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The Ultimate Fan's Guide to Super Bowls

* THE ULTIMATE FAN'S GUIDE TO SUPER SUPER BOWLS PITTSBURGH STEELERS GREEN BAY PACKERS SUPER BOWL 25 XLV 31 On February 6th, 2011, the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV with a final score of 31 to 25. This is the Packers' 4th Super Bowl win, giving them a total of 13 NFL titles, more than any other team. LOCATION Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas 2011 ATTENDANCE 103,219 SUPER BOWLI First World Championship Game AFL vs NFL ATTENDANCE LOCATION Orange Bowl Miami, Florida 1967 75,546 TV VIEWERSHIP LOCATION ▼ 1968 39.12 MILLION Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles, California ATTENDANCIE V GREEN BAY PACKERS KANSAS CITY CHIEFS 61,946 GREEN BAY PACKERS OAKLAND RAIDERS 35 TV VIEWERSHIP 10 133 14 24.43 MILLION SUPER BOWLII 16 LOCATION JETS Orange Bowl Miami, Florida ATTENDANCEV NEW YORK JETS BALTIMORE COLTS 75,389 07 1969 TV VIEWERSHIP V 41.66 MILLION Joe Namath and the Jets pulled off the greatest upset in Super Bowl history, the Colts were an 18 point favorite but Namath guaranteed a win, and he got it. This is by far one of the most memorable games in Super Bowl History. SUPER BOWL IV SUPER BOWLV 1971 LOCATION Tulane Stadium ATTENDANCE New Orleans, Louisiana ATTENDANCE TV VIEWERSHIP 80,562 79,204 46 MILLION TV VIEWERSHIP | 44.3 million 1970 BALTIMORE COLTS DALLAS COWBOYS 16 13 The Cowboys racked up 133 penalty yards, the most in one Super Bowl game. LOCATION Orange Bowl Miami Florida KANSAS CITY CHIEFS MINNESOTA VIKINGS 23 07 SUPER BOWLVII SUPER BOWA VU SUPER BOWL VI LOCATION Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles, California 1973 MIAMI DOLPHINS MINNESOTA VIKINGS 24 07 DALLAS COWBOYS MIAMI DOLPHINS 24 03 ATTENDANCE TV VIEWERSHIP 71,882 51.7 MILLION LOCATION The 1972 Dolphins remain the only NFL team to complete an entire season undefeated from the opening game through the Super Bowl (or championship game). 1974 Rice Stadium Houston, Texas LOCATION Tulane Stadium New Orleans, Louisiana 1972 SUPER BOWL ATTENDANCE TV VIEWERSHIP 81,023 56.64 MILLION The Dolphins are the only team to play in a Super Bowl and not score a single touchdown. They were only able to pull off a field goal. MIAMI DOLPHINS WASHINGTON REDSKINS 14 07 16 PITTSBURGH STEELERS MINNESOTA VIKINGS 06 ATTENDANCE V TV VIEWERSHIP 56 MILLION ATTENDANCE TV VIEWERSHIP 90,182 53.32 MILLION 80,997 LOCATIONV 1975 1976 Tulane Stadium New Orleans, Louisiana SUPER BOWL 1977 SUPER BOWLX ATTENDANCE V TV VIEWERSHIP 103,438 62 MILLION 100K QAKLAND RAIDERS MINNESOTA VIKINGS PITTSBURGH STEELERS DALLAS COWBOYS 32 14 21 17 Super Bowl XI was the first to have over 100,000 people in attendance. LOCATION Rose Bowl Pasadena, California LOCATION 0range Bowl, Miami, Florida ATTENDANCE Y TV VIEWERSHIP | SUPER BOWL 80,187 57.7 million LOCATION 1979 Orange Bowl Miami, Florida 1978 ATTENDANCE TV VIEWERSHIP SUPER BOWL 79,484 74 MILLION ATTENDANCE V 76,400 Dallas Cowboys scored 31 points, which is the most points scored by a losing team in a Super Bowl. LOCATION Superdome TV VIEWERSHIP New Orleans, 78.94 MILLION Louisiana PITTSBURGH STEELERS DALLAS COWBOYS 35 31 DALLAS COWBOYS DENVER BRONCOS 27 10 SUPER BOWL PUPER BOWL XV Swer Boul XIV LOCATION V SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS CINCINNATI BENGALS Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana 1981 26 21 ATTENDANCE V TV VIEWERSHIP | 81,270 85.24 MILLION PITTSBURGH STEELERS LOS ANGELES RAMS LOCATION 31 19 27 10 OAKLAND RAIDERS PHILADELPHIA EAGLES 1982 Pontiac Silverdome Pontiac, Michigan Joe Montana has been awarded the most MVPS in Super Bowl history, this was his first and the others LOCATION 1980 Rose Bowl Pasadena, California TV VIEWERSHIP were in 1985 and 1990. ATTIENDANCE ATTENIDANCE ▼ TV VIEWERSHIP 103,985 76.2 MILLION 76,135 68.29 million SUPER SUPER BOWL IX DOWL LOCATION Tampa Stadium Tampa, Florida 1984 WASHINGTON REDSKINS MIAMI DOLPHINS SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS MIAMI DOLPHINS 27 17 38 38 16 09 LA. RAIDERS WASHINGTON REDSKINS LOCATION | Rose Bowl Pasadena, California 1983 ATTENDANCE V TV VIEWERSHIP 84,059 85.53 MILLION ATTENDANCE | 72,920 TV VIEWERSHIP LOCATION TV VIEWERSHIP | 81.77 million ATTENDANCE 77.62 MILLION 1985 Stanford Stadium Palo Alto, California 103,667 The 49ers have been to the Super Bowl 5 times and have never lost. SUPER BOWL XXI SUPER CIANTS BOWL CHICAGO BEARS NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 46 10 39 20 NEW YORK GIANTS DENVER BRONCOS WASHINGTON REDSKINS DENVER BRONCOS 42 10 LOCATION Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana 1986 ATTIENDANCE V TV VIEWERSHIP ATTENDANCE TV VIEWERSHIP 101,063 87.2 MILLION 73,302 80.14 MILLION ATTENDANCE V TV VIEWERSHIP LOCATION LOCATION 1988 73,818 92.57 MILLION 1987 Rose Bowl Pasadena, California Jack Murphy Stadium San Diego, California THE CHICAGO BEARS "SHUFFLIN CREW THE SUPER BOWL SHUFFLE SUPER BOWL XXIII 1989 The Montana "Drive" The Bears followed up the Super Bowl by recording a single called "Super Bowl Shuffle," touting the Bears' greatness and featuring raps by different players. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS CINCINNATI BENGALS The 49ers were down by three points with less than four minutes left, when Joe Montana led his tea 92 yards, scoring the winning touchdown with 34 seconds remaining. 20 16 16 ATTENDANCE TV VIEWERSHIP 75,129 81.6 MILLION LOCATION SUPER Joe Robbie Stadium Miami, Florida XXIV LOCATION | Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana BOWL ATTENDANCE TV VIEWERSHIP 72,919 73.85 MILLION LOCATION 1990 SUPER BOWL Tampa Stadium Tampa, Florida 1991 The San Francisco 49ers hold the record for the largest margin of victory with 45 points. ATTIENDANCE V TV VIEWERSHIP 73,813 79.51 MILLION SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS DENVER BRONCOS CIANTS 55 10 NEW YORK GIANTS BUFFALO BILLS 20 19 SUPER BOUL XXVII LOCATION V 1993 Rose Bowl Pasadena, California DALLAS COWBOYS BUFFALO BILLS 30 13 WASHINGTON REDSKINS BUFFALO BILLS 37 24 ATTENDANCE TV VIEWERSHIP 72,817 90 MILLION DALLAS COWBOYS BUFFALO BILLS LOCATION LOCATION Metrodome Minneapolis, Minnesota 1994 Georgia Dome Atlanta, Georgia 1992 52 17 The longest field goal in a Super Bowl was Steve Christie's 54-yarder in the first quarter. ATTENDANCE TV VIEWERSHIP 63,130 79.6 MILLION ATTENDANCE | TV VIEWIERSHIP 98,374 90.99 MILLION SUPER BOUL ХхX The Bills set a Super Bowl record of 9 turnovers, interceptions and 5 fumbles. SUPER ROWL XXXI LOCATION Joe Robbie Miami, Florida 1995 JSUPER, GREEN BAY PACKERS NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 35 21 SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS SAN DIEGO CHARGERS BOWL 49 26 LOCATION TV VIEWERSHIP | 83.4 MILLION Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana ATTENDANCE 1997 74,107 The combined scores of this DALLAS COWBOYS PITTSBURGH STEELERS ATTENDANCE TV VIEWERSHIP game, 72,301 87.87 MILLION 75 27 17 Desmond Howard of the Green Bay Packers is the only special team's player to ever win the MVP in a Super Bowl with his 99 yard kickoff return and a game total of 244 yards in kick returns. ATTENDANCIE V TV VIEWERSHIP 76,347 94.08 MILLION made it the highest scoring game in Super Bowl History. LOCATION V 1996 Sun Devil Stadium Tempe, Arizona SUPER XXXII XXXII SUPER BOWL BOW L LOCATION Pro Player Stadium Miami, Florida ATTENDANCE TV VIEWERSHIP 1999 74,803 83.7 million DENVER BRONCOS GREEN BAY PACKERS 31 24 Denver QB John Elway played in his last career game, going out on top with two consecutive Super Bowl wins and earning MVP honors for this Super Bowl. LOCATION DENVER BRONCOS ATLANTA FALCONS Qualcomm Stadium San Diego, California 34 19 1998 ATTENDANCE V TV VIEWERSHIP 68,912 90 MILLION SUPER BOWL SUPER SUPER BOWL BOW LOCATION LOCATION | V Raymond James Stadium Tampa, Florida 2002 Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana 2001 LOCATION 2000 Georgia Dome Atlanta, Georgia ny BALTIMORE RAVENS NEW YORK GIANTS NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS ST. LOUIS RAMS 34 07 20 17 ST. LOUIS RAMS TENNESSEE TITANS 23 16 ATTENDANCE V TV VIEWERSHIP 72,922 86.8 million ATTIENDANCE V TV VIEWERSHIP Patriots' Vinatieri kicked a 48-yard field goal as the clock expired to give New England a winning 20-17 victory. Adding to this upset was the fact that this was the first time the Super Bowl had ever been won in the final play of the game. TV VIEWERSHIP 71,921 84.3 million ATTENDANCE 72,625 88.5 MILLION The Titans tied the score at 16 with only 2:12 left in the game. The Rams came back with a 02 touchdown then Rams linebacker, Mike Jones, made one of the Super Bowl's greatest defensive plays by stopping the Titans wide receiver a half-yard away from the goal line and ended the touchdowns were scored by the Ravens and 1 by the Giants this game in a 36 second period. SUPER game. XXXVIII SUPER BOW BOWL LOCATION Reliant Stadium Houston, Texas 2004 DIEGO SUPER BOWL CALIFO NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS PHILADELPHIA EAGLES XXVII SUNDAY JANUARY 26 2003 24 21 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS CAROLINA PANTHERS ATTENDANCE TV VIEWERSHIP 32 29 78,125 86 million LOCATION 2005 ALLTEL Stadium Jacksonville, Florida ATTENDANCIE V TV VIEWERSHIP TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS OAKLAND RAIDERS 71,525 89.8 million 48 21 *SUPER BOWL+ The "wardrobe malfunction" during the halftime show stirred up a lot of controversy when Justin Timberlake quickly revealed Janet Jackson's breast that had a ATTENDANCE v TV VIEWERSHIP 67,603 88.6 million LOCATION | Qualcomm Stadium San Diego, California 2003 nipple shield on it. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS CHICAGO BEARS 29 17 *SUPER BOWLA 2006 LOCATION Dolphin Stadium Miami, Florida 2007 LOCATION Ford Field Detroit, Michigan ATTENDANCE| TV VIEWERSHIP | ATTENDANCE TV VIEWERSHIP 74,512 93.2 million 68,206 90.7 MILLION Pittsburgh becomes the first #6 seed to win a Super Bowl. PITTSBURGH STEELERS SEATTLE SEAHAWKS 21 10 Tony Dungy of the Colts and Lovie Smíth of the Bears made history being the first African-Americans to coach in a Super Bowl. SUPER BOWL XLII SUPER 2008 LOCATION | University of Phoenix Stadium Glendale, Arizona BOWL LOCATION TV VIEWERSHIP | ▼ 97.5 MILLION ATTENDANCE 2009 Raymond James Stadium Tampa, Florida 71,101 ATTIENDANCE V ny 70,774 TV VIEWERSHIP 98.7 million NEW YORK GIANTS NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS PITTSBURGH STEELERS ARIZONA CARDINALS 17 14 27 23 192 This is remembered as the game that ruined the Patriots perfect season, which has only happened once in NĚL history. James Harrison's interception and 100 yard run set the record for the longest run in a Super Bowl. LOCATION * SUPER BOWLA Sun Life Stadium Miami, Florida 2010 ATTENDANCE 74,059 TV VIEWERSHIP 106.5 million This was a special win for New NEW ORLEANS SAINTS INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Orleans, not only was it the first 31 17 Super Bowl win in franchise history, but it lifted the spirits of the New Orleans residents still recovering from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. SCHOOL Sources: 0661 0961 0861 0007

The Ultimate Fan's Guide to Super Bowls

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As American as apple pie, the Super Bowl has turned into an all-encompassing cultural phenomena. A de-facto national holiday called "Super Bowl Sunday", life in America becomes paused as tens of milli...


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