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UFC in Abu Dhabi 2010

48 Mixed-Martial Arts Mixed-Martial Arts 49 THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2010 GULF NEWS GULF NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2010 PERCEPTION STANDARD REGULATIONS THE TOTAL PACKAGE THE OCTAGON UFC INVINCIBLE 112 "Blood sport' a victim of wrong marketing hype To become a legitimate sport, MMA adopted the "Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts", originally made by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board. All Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events – the world's premiere MMA promotion - adhere to this. To compete in MMA a fighter must be multi-dimensional. Hence, a speedy and durable boxer must know ground fight by learning wrestling or judo. Likewise, a strong and powerful wrestler must know how to strike standing up by learning boxing or Muay Thai. The eight-sided cage is as unique as Mixed-Martial Arts itself. Though the term "Octagon" is trademarked by the UFC, it is the widely used enclosure for MMA events, instantly identifiable as a "ring" is to boxing. FIGHT CARD Weight divisions Entry/exit gate Stand-up fighting The UFC uses five weight classes Weight class In Ibs In kgs Current champion Footwork and striking – elbowing, kicking, kneeing and punching Height: 1.7 metres Brock Lesnar MMA considered safer than boxing as overall risk of critical injury is low, study says Heavyweight 206-265 93-120 Shane Carwin (interim) Light heavyweight 186-205 84-93 Lyoto Machida Middleweight 171-185 78-84 Anderson Silva BY MOHAMMED N. AL KHAN Welterweight 156-170 71-77 Georges St-Pierre Staff Reporter Lightweight 146-155 66-70 BJ Penn Chain link fence Dubai/Abu Dhabi Mixed-Mar- tial Arts (MMA) has long suffered the stereotypical perception as a brutal blood sport. Politicians like sena- tor John McCain called it 'human cockfighting,' and tried to get it banned. The fault may lie with early marketing campaigns for MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship Mark Ratner (UFC) in particular where they tried to attract main- stream viewers by hyping Vice-President of Regula- it as the bloodiest and most tory Affairs and former Ex- brutal violent sport in the ecutive Director of NSAC, world. The sport has come a long way since then; in with M 2001 the UFC reformed in the preparation for the its coated with black vinyl Ways to victory Rounds Entry/exit gate UFC • Submission • Knockout • Technical submission • Technical knockout • Judges decision • 3 rounds for non-championship matches • 5 rounds for championship matches • 5 minutes for each round • 1 minute rest in between rounds Popular disciplines employed: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Karate Foam padded (also around the top) MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP ANDERSON "The Spider" SILVA VS DEMIAN MAIA Clinch fighting UFC Clinching, grappling, takedowns and throws Elevation: 1.2 metres 6'2" (188 cm) Height 6' 0" (183 cm) The 'Not-spots' 205 Ib (93 kg) Weight 185 lb (84 kg) The Nevada State Athletic Commission prohibits some techniques and strikes to ensure the athletes fight another day. Here are a few examples. 25-4-0 Record 12-1-0 DID YOU KNOW? told Gulf News. "The main difference MA and boxing is No hair pulling No strikes to spine or back of head rules with the Nevada State Ath- boxing what you're doing letic Commission (NSAC). is taking blows to the head The UFC has since been to get sanctioned fight," says Ratner. "With The UFC was inspired by the Vale Tudo (anything goes in Portuguese) competitions in Brazil. No eye gouging It was also inspired by the 'Gracies in Action' video series produced by Rorion Gracie featuring Gracie family members defeating various martial arts masters with their Ju-jitsu style. It was proposed to Gracie to set up an eight-man, single everyday, you're practic- No biting Popular disciplines employed: Freestyle, Greco-Roman wrestling, Sambo and Judo sanctioned in has hit c on the head, 44 states and ing getting regular shows in the that's part of the sport. UK and Canada, as well as With MMA striking is just recent events in Germany, one part of it, there is Ju- Australia and now the jitsu, grappling and wres- UAE. No strikes to the throat No grabbing of clavicle bone Ground fighting elimination tournament which would feature martial artists from different disciplines in no-holds-barred combat to see which martial art was truly the best. Ground control, positioning and submission holds tling so you're not No holding of opponent's gloves head." Ratner added that at the to MMA even though it is time the UFC is not look- ing at changes in regula- get all of America sanc- tioned we are not making any changes," he said when talk- ing about the illegal moves such as the vertical el- bow also known as the 12 to six elbow. * With de- But the stains of past ing shots to the be Just tak- perception still cling on No small joint manipulation What came to be known as UFC 1 was held in Denver, Colorado, on November 12, 1993. Royce Gracie represented the family in the competition. His submission skills won him the tournament. actually a safer sport than boxing. tion, "Until we A study by Johns Hopkins University covering a five-year review of MMA con- cluded that "the over-all risk of critical injury appears low." Published in 2008 the The show was intended to be a one-off, but it did so well on pay-per-view that it turned into a series. LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BJ "The Prodigy" PENN VS FRANKIE "The Answer" EDGAR A looking at 5' 9" (175 cm) Height 5' 6" (168 cm) 155 Ib (70 kg) Weight 155 lb (70 kg) No holding of opponent's shorts 15-5-1 Record 11-1-0 Viuamins Minerals No groin attacks Popular disciplines employed: Brazilian Ju-jitsu, Shoot wrestling, Sambo and Judo udy ed ntroduced in the Olympics in 648 B.C, unarmed hand-to-hand combat has been in existence in the I form of the Greek "Pankration". True to the fighting spirit, it resembles the modern day Mixed-Martial Arts or MMA. over 635 profession- al matches and 1270 athletes. Only three THE BARE NECESSITIES boxing, pending on the severity of the injuries, it can take about three weeks to recover physi- cally and begin training again," Khan, there were no deaths or MMA fighter and boxer, critical injuries during the said. "In MMA I've suf- fered a defeat and was in "In my 14-year involve- the gym that very night." Khan is also considered boxing I have sadly a pioneer of MMA in Du- seen seven deaths in bai, having started MMA the ring. In all my coaching in Dubai two The original attire was open. Fighters could wear long pants, gi or even shoes. As rules evolved, standardised basic gear was put in place. of per cent the fights resulted Tam Khan in severe concus- Approved shorts J. HERNANDEZ/OGulf News The emergence of MMA has spawned a rapidly growing patronage. Once targeted by politicians in the US and labelled as "human cockfighting", it has since broken out of the proverbial cage and spilled into international arenas. The Middle East's breakout MMA event is coming to Abu Dhabi on Saturday - UFC 112. Open-fingered gloves l inch of padding around the knuckles • 110-170g total weight • Less risk of broken hand when punching • Retains grab and grapple ability Mouthpiece sion and Tam study period. ment [in sanctioning] MATT HUGHES VS RENZO GRACIE 5' 9" (175 cm) Height 5' 10" (178 cm) 170 Ib (77 kg) Weight 170 (77 kg) years with MMÁ the worst injury years ago. Record "In boxing you get a which 44-7-0 13-6-1, 1 NC I saw was a standing eight count, broken arm," allows a stunned fighter Marc Rat- recover and continue fight- ner, UFC ing. In MMA once you're out the fight is ta chance to recover and risk escalat- to COMMON TECHNIQUES As unpredictable as the series of moves and counter-moves are in MMA, some are still likely to be seen more often. you don't get over, y ing head trauma." "Also with boxing every- one is aiming for head shots, in MMA there are so many different ways to end a fight, so the head is not the main OUAN UFC target," Khan said. Khan leads the Dubai branch of the UK-based Team Sure Grip and is set to open Contender MMA Gym, Dubai's first fully equipped MMA facility its own cage and full- with time coaches. TERRY ETIM VS RAFAEL DOS ANJOS 6'1" (185 cm) Height 5' 9" (175 cm) The UFC always looks to include local talent in their 155 Ib (70 kg) Weight 155 Ib (70 kg) events and that includes referees, "It takes a long time to become a good referee, there are so many aspects to learn about • MMA. But we always keep an eye out for good ref- erées and include them especially in the under card," 14-3-0 Record 13-4-0 Armbar says Ratner. Ratner says that the UFC plans to expand into Asia and is look- ing at possible venues in India; Japan and China. He also said that they have plans for events in South America as much of the talent comes from there. "We hope to make Abu Dhabi and the Mid- dle East and annual event for us, we are very excited about coming here." A painful submission hold which hyperextends the elbow joint causing an opponent to submit (verbally or by tapping hand). Hold opponent's hand or wrist firmly with both hands. Trap his arm with your legs. PUNISHMENT Barrier CAGE KENDALL GROVE VS MARK MUNOZ Headlock Knee strike Takedown Full mount Done by wrapping one arm around an Done by driving an opponent up and forward grabbing his legs and sending both fighters to the ground. Elbow joint is hyperextended Involves thrusting the knee into the head or body of an The most dangerous position for the pinned fighter. Hammerfists and elbows will rain 6' 6" (198 cm) Height 6' 0" (183 cm) 185 Ib (84 kg) Weight 185 lb (84 kg) opponent's neck, if tight enough blood or air choke is opponent. 13-6-0 Record 7-1-0 down. Stretch your body to apply pressure. Press against him with your legs using his upperbody and your groin for leverage Other fights achievable. ALEXANDER GUSTAFSSON VS PHIL DAVIS Raising midsection adds extra pressure to opponent's elbow PAUL TAYLOR VS- JOHN GUNDERSON Images: Four Communications Group, UFC NICK OSIPCZAK VS RICK STORY Sources: UFC,, ESPNews, Mixed Martial Arts Unified Rules of Conduct, Additional Mixed Martial An Rules DAMARQUES JOHNSON VS BRAD BLACKBURN Arts PAUL KELLY TELLYS Vs MATT VEACH JON MADSEN VS MOSTAPHA AL TURK DWYNN RONALD V. TRAZO/OGulf News UPE 9.1 metres UFC

UFC in Abu Dhabi 2010

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The UFC came to the UAE in 2010 and I had the honor of covering this event personally! This spread was so much fun to do since I'm a big fan of MMA. Research and execution took me about 2 weeks. This ...


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