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Varsity Jackets: Sports Vs Fashion

AASI VARSITY JACKETS SPORTS VS FASHION This infographic was made by please visit to design, and buy your on custom varsity jacket today! The varsity jacket is considered the ultimate status symbol for high school and college athletes. Today the same preppy jacket, once coveted by jocks, has become one of the biggest trends in the fashion world. Education in America has always placed sport in a key position. A fit body makes for a fit mind. Just as importantly, sports instil a kind of patriotic spirit focused on your school or university. H. 1865, the birth of the "Letterman jacket" - it actually started as a flannel jersey worn by the Harvard University baseball players. The jersey simply had a "H" on it. Wearing this was considered a honourable bond to the university and showcased ultimate pride! Letterman jackets are almost never given before a student earned it. The jackets are awarded in a student's junior or senior year, representing junior varsity and then eventually progressing to varsity status through their high school duration. In recent years, most schools have expanded the concept of letterman to outside of sports, providing jackets for performances in performing arts, academics, or other school activities, for example the chess club. 1991 Wearing sport's jerseys and baseball caps are at the height of fashion especially on the young and fresh music scene. Many artists and entertainers were seen wearing varsity jackets or type of clothing which has roots from the varsity culture. Artists Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff can be seen wearing throwback sport jerseys in the hit music video "summertime." Varsity jackets have made such an impact that now they are seen as more than just a piece of clothing or sports item. The jackets are part of all type of looks for all seasons and showcased on cat walks every year. Brands such as Zara, BBC, Bape, Nike, Adidas and so many more have their own versions of varsity jackets every year. δΈ» FWD With the rise of luxury streetwear in recent years, the varsity jacket has entered a fuzzy grey zone between street fashion and high end fashion. This jacket became popular thanks to Michael Jackson who rocked the famous thriller jacket in the 1980's. So many celebrities have been seen wearing Letterman jacket with all type of looks from casual to formal from hip to outrages! These stars include Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Drake, Kid Cudi, Wale, Justin Beiber, Fabolous and so many more!. Every celeb wears it in different styles and at times their own custom designs! 2009 The varsity jacket is trending once again as a major fashion item on the catwalk and popular culture with pop stars like Lana Del Rey and Katy Perry showcasing their own personalised jackets. Pop superstar Drake also played a huge part in bring the jacket back as he wore it in many of his music videos showcasing his popular OVO jackets. PERRY: Varsity Jacket Style In conclusion, varsity jacket were born out of the American school system but it's graduated with full fashion honours and has gone on to cement its place within the wardrobes of style-conscious people worldwide! Visit for more info.

Varsity Jackets: Sports Vs Fashion

shared by Eavesy on Oct 26
Here an infographic from the people at Varsity City in the UK that is packed with fascinating information about the varsity jacket in the World of sports vs the World of fashion.


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