Integrate your website and Facebook. Promote digital channels and relevant content. A client who feels that a company is behind him rarely starts a negative public discussion. On the contrary, he will possibly help another consumer find the right channel - as long as this channel exists and is clear. be developed. Know your fans When was the last time you carried out an opinion poll to discover your consumers' preferences and tastes? With the digital tools available today, it's easy and accessible to create online polls and monitor your customers' opinions in real time. According to our research, if they don't already support your company, they soon will. Use new technology to your advantage Don't try to come from behind in the 90th minute. With all the new technology that is available in clouds and that is being marketed in small, monthly packages, it can cost as little as R$300 to make a large part of the ideas suggested here a reality. This is a good time to take advantage of the pessimistic feeling that's going around by surprising your clients and going one up against your competition. These days, the only ones who take a shot on goal then run back to defend, are those who want to. ECRM This online study was carried out bt jan/feb 2014 using brazilian No. 1 social CRM software, eCRM123. Pq seu negócio é social. Find out more at N.B. The World Cup and its trademark at the property of FIFA. This study is non-profit making and is purely informative and cultural. It was conducted using public information available on the internet and cultural research.

What About During the Cup?

shared by jjarbas on Apr 07
Infographic about the feeling of pessimism towards the World Cup mega-event that is being staged in Brazil this year.




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