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Super Bowl XLVI: A Legendary Rematch

Super Bowl XLVI: A Legendary Rematch Super Bowl XLVI: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots. The last time these two franchises met was just four years ago when Big Blue edged out the Pats 17-14. Before you watch the pigskin fly in their colossal rematch, take a look at some of the greatest teams, highlights and facts from Super Bowl history. Sunday February 5,2012 ny Vs. at Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, IN New England New York A Patriots 1 Giants Super Bowl Record Super Bowl Record 2011-12 Season Record 2011-12 Season Record 9-87 AFC Playoffs NFC Playoffs WILDCARD BYE WILDCARD Giants vs. Falcons 24-2 DIVISIONAL Patriots ys. Broncos DIVISIONAL Giants vs. Packers 45-10 37-20 CONFERENCE Patriots vs. Ravens CONFERENCE Giants vs. 49ers 23-20 20-17 Top Three Super Bowl Champs Won Lost ןזזזז Pittsburgh Steelers San Francisco 49ers 22222888 Dallas Cowboys Biggest Blowouts ) = ten points Super Bow XXIV 49ers 55 Broncos 10 Super Bowl Bears 46 Patriots 10 Super Bow XXVII Cowboys 52 Bills 17 Did you know... The "Super Bowl" name was derived from the bowl game, a term used to describe post-season college football games. the average number of people at 17 a Super Bowl party The Super Bowl is measured in Roman numerals because the football season spans two calendar years. Super Bowl Sunday has the second most alcohol-related accidents. The only way for the general public to get a Super Bowl ticket is through a random drawing that must be entered $15,946 a year in advance. The most expensive single ticket in 2011 was $15,946 for a 7th-row seat on the 50-yard line. 5% of Americans will watch the game alone . Stay Tuned Shortest Super Longest Super Bowl Commercial Bowl Commercial Seattle-based Ivar's Chrysler aired a 2 minute ad featuring Eminem driving the Chrysler 200 though Detroit. Seafood Restaurants .05 second 2 minutes purchased a half- second long ad during the airing of Super Bowl XLIII (2009). First Super Most Expensive Super Bowl Commercial Bowl Commercial In 1967, a 30-second Super A 30-second spot for Super Bowl XLVI (2012) costs $3.5 million. Bowl ad cost $37,500. 2$ 2$ 24 2$ 24 2$ 24 24 2$ 2$ 24 24 24 24 %24 2$ 2$ 24 24 2$ 2$ 24 24 2$ 24 %24 2$ 2$ 24 2$ 2$ 24 2$ $4 Time Out for Snacks Super Bowl fans spend more than $50 million on food during the 4 days prior to the game. Super Bowl Sunday is the 2nd largest day of food consumption behind Thanksgiving. 1,200 calories Amount the average Super Bowl viewer will consume while snacking Football fans are expected to eat an estimated 69.6 million pounds of avocados during this year's Super Bowl (mostly in guacamole). It is estimated that Americans will eat 90 million pounds of chicken wings, which breaks down to 450 million individual wings! According to 7-Eleven stores, there is a 20% increase in the ANTACID sale of antacids Budweiser on the day after Super Bowl. KINO OF BEERS. Budweiser has been the exclusive Super Bowl beer advertiser for the past 23 years, and will continue to 325.5 million Gallons of beer drunk by Americans on Super Bowl Sunday be until at least 2014. Most Watched Super Bowls of All Time Super Bowl XLV (2011) had the highest average number of viewers in history, surpassing the 2010 Super Bowl and the M*A*S*H series finale. Average Number of Vlewers XLV 111,010,000 viewers Packers Steelers 111,000,000 XLIV 106,476,000 viewers Saints Colts 100,000,000 XLIII Steelers 98,732,000 viewers 99,000,000 Cardinals 98,000,000 XLII Giants Patriots 97,448,000 viewers 97,000,000 96,000,000 95,000,000 XXX Cowboys 94,076,000 viewers Steelers 94,000,000 Memorable Half Time Bloopers 2004 2009 2011 2011 "What so proudly we watched at the twilight's last reaming?" Censored! Black Eyed Peas' technical lighting issues Christina Aguilera's Janet Jackson's "Wardrobe Malfunction" Bruce Springsteen's collision with a camera forgotten lyrics Brought to you by SOURCES: | | | | | | || | || | Disclaimer The use of any trademarks in this Infographic do not represent any affiliation between Cheap Sally, LLC and those companies, associations and/or Teams included within the infograph., American Football Conference, National Football Conference, New England Patriots, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys and Budweiser are the trademarks of each respective company.

Super Bowl XLVI: A Legendary Rematch

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Who are you cheering for the New England Patriots or the New York Giants? This infographic includes memorable half time bloopers, to the top 3 teams to win Super Bowl- you will learn things about Am...


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