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Sports Security: Nothing To Play Around With

SPORTS SECURITY SECURITY NOTHING TO PLAY AROUND WITH Packers fans, leave your backpacks and fanny packs at home. Jets fans, get ready to be screened like you're trying to board an airliner. Those seat cushions and coolers that some of you Ravens fans used to bring to the stadium? Nevermore. NFL fans may notice extra security guards at their team's next game, or experience a TSA-like search just to enjoy a few hours of their favorite sport. Followers of other sports, both professional and college, are also facing increased security measures at virtually every venue. Call it a blitz, a full-court press or a defensive shift. By any name, the heightened security is something that fans will just have to get used to. 2013: CHANGES IN STADIUM SECURITY NFL The NFL is now enforcing a new carry-in policy at stadiums to enhance public safety for fans. Fans can bring clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bags (no larger than 12" x 6" x 12"), and purchase clear plastic tote or messenger bags and drawstring backpacks with their team's logo on them for $9.95 - $19.95. The following items are prohibited: • Purses larger than a clutch bag • Backpacks • Fanny packs • Cinch bags Camera bags • Coolers • Briefcases / Computer bags • Luggage & Seat cushions NHL Although the NHL isn't discussing the specifics of its new league-mandated security policy, the deputy commissioner has said that "expanded measures are being taken to ensure the safety of fans." These include: • Coordinating with all hockey arenas / stadiums • Bomb-sniffing dogs have helped to secure hockey arenas prior to games • Every 10th person entering arenas will have to pass a metal detector inspection MLB Stadium officials met this year to discuss security topics since each of the big league baseball teams has a different fan policy. A current policy that's consistent throughout the league prohibits bags larger than 16" x 16" x 8". Some changes that may go into effect include: • Reducing size of bags allowed from standard backpacks to laptop camrying bags • Increased security at games thorough examinations and bag searches at gates Kentucky Derby The Churchill Downs racetrack and the annual Kentucky Oaks Day event also implemented a heightened security policy. The new rules include electronic wand searches, all items carried in subject to search, and prohibits: • Purses larger than 12 inches in any dimension • Coolers and cans of any kind or size • Camcorders, tripods, cameras with detachable lenses or lenses > 6" in diameter • Fireworks, noisemakers, air homs, lasers or light pointers • Mace, pepper spray or personal defense sprays IS SPORTS SECURITY UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? Identified Problems Media outlets like USA Today have looked into the quality of security at sporting events and identified potential problems, including: • Reliance on part-time security guards • Absence of national regulatory standards Positive Progress The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security has dedicated countless hours to researching security measures at sporting and special events, training personnel from NCAA colleges, working with the NFL and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and establishing 33 "baseline protective measures" that stadiums must have in place, including: • Risk assessment to identify threats and vulnerabilities • Developing countermeasures, policies and procedures • Training of event staff Homeland Security Grant The Department of Homeland Security has aided The Center's research with a $3.5 million grant to develop a risk-management plan for athletic competitions and special events nationwide. =$100,000 SPORTS SECURITY: THE CURRENT SCORE A look at security measures already in place at sporting events / stadiums NBA The last time changes were made to the NBA's security policy was 2004 after a fight broke out at a game between fans and players of the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons. The outcome led to: • Increased security between players and fans • Restrictions on size (24 oz) and amount (two) of alcoholic beverages / customer • Alcohol is only served until the start of the fourth quarter NASCAR Each racetrack has slightly different policies on alcohol, cooler size and items allowed / prohibited in the stands. General restrictions include: • Coolers no larger than 14" x 14" x 14 allowed • Backpacks and fanny packs allwed but subject to search • No glass containers, fireworks, weapons or unlawful behavior • Alcohol policies vary by venue Golf When attending any of the four major championship tour events, you should expect a thorough screening, complete with metal-detection. Here's what you should NOT bring (or do): • Cellphones (allowed in certain areas at some toumaments if on silent / vibrate) • Bags larger than 8" x 8" x 12" • Cameras (only allowed at practice rounds) • Request autographs (except at PGA Championship practice rounds) CRAZIEST SPORTS SECURITY BREACHES OF ALL TIME 1. Disco Demolition Night July 12, 1979 Comiskey Park | Chicago, IL 2. Cleveland Browns Last Home Game December 17, 1995 Cleveland Municipal Stadium | Cleveland, OH 3. Malice at the Palace November 19, 2004 The Palace at Auburn Hills | Detroit, MI 4. Super Bowl Break-In February 3, 2013 Mercedes-Benz Superdome | New Orleans, LA SOURCES: http:/ 18 http:/www.usatoday.comistoryisports/2013/0502istadium-securty-boston-marathon-ke rtuckyderby2130875 http:www.nt.comiqsalcioarindex jsp com/2013/04/16nhsecurity-on-highalertinwako-of-boston-marathon-bom BROUGHT TO YOU BY: SECURITY COMPANIES bings/ 2013-04-23imib-security-stadiums-boston-marat honbombings-fenway park hpwww.kertuckyderty cominews/201304/18ichurchil-downs-strengthens-securnity-p oliciesexpands-scroanings-2013-kentuciey-derby http:/www.rba.cominewearena_gudeines 050217.tmi http:wwww.masters.comien_UStoumamentipatron_info.htmi htp:/www.usopen.comen_USichampexperiencespactator_gude htminguidaines http:www.pga.c Spageid-51037 httpen wiipeda org wik Disco Demoltion_Night htp:len wiipeda orgwiki History_of the Cleveland_BrownsModel 27_Move http:/en wiapedia.orgwik PacorsE2%80NS3Pistons_braw http:www.hutingtorpost com/2013/02/15joseph roberts-malachi-youngblood-bayonce- distractionsuperbow_n2696130.htmi w

Sports Security: Nothing To Play Around With

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It used to be that the only security concern you had when you went to a ballgame involved accidentally sitting in the opposing team’s fan section. These days, however, security for sporting events g...


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