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Sports Betting 101

SPORTS 10109 WAGER MINDS BETTING EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO GET STARTED BETTING ON SPORTS To the newbie sports bettor, trying to figure out how betting works can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of terms, numbers, and nicknames to learn. This graphic is meant to help to quickly give you the tools to not only understand sports betting, but to give yourself a leg up on the books! THE ESSENTIAL INFO THE POINT SPREAD THE VIG AKA THE JUICE Sports betting operates much like a golf game between two people of different skill levels as one team is 'handicapped' and given additional points to add to the final score. This number is applied as a negative number to the team favored to win (favorite) or as a positive number to the team favored to lose (underdog). Example The team is the favorite and is "laying" that many points. In order to win, they must subtract this number from the final game score and compare vs other team. FAVORITE IT SHOULD BE OF NO SURPRISE TO YOU THAT SPORTSBOOKS ARE IN THIS BIZ TO MAKE MONEY. UNDERDOG The team is the underdog and is "getting" that many points. In order to win, they can add this number to the final score and Well the vig (aka vigorish or the juice) is the rake from the overall bet that the book takes out of the winnings. When too many bettors take the same side of a bet, you may see the books increase the vig (offering you less $ on that side of a winning bet) to try to get more bettors on the other side. compare vs other team. TYPES OF BETS +O SIDE BET A side bet is a bet that factors the point spread into the mix as you are betting against the spread (ATS). When placing a side bet, you will either add the points to an underdog, or subtract the points from the favorite. Example BET: $100 on Dallas -3 (-110) O WIN O LOSE CONDITION RESULT CONDITION RESULT Dallas Wins By > 3 Dallas Wins By <3 or Dallas loses Bettor wins $91 Bettor loses $100 ML MONEY LINE BET This bet is simply to predict the outright winner of the game, there is no spread for these types of bets. These bets do not have the same odds as a balance bet against the spread would. Example BET: $100 on New York +500 O WIN O LOSE CONDITION RESULT CONDITION RESULT New York wins Bettor wins $500 New York loses Bettor loses $100 00 OVER/UNDER (O/U) BET Instead of picking the winner, gamblers can bet on the total number of points scored in a game by wagering on the over/under. The 'total" (or the over/under line) reflects both teams' scores added together. Example BET: $100 on over 38.5 (-110) O WIN O LOSE CONDITION RESULT CONDITION RESULT Giants beat Cowboys 21-17. Bettor loses $100 Total points scored = 38 Giants beat the Cowboys Bettor wins $91 35-21. Total points scored = 56 (>38.5) (38.5) dO PARLAY A parlay bet is when multiple bets are tied together and each play must win in order for a payout. Parlays will allow the bettor to risk less to win larger amounts, however the odds of winning are decreased inversely. Example 4-TEAM PARLAY ATS BET: $100 on Dallas -2 (-110), New York +7 (-110), Miami -3.5 (-110) and San Francisco -4 (-110) O WIN O LOSE CONDITION RESULT CONDITION RESULT Bettor loses $100 Dallas, New York, Miami and San Francisco cover Bettor wins $1,100 (11-1 payout). However, the true Any single game fails to cover the the spread spread odds of picking 4 games correctly are 15-1 c20 TEASER BET A teaser bet is a modified parlay bet where the bettor gets extra points to add to the line for each game to skew the outcome in their favor. However, the payout is far lower than a standard parlay. Example 9 POINT, 3 TEAM TEASER BET: $100 on Dallas +7 (-110), New York +16 (-11O) and Miami +5.5 (-110) O WIN O LOSE CONDITION RESULT CONDITION RESULT Any single game fails to cover the inflated spread Dallas, New York and Bettor wins $91 Bettor loses $100 Miami cover the spread (inflated by 9 points) Glossary of Terms You Need to Know "Against the spread", taking points rather than betting with the spread ATS Bankroll Money available for gaming Paying additional money to receive a half point or more on a point spread game Buy Points Cover A pointspread win Dog The team getting points (or less favorite to win the game) Even Money A bet whose odds are 1 to 1. The team expected to win an event. The quoted odds is how much a team is favored to win Favorite Laying The Points Betting the favorite by giving up points Laying The Price Betting the favorite by laying the money odds Line The current odds (or point spread) on an event A player pays addition money to receive a half point or more in his favor Move The Line No Action A bet where no money is lost or won Off The Board When the bookmaker will accept no action Opening Line The earliest line posted for an event Pick 'Em Occurs when neither team is favored A special wager offered by the bookmaker on a unique or various topics. Prop (Proposition) Bet Push When an event ends with no winner or losing for betting purposes Sportsbook A person or company that accepts bets Spread the predicated score deferential between two opponents Ticket A wager Combined amount of runs, points, or goals scored by both team during the game including overtime Total The amount bet on a game. A unit is typically measured as 1% of your bankroll. Unit Wager To risk money based on the outcome of a game Bet Size Terminology FIFTY CENTS Refers to a $50 bet HALF A DOLLAR A $50 bet ONE DOLLAR Refers to a $100 bet BUCK A $110 bet NICKEL Refers to a $500 bet DIME A $1000 bet RERENAA NSREKHA

Sports Betting 101

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There is so much to know about the betting world. There are hundreds of sports team, sports lingo, numbers and nicknames. This infographic is a guide to betting; the basics of betting, types of bets a...


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