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Understanding the Importance of Player Safety

UNDERSTANDING THE IMPORTANCE OF PLAYER SAFETY SPORTS-RELATED INJURIES IN HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ATHLETICS 2.6 MILLION CHILDREN UNDER 19 ARE TREATED ANNUALLY FOR SPORTS AND RECREATION-RELATED INJURIES 1 OUT OF EVERY 100,000 HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES AND 3 OUT OF EVERY TTT 100,000 COLLEGE ATHLETES SUFFER A SERIOUS OR FATAL INJURY ANNUALLY 15-17 YEAR OLDS EXPERIENCE THE HIGHEST EMERGENCY ROOM VISITS FOR SPORTS INJURIES 62% HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES SUFFER 2 MILLION INJURIES 500,000 30,000 OF ORGANIZED SPORTS-RELATED INJURIES OCCUR DURING PRACTICES DOCTOR VISITS HOSPITALIZATIONS E ACH YEAR HISTORY OF INJURY IS OFTEN A RISK FACTOR FOR FUTURE INJURY, MAKING PREVENTION CRITICAL MOST DANGEROUS SPORTS MOST INJURIES (OF ALL HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS, ANNUALLY) HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL 44% GIRLS SOCCER 16% BOYS SOCCER 10% BOYS WRESTLING 6% GIRLS BASKETBALL 6% HIGHEST INJURY RATE (PER 1,000 STUDENTS) HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL 3.74 BOYS WRESTLING 2.48 GIRLS SOCCER 2.47 GIRLS BASKETBALL 1.88 BOYS SOCCER 1.62 CAUSES AND RAMIFICATIONS OF SPORTS INJURIES BUDGET CONSTRAINTS AND LACK OF ADEQUATE ATHLETIC FACILITIES AND STAFF Б6% OF HIGH SCHOOLS HAVE ACCESS TO ATHLETIC TRAINING SERVICES ALL BUT 13 STATES ARE SPENDING LESS PER STUDENT IN 2013-2014 THAN THEY WERE FIVE YEARS AGO INADEQUATE SCHOOL MEDICAL ACCESS RECOMMENDED NURSE TO STUDENT RATIO ONE SCHOOL NURSE PER EVERY 750 STUDENTS OF SCHOOL 48% NURSES ARE SERVING MORE THAN THAT WHAT HAPPENS IN THE CASE OF DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY LEGAL Recently a former Illinois high school quarterback filed a lawsuit against the Illinois High School Association alleging they didn't ACTIONS do enough to protect players from concussions $75M settlement was reached in a player concussion lawsuit against the NCAA that will change association guidelines and provide millions for medical monitoring and research END OF SEASON In some cases, schools choose to end their seasons instead of putting their players at risk EXAMPLE: CARO HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM - INJURIES AND CONCUSSIONS SIDELINED MULTIPLE TEAM MEMBERS - 25 MAN ROSTER WAS DWINDLED DOWN TO 11 18 JV PLAYERS WERE PROMOTED TO MEET THE REQUIRED 22 MAN ROSTER LAR -2/3 OF THE TEAM, COACHES AND ADMINISTRATION VOTED TO END THE 2014 SEASON EARLY "These kids have long lives ahead of them, and we need to keep the brains in their heads intact." - Michael Joslyn Caro school Superintendent TOP FIVE KINDS OF HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS INJURIES DIRECT INJURIES DURING: I PRACTICE I COMPETITION 43% SPRAINS AND STRAINS 41% 16% CONCUSSIONS 26% OTHER TYPES OF INJURIES 26% 14% 9% CONTUSIONS 10% R FRACTURES 9% INDIRECT INJURIES Leading causes of indirect fatalities in sports include heat stroke, cardiac arrest and complications from exertion for From 2010 to 2014, athletes who have the sickle cell there have been an blood trait estimated 20 to 22 deaths due to Heat stroke fatalities are not limited heat stroke to any one kind of sport and have occurred in football, basketball, wrestling and cross country SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN YOUNG ATHLETES I DUTOF EVERY 22,903 SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST INCIDENCE RATE FOR 'NCAA ATHLETES AGED 17-24' WITH OVER 7.7 MILLION CHILDREN PARTICIPATING IN HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS, PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF THESE INJURIES ARE KEY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PREVENTION AND TREATMENT ACCLIMATIZATION POLICIES CAN PREVENT AND REDUCE HEAT STROKE CASES Athletic directors should plan practices to include rest breaks and modify the work-to-rest ratio to match environmental conditions as well as the intensity of the activity New heat stroke guidelines suggest a specific step-by-step protocol for treatment (cold water immersion) > Shown to have a 100% survival rate when initiated quickly and correctly CHANGES IN PRACTICE ROOUTINES INCLUDING ADDITIONAL WARM UP PERIODS 45% of sports-related injuries to high school athletes occur during practice > 58% of these are after Specific types of athletic 1-2 hours of practice, suggesting that training can reduce the risk of ALC injuries overexertion may play a role by as much as 72% ADOPTION AND CREATION OF NEW SAFETY TECHNOLOGY AND SCREENING METHODS WET BULB GLOBE TEMPERATURE PRE-PARTICIPATION (WBGT) CALCULATOR CARDIOVASCULAR SCREENING Used by the U.S. military and NCAA, this calculator measures air temperature, humidity and radiant temperature and is an important tool for preventing heat stroke I HAND-COOLING GLOVES Designed to rapidly cool athletes' core temperatures HELMET GUARDIAN CAPS With increased padding are being used by many high school and college football teams 180 4 UNIVERSITY SOURCES http://www.cdc.gow/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6039a1.htm?s_cid=mm6039a1_w#tab1 http://nccsitunc.edureports/ http://www.ucderveredu/academics/colleges/Publichealthvresearch/ResearchProjects/piper/projects/RIOVPages/Study-Reports. aspx http// the aapfaapprese room/Pages/High-Schoolswith Athlesic TrainershaveMore-Diagnased Concussions FewerOveral-injuriesaspx storyhtml trainerAT-every school-should-have-one games-citing-playersafety.html?_r=3 /football-injuries lead-to-steady-stream-of-high-school-forfeitureshtml rapsinortheast-lineman-leshawn williams-loses leg-after-foatball-injury/2200891 ht p:// blicHealth/research/ResearchProjects/piper/projects/RIOVPages/Study Reports.aspx 75-milion/13309191/ htpaicahajoumakorglartentoariy2014121BCRIOIOIOIO0152 htportentoningjaogatdaaparidaid-165975a htphevestarfordaduhava2012agakoonggovesoch 2912html htpakotalamhadup htpWwwaaparglanuzkbatthospappeemomfageaAmaianAcademycf PadiaticoRecommands Taining Progamsto RadceRkohACLTaosinungAtistesap htpwwkgorjuyvipasatiladingutdst baggap2012apf htpwwerataogiesdetuitfaHeatlireExatve Summaypf htpWwwnaloghesadhhaitvramaiobainirjuylegishationap httpwwwtsogPariipariorstaico FOF013-14 Patipalon Suvey POFpcf htpwwabesteduhametphp httpwww.cdeenduhadmickcalogabidHasalhvearchResachiojetopipaprjectoROPageSudyReportsap htpwwwa.atodaycométoyspartahaa20130ICokconamicrecolegebotalriguacianap0O43 Htp/wwawahingtrpostcomhatonahaolhadratateomoveopotachighachookatistesfomarazionahastacka2014 MOOEScE647114a06 120B55coa ryhini htpWwwwawaracrgiatitics Htp/patthoomrichiganfochesthighadhooladsfootalson becaearankons

Understanding the Importance of Player Safety

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High school and college sporting events have become major attractions, garnering acres of space in both print and electronic media. Unfortunately, injuries related to these sporting events hardly rece...


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