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Super League Versus Premier League 2015

SUPER LEAGUE PREMIER LEAGUE To celebrate the launch of the new Super League Rugby season we thought we'd compare one passionate and energetic sport with another, Premier League Foothall. The gap in finances between the two sports are miles apart, but the excitement they bring is much more evenly matched The Cost OL Being A FAN SUPER LEAGUE PREMIER LEAGUE A Super League season ticket is HALF THE PRICE of a Premier League team equivalent! Cheapest avg season ticket price £245 45 E508c el727 Cost per game Match Day Ticket Avg (Cheapest) 19 £29 C E50 0 CHELSEA Arsenal will get you a ticket to watch chelsen at home. FOOTBALL CLUB season ticket price is Or you could buy 2-TICKETS than a season ticket to Warrington Wolves to see Wigan Warriors and still have change for a pie and a cup of teal CHEAPEST DAYS OUT Super League Cheapest Day Out Premier League Cheapest Day Out HULL F.C. 1865 Pie Programme £3 Ple Ticket Programme £3 £3 £19 £2 £3 £15 £2 £27 £23 EXPENSIVE DAYS OUT Super League Premier League Most Expensive Dauy Out Most Expensive Day Oud Pie Programme Pie Programme WARRINGTON 360 Arsenal 3.00 3.00 3.50 Tea Tichet Tea Ticket TICKET TICKET 2.00 30.50 2.20 97.00 £38.50 £106.30 AWAY DayS Die hard fans of both sports will follow their team all over the country. But how many miles does the average fan have to travel and which sport has the easier journeys? GIANTS 1,593 miles NEWCASTLE UNTED 8,198 miles WAKEFIELD SWANSEA CITY 1,618 miles 7.905 miles SALFORD SOUTHAMPTON 1,685 miles 6,781miles LEEDS HULL CITY 1.718 miles - 6,259 miles CRYSTAL PAŁACE WARRINGTON 1,729 miles- - 5,924 miles WIGAN BURNLEY 1,754 miles- - 5,660 miles 劉 CASTLEFORD WEST HAM UTD 1,758 miles 5.508 miles WIDNES CHELSEA 1,815 miles - 5,419 miles STHELENS tOTTENHAM 1,890 miles 5,392 miles HULL FC EVERTON 1,979 miles 5,362 miles HULL KR LIVERPOOL 2,023 miles 5,334 miles KA Z OPR CATALAN DRAGONS 12.634 miles- 5,285 miles According to AA route planner ecsluie supporters travel the furthest at around 8,200 miles costing them EL100 in fuel Avg Miles Travelled Super League Premier League 1778 5334 DID YOU HNOW? 11 of the 12 teams in the Super League are based within the M62 Corridoor! LEEDS HUL M62 HUDDERSFIELD WAKEFIELD MANCHESTER WARRINGTON TV Deals Super League TV Deal £182 million over 3 years Premier League TV Deal The PremierLeague TV Deal worth £5.5 billion 80 times over 3 years more per season than the Super League TV deal. Players Salaries It's no surprise that Premier League players get paid astronomical amouunts of money each week and so doesn't compare to most sports. But what if we compare it to Super League Rugby to put the vast amounts of Footballers into some sort of context? wages SALARY CAP SUPER LEAGUE PREMIER LEAGUE £1.825m for top 25 players in each team. £56m of TV Money on wages (however other income can be used to pay players) Average Weekly Salary Average Weekly Salary £1,300 E43,717 Wayne RooneY ROONEY earns more in a month than an entire Super League team earns in a year. 10 Average Premier League player earns 33 timeS more than the average Super League player E1.825 million can hire you a 25 player Rugby League Squad for a whole year....- OR - Prem Top 10 Paid Players £1.825 million 1. Wayne Rooney (Man Utd) - €386,960-a-week 2. Angel di Maria (Man Utd) - €350,230-a-week 3. Radamel Falcao (Man Utd) - €331,470-a-week cán hire 7 of the highest paid Premier League players for 1 week! 4. Yaya Toure (Man City) - €300,070-a-week 5.Robin van Persie (Man Utd) - €281,310-a-week 6. Sergio Aguero (Man City) - €281,310-a-week 7. Cesc Fabregas (Chelsea) - €250.060-a-week Stadiums IVIT Biggest Biggest Super League Premier League Stadiums Stadiums 號 HULL FC KC Stadium 25,404 Old Trafford 75,811 WIGAN( MAN CITY DW Stadium 25,138 Etihad Stadium : 62,170 (once work is finishedy GIANTS Galpharm Stadium 24,500 Emirates Stadium 60,361 ( ARSENAL OLD TRAFFORD IS ALMOST 3 times the size of the Biggest Rugby Stadium Physical Attributesu Tale Of The Tape 12 13 183 cm Avg Height 182 cm 90 kg Avg Weight 74 kg 7 km Avg Distance per game 8.5 km Tallest & Shortest Mose Masoe 199cm /6 ft 6 in Peter Crouch 201cm / 6 ft 7 in Rob Burrow 165cm /5 ft 4 in Aaron Lennon 167cm / 5 ft 6 in Premier League and Super League players are all roughly 1.82m on average, however a Super League player packs an extra 16kg the equivalent of one and a half carry-on bags for a domestic flight. firstiutlity Australian researchers reported that Rugby shoulder tackles had an average force of 1997 newtons the equivalent of 206kg or two and a half Steven Gerrards first:utility Despite the massive wages, bigger stadiums and huge TV deals of the Premier League, Rugby Super League is just as exciting, with equal athleticism, cheaper season tickets and it's easier to follow your team to away games. SUPER LEAGUE PREMIER LEAGUE RUGBY SUPER LEAGUE SEASON STARTS 5th FEB 2015 Sources hetp:// hetp// ter-united/11068478/Radumel-Falcao-to-an-265000-per-week-as-Manchester-United-pay-24-miluion-for-season-long-loah html http://www.worldfootballnet/attendance/eng-premier-lesgue-2013-2014/1/ unn

Super League Versus Premier League 2015

shared by adamfootball on Feb 11
A look at the finances, stadiums, fans and players from 2 of the greatest sports leagues in the UK.


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