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Understanding Fish Finders

UNDERSTANDING FISH FINDERS ACK ACK.COM SO WHAT'S A FISH FINDER? Fish finders are extremely powerful tools for anglers of the paddling variety and beyond. They have the ability to provide a picture of the fish and structure underneath the water's surface using sonar technology, giving users a distinct advantage over those without a unit: Sonar works by sending out a sound wave beneath the water that travels to the floor and back. These signals are then interpreted by the unit to create a display for the angler to read. LOAE 1. BW/SINGLE SONAR - When you're on a budget, simple black and white single sonar frequency fish finder units will still put you a step above the rest by showing you water temperature, depth and structure. 2. COLOR/COMBO SONAR - Ideal for anglers with separate GPS devices, some units offer color display screens with multiple sonar frequencies to provide a great underwater scouting report. 3. GPS/COLOR/COMBO SONAR - Premium fish finder units will use a color display screen that combines multiple sonar frequencies with GPS technology providing the anglers with the most information. HOW THEY WORK THE TRANSDUCER Every fish finder needs a transducer, the tool which sends sound waves beneath the water and provides readings to your unit to display. Paddlers will need to decide how they want to mount their transducer to their kayak, keeping in mind that where they mount will affect the display greatly. TRADITIONAL SONAR TECHNOLOGY Traditional sonar send frequencies in single or dual sonar beams through the water. At the source, the beam is narrow; however as it penetrates deeper, the beam spreads forming a cone, much like a flashlight. When the beam bounces back your fish finder calculates the distance and displays objects the beam encounters. DOWN IMAGING SONAR TECHNOLOGY Fish finders that utilize down imaging sonar send high frequency sonar beams in ultra-thin slices to produce comprehensive and detailed images of what is directly under the boat. It is the most focused and accurate type of sonar available to anglers. Unlike traditional sonar, fish will be displayed as small specks. It will display the actual structure of the fish. SIDE SONAR TECHNOLOGY Fish finders equipped with side sonar cover more area than down sonar by scanning more water. The result is that anglers are provided with a much greater area to read on their display and still in great detail, however it becomes less effective in deep water. COMMON TRANSDUCER INSTALL METHODS When installing fish finders to kayaks, the key is in proper installation of your trans- ducer. While your actual fish finder can be installed virtually anywhere on your boat your transducer placement is critical. We've recognized two basic methods that work best: Thru Hull and In Water. MEKEN 1. THROUGH SCUPPER - In Water installations involves mounting the transducer to the rear of your kayak's scupper hole and uses an extra accessory to do so. This in water install will provide the clearest and most consistent readings. 2. THRU HULL - Thru Hull, or Shoot Thru Hull, installations involve mounting your transducer to the inside of your kayak's hull. Using a layer or epoxy, the transducer will be mounted based on available flat spaces and the direction you want to point the sonar. 3. TRANSDUCER ARM MOUNT - In Water installations involves mounting the arm to the top side of your kayak. This enables the quick and effective deployment and re- trieval of your transducer from the water while protecting it from damage. ACCESSORIES YOU MAY NEED ACK Fish Finder Marine Thru Hull Transducer RAM Fish Finder RAM In water Install Kit GOOP Mount Kit Mount Transducer Arm Mount For more information regarding fish finders and accessories, visit or your local ACK dealer. All ACK locations offer installation services.

Understanding Fish Finders

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Still not sure what a fishfinder does? This infographic explains what fishfinders are, how they work, and how to install them on your kayak.




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