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Truth About Fans - FIFA 2014 Worldcup Rituals

MCCANN TRUTH CENTRAL WHO'S GOT YOUR VOTE? • WORLOCUP 2014 • AS THE FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 DRAWS TO A CLOSE, WE TOOK TO THE STREETS TO ASK FOOTBALL FANS AROUND THE GLOBE ABOUT THEIR PASSION FOR THE SPORT AND THEIR WORLD CUP JOURNEY. The full Truth About Fans research will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we thought we would whet your appetite ahead of the final by sharing some good luck rituals adopted by fans around the world! VS ARGENTINA GERMANY Live like its 1986! Listen to period pop songs and wear a jersey from that year. Consult animal psychics, like Paul the Octopus or Nelly the Elephant. GOOD LUCK RITUALS AROUND THE WORLD Fans from every country recounted the quirkiest good luck rituals that they've been performing over the last month to will their team on to the final stages. Some rituals are global, such as wearing a lucky jersey, and sitting in the same seat for all the matches, but some of the more unique rituals remind us how different and co mplex cultures are around the world today. We found rituals could be religiously driven, nostalgic or even akin to ancient symbolic rites. Here are a few of our favorites: PANAMA BRAZIL EL SALVADOR Put a full glass of water on top of your television. Never wear the team jersey on the day before the game. Rub a bald man's head. SAUDI ARABIA SOUTH AFRICA PHILIPPINES Elabora tely decarate your makarapa hat, and don't forget your vuvuzela! Eat two dates before the game begins. Eat chicken hearts before the game. URUGUAY TURKEY U.K. Dress your pet up in a team jersey, and pet it at critical moments. Only ever drink from your lucky pint glass. Tie a series of lmots in a handkerchief while chanting "Poncio Pilatos la cola te ato..." But no matter where they live, what their unique rituals are, or who they're going to be praying to for victory, fans all around the world are sure to agree with this man from Hong Kong who summed it up most succinctly: Football is like a religion for me. It's not even a rational thing anymore. Americans are the most likely of all nations to say they are obsessive, die-hard fans when it comes to their passions Nigerians are most likely to say that global sporting events, such as the World Cup, make them feel more connected to each other as human beings 60% of Brazillians believe global brands play a vital role in making the World Cup possible 9/10 81% Colombians say that sports are a major way in which they are introduced to other countries and cultures of Indonesians claimed to be excited about the start of the World Cup, making them the most excited nation TRUTH WELL TOLD 1912 ENJOY THE GAME! The Truth About Fans... coming soon い 00

Truth About Fans - FIFA 2014 Worldcup Rituals

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Focused on fans’ behavior and what it means for brands, McCann Truth Central's Truth About Fans study honed in on the 2014 FIFA Worldcup event and garnered attention by releasing a dynamic, real-tim...



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