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Sport Slang Explained Infographic

Getting Sport Slang! to grips with There's a lot of slang used in the world of sport, and sometimes it can get confusing. That is why we have put together a series of calligrams cards to explain these well used terms in a fun and interesting way! WHAT DOES IT MEAN? "The phenomenon where sportspeople, usually in the last minutes of a game, manage to summon the strength, concentration and whatever else necessary to succeed." USAGE EXAMPLE. ASSOCIATED SPORTS: A commonly used phrase in American sport, it occurs mainly in American football, basketball, and ice hockey. "Miami Dolphins deliver clutch catch in win over the Patriots." (American football) WHAT DOES IT MEAN? "When a sportsperson (or team) fails to win during an important game or situation - especially one where maintaining their performance is highly important e.g. a tournament final." USAGE EXAMPLE ASSOCIATED SPORTS: "The Bruins had back to Toronto where the Maple Leafs hope to avoid another post season choke." (Ice Hockey) A commonly used phrase in American sport, it occurs mainly in American football, basketball, and ice hockey. TRICH WHAT DOES IT MEAN? "When a sportsperson (or team) scores three goals, or other positive score feat, in a single game." USAGE EXAMPLE: ASSOCIATED SPORTS: A commonly used phrase in British sport, it occurs in football, cricket and rugby, but also occurs in ice hockey and hockey. "Hurst's hat trick won England the world cup in '66" (Football / Soccer). SHOT WHAT DOES IT MEAN? "To hit a ball hard enough that the opponent can't reach it." USAGE EXAMPLE: ASSOCIATED SPORTS: "Ma Long kills it. Mizutani didn't stand a chance." (Table Tennis) Mostly confined to racket sports, such as tennis, or table tennis, but also used in volleyball. LEY WHAT DOES IT MEAN? "A shot that is hit before the ball bounces on the ground." USAGE EXAMPLE. ASSOCIATED SPORTS. "Nadal hits a beautiful volley, timed to perfection and bang on target." (Tennis) A common phrase in many racket or ball sports, most typically in tennis and football. ANG WHAT DOES IT MEAN? "The length of time a player stays in the air after jumping to score or pass the ball." USAGE EXAMPLE: ASSOCIATED SPORTS: "Jordan's hang time has to be seen to be believed, there's a reason they call him 'Air' Jordan." (Basketball) Most commonly associated with basketball players, but occasionally used in American football in relation to the ball itself. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? "Refers to the best starting pitcher on the team." USAGE EXAMPLE: ASSOCIATED SPORTS: "It's another beautiful day and both teams have their aces up." (Baseball) A common phrase in many sports, with different meanings for each. (Ace is used in baseball, golf, tennis, volleyball and a few others. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? "When a golfer goes over par by a single shot." USAGE EXAMPLE: ASSOCIATED SPORTS: "Mcllroy misses the putt and will have to settle for a bogey." (Golf) Exclusive to golf. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? "When a batsman is dismissed without scoring a single run. A variant on this is the 'golden duck' where the batsman is dismissed on the first ball they're played." USAGE EXAMPLE: ASSOCIATED SPORTS: "Unbelievable! No runs for Root and he's heading back in to the pavillion on a golden duck." (Cricket) Exclusive to cricket. VE WHAT DOES IT MEAN? "When both sides are equal on three points, it is called Deuce, not 40-All." USAGE EXAMPLE: ASSOCIATED SPORTS: "Incredibly Federer has fought back from 40-Love to Deuce!" Most often associated with tennis, but also in use in some other racket sports, such as Badminton. (Tennis) WHAT DOES IT MEAN? "An offence in football. In VERY simplified terms, a player is caught offside when they go behind the line of opposing defenders, before the ball has been kicked to them." USAGE EXAMPLE. ASSOCIATED SPORTS. "Come on ref, no goal! He was miles offside!" (Football) Most often associated with football, but also applicable to American football and ice hockey. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? "Where play is restarted following the ball going out of play. Players bind together in a row against the opposition and the ball is placed between the teams so that they may compete for possession." USAGE EXAMPLE: ASSOCIATED SPORTS. Exclusive to rugby. "Australia have fallen apart twice in previous scrummages." (Rugby) REFERENCES: serve NIGHT OR DAY LET'S PLAY =YOT

Sport Slang Explained Infographic

shared by BoomOnline on Jun 06
The world of sports has many different sayings, colloquialisms and slang. It's easy to think that people are speaking another language when they talk about sports so we made this calligram infographic...




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