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Stress of College Athletes vs. Other Students

The Stress of College Athletes VS. Other Students A stereotypical perception of athletes would have you believe that they are pretty carefree, worrying only about their performance in sports. But real athletes, like everyone else, are real people. Many types of stress enter their lives, and often they may be more stressed than non-athletes. Learn the truth about the stresses both athletic and non-athletic college students deal with. 60% of college students experience a high or very high level of stress. 54.3% 55.6% of freshman males use physical activity to relieve their stress. say the of stress when working out. achieve a reduced level 10% However, of males state that stress can be motivating! of females state that stress can be motivating! experience heavy stress related to their sport in the form of: Pressure to Win LBS. IT O Extreme Anxiety over and || 50% 60% Fear of male athletes of female athletes Other Common Stresses for College Athletes The #1 Concern OlOBol2 Time Management Home Among Athletes Away over 40% T 50% of males are concerned of females are concerned Relationships 12% of males of females Finances ($ 7% of males and females Not Enough Sleep Z 10% 20% of males of females Depression Fear of Failure Burnout Too Many Responsibilities Extracurricular Activities Conflicts With Family or Significant Other 95% 86% of freshman of freshman male athletes female athletes are stressed by certain academic factors such as: Fear of Different Treatment Making Up Missed School Work Finishing Papers • Tests / Exams • Missing Class because of Sport Travel • Major Stressors for Non-Athletes Finances ($ Transportation Smoking Educational Decisions Physical Appearance Being Isolated/Ignored College athletes with above average stress levels are more likely to have poor health and low self-esteem than non-athletes or low-stress athletes. 10% have serious enough problems to seek counseling. * this percentage could be bigger, but the group is less likely to find counseling than other students Suggestions for Reducing Stress Male % Female % 42% 60% maintain good health to lower stress 42% 33% appreciate their accomplishments 70% 72% complete tasks one by one 42% 44% keep a balanced perspective 30% 49% do nice things for people 65% 58% talk about stress problems 15% 15% meditate 50% 75% participate in recreational exercise 66% 63% play games, read, etc. 25% 25% muscle relaxation 25% 14% practice faith SOURCE http//stress on College Athletes htm http://wwuscholarwvu edu 8881lexlibris/dtl/d3 1/apache media/L2V4bGlicmlzL2RObC9kM18xL2FwYWNoZV9tZWRpYS8xNDAyNw== paf pdf com/books?id-6EJGUEW2JFOC&pg-PA418lpg-PA418dg-stresstand-college-athletes

Stress of College Athletes vs. Other Students

shared by Ariela on Jan 22
The Stress of College Athletes vs. Other Students is an infographic that highlights the special challenges college student-athletes face.


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