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Street League Skateboarding

STREET LEAGUE SKATEBOARDING T LEA IS STREET LEAGUE REVOLUTIONIZING SKATEBOARDING? Street League, started in 2010 by Rob Dyrdek, is on the fast track to legitimizing skateboarding as a mainstream sport, while making all other skate competitions obsolete along the way. SLS is arguably the most competitive skateboarding competition to date and features such as instant scoring, competitive excusivity, and large cash prizes separate this league from any other competition, past or present. FOUR-STOP NATIONWIDE TOUR • 24 OF THE BEST SKATEBOARDERS IN THE WORLD THE OLDEN YEARS THE GOLDEN YEARS SKAT WHAT MAKES STREET LEAGUE'S SCORING SYSTEM SO UNIQUE? 1976 2012 The New York Nassau Coliseum STREET LEAGUE uses ISX - Instant Scoring eXperienceM. used an applause-o-meter: tis an instant response dial that allows for real-time scoring. (find out more on SX below) World Invitation World Contest to gauge the audience's reaction and determine the winner APPLAUSE METER "It's game-changing technology and is the next great leap forward we've been waiting for." --Rob Dyrdek HOW MUCH CASH IS AT STAKE? ITOUR "' CHAMP P ESPIT billmyparents STREET 200, 000. 00 Debit 2001 CHAMPION "Numbers represent first place cash reward X Games 2012 Maloof Money Cup Tampa Pro 1995 Dew Tour 2012 Street League 2012 2012 $4 $1,000 $25,000 $50,000 $100,000 $200,000 * largest cash prize in skateboarding history HOW DO EARNINGS OF TOP SKATEBOARDERS COMPARE TO THE AVERAGE JOE? $5M Professional Skateboarder's Annual Income +4,900% $4M Income Increase Tony Hawk (1987) Ryan Sheckler (2010) $3M NFL Player's Avg. Annual Income +726% Income Increase $2M $1M Median Household Income $500K +90% 1987 2010 SLS SERIES PRIZE PURSE $1.6 M the LARGEST prize purse in skateboarding history 32 x the average American worker's yearly salary WHAT SETS STREET LEAGUE APART FROM THE REST? INSTANT SCORING ATHLETE EXCLUSIVITY ISX - Instant Scoring eXperienceTM This innovative scoring technology gives fans instant SLS owns the exclusive rights to their boys. That means the 24 skaters can REVENUE SHARING only compete in Street League sanctioned CHAMPIONSHIP results of skaters' runs. The judges enter scores of 0-10 within 2-3 seconds of a run, SLS has instituted the first revenue sharing program in the history of action sports. Even skaters who don't win get a cut of the Street League merchandise and media rights sales under their innovative revenue competitions throughout the The top 10 skaters from the three "regular season" events move on to the Skate League Championship. The winner of this competition goes home with $200,000 and a watch worth $50,000. duration of their contract. allowing for real-time, Instant scoring. The top and bottom scores are dropped and the rest of the runs are averaged. sharing program. It's a history chhanging moment. There's been this moment in all other organized sports, and we've never done it. SLS Pro Chris Cole on the Exclusive Contract DOES ANYONE CARE? 41+M people REACHED through Street League social media = (between athletes, sponsors, SLS, & Rob Dyrdek) almost TWO TIMES the population of Australia The 2011 Street League series was the highest viewed contest series in skateboarding history with nearly 50,000 people in attendance and over 1.4 Billion Global Impressions. BROADCASTING HOURS 1995 X Games: 2011 Street League 60 315+ HOURS WHO'S THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN? Professional Skateboarder Rob Dyrdek became a pop-culture icon with his television shows Rob & Big, The Fantasy Factory, and latest hit Ridiculousness. Aside from being a TV superstar, the 20-year industry veteran is one of the biggest advocates for progressing the sport of skateboarding. The idea for Street League was formed back in 2004 and after planning everything from course design to sponsors, he saw his dream become reality in 2010. ROB DYRDEK... - Became a pro skateboarder at the age of 16 - Has 21 skateboarding records in the Guinness Book of World Records - Sponsored by DC Shoes, Monster Energy Drinks, Alien Workshop and Spy+ Optics - Bought DNA Distribution which includes Alien Workshop, Habitat and Reflex in 2012 - Wrote, financed, and starred in the O film "Street Dream" DE PRO - Creates/builds "Safe Spot Skate Spots"- skate parks that provide a healthy and legal spot for kids to skate Rob's Social Media Reach: Facebook. .3,770,000+ Fans Twitter. .2,390,000+ Followers Youtube. . 12,540,000+ Views 79,980+ Subscribers Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoe Skate Plaza of Kettering IS STREET LEAGUE REVOLUTIONIZING SKATEBOARDING? ..WE WOULD HAVE TO SAY YES. en Fdyrdek-acgure-dra deton-tron burto hep absgov ala aboe estone4750ee25aa0015ropenDoctet Mwwbes com/200s0n7hnhnyhank-binesssports 021action soarts side shedders tepeww pro-tour-fueled-by-nonster energy 2012-schedule-amounced-14346326 rem reput.anwordeeiooocrhe sorid-busress-nanes 2000-op paid action spottes-sialer and banitan beok p-10 KRUSH wwW.KRUSH.COM %24

Street League Skateboarding

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How is Street League changing the face of skateboarding as we know? check it out!




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