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The Truth Behind Fantasy Football: Uncovering the Best Service

***** | TRUTH BEHIND ***** FANTASY FOOTBALL INCOVERING THE BEST SERVICE THE PLAYERS 1-12 NET USERS PARTICIPATE IN AN ONLINE EAGU 26 THERE ARE CURRENTLY MILLION PARTICIPANTS IN THE U.S. AND CANADA. 6. THIS IS UP FROM THE MILLION SIN 2006 MILL 20FON 33 73" years old married 3 1% 87* hours per week spent on league males THE AVERAGE USER 30% 92,750 average use mobile yearly salary THE INDUSTRY IN 2012, FANTASY FOOTBALL PROFITS EXCEEDED: $1 BILLION 7524G0 HL 75240025n THE FANTASY INDUSTRY SEES GROWTH OF 10% EVERY YEAR. 2004 2005 2006 2012 2013 ADVERTISING COSTS OF THE TOP FAN TASY FOOTBALL SITES: REAL ESTATE ON HIGH-TRAFFIC PAGES: FULL SEASON SPONSORSHIP: $750,000 $3,000,000 ON AVERAGE, FANTASY PLAYERS SPEND $95/YEAR ON LEAGUE COSTS ALONE. LEAGUE FEES $15 INFORMATION MATERIALS $36 CHALLENGE GAMES $20 VEBSITE HOSTING FEES TRANSACTION FEES $7 VEBSITE PRIZE FEES FANTASYDISPUTE.COM WILL EVEN RESOLVE ANY FANTASY DISAGREEMENT FOR: $14.95 THE MAJOR SERVICES CBSSPORTS.COM .... SPORTS,YAHOO.COM NFL.COM MSN.FOXSPORTS.COM ESPN.COM SLOWDOWNS AND OUTAGES ARE THE KISS OF DEATH FOR FANTASY PLAYERS. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2009: ESPN experienced a complete outage of their fantasy service - preventing players from accessing their accounts, updating lineups and checking scores -many users turned to social media to vent their frustrations. ESPN.COM PENALTY: 5 YARDS SUNDAY, NOOVEMBER 11, 2012: Yahoo's Fantasy site went down just before 1PM ET kickoff - preventing fantasy players from accessing their teams - again resulting in outrage across the Web and social media. SPORTS.YAHOO.COM PENALTY: 15 YARDS THE 2006 SEASON: After the 2006 NFL season CBS actually issued an apology letter to players, who paid to use the CBS Fantasy Football platform, for a season plagued by performance issues and outages - promising CBSSPORTS.COM improvements for the following year. UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT, GAME EJECTION AlertSite by SMARTBEAR COMPARED THE LOG-IN TIMES FOR THE TOP FIVE FANTASY FOOTBALL SERVICES: AVERAGE WEEKLY LOG-IN RESPONSE TIMES * Log-In: A two-step transaction where we navigated to each site's URL and entered pre-existing user-credentials to gain access to account features. * Log-In Response Time: The total time it took to execute the two step log-in transaction. 24 22 20 18 14 CBSSPORTS.CON ESPN.COM NSN.FOXSPORTS.COM NFL.COM SPORTS.YAHDO.COM 7/21-8/31 7/21-8/31 7/21-8/31 7/21-8/31 7/21-8/31 CUMULATIVE AVERAGE WEEKLY LOG-IN TIMES -..... ... .. 22 20 18 16 12 2 CBSSPORTS.COM ESPN.COM MSH.FOXSPORTS.COM NFL.CON SPORTS.YAHOO.CON In fantasy football, a few seconds can be the difference between a winning streak and a losing week. FOOTBALL IS A GAME OF INCHES, FANTASY FOOTBALL IS A GAME OF SECONDS. mographics sy-leagues/bata-Mama.a AlertSite partabusinessdalcom/Dailylasus/2012/W07/N- Peiew Fantay-Faefhal.asp http://www.sta.erglindustry_demographics w-lootball-servers-dewa-to-start-fl-Ipm-james by SMARTBEAR http://www.cenet.cem/bleg/bi/cbs-sportaline-bombs-in-it-apo- lagizes-bambs-apain/3946 40-220- 10.29 week 2 24.83 16.85 Шш 7.10 LOG-IN RESPONSE TINE ( SECONDS) LOG-IN RESPONSE TIME ( SECONDS)

The Truth Behind Fantasy Football: Uncovering the Best Service

shared by single2013 on Sep 12
Earlier this week, SmartBear published some data from a series of benchmark tests that they ran against five popular fantasy football providers. All of the data was gathered between July 21 and August...




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