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Sleep to be an All-Star

SLEEP TO BE AN ALL-STAR Meet your sleep coach Cheri Mah who works with collegiate athletes and Olympians, as well as professional teams in the NBA, NFL, and NHL. Coach Mah teamed up with Zeo to help you become an awesome All-Star athlete and along the way, will help you unlock the secret power of optimal sleep for peak athletic performance. So if you're ready to tap into a competitive advantage, let's get to work. Powered by zeo. WINNERS SLEEP, LOSERS WEEP with Coach Mah Training with Team Sleep Team Sleep G6 Eat, sleep, and swim, that's all I can do. J5 Team Tired MICHAEL PHELPS 30-40% 42% Chronic sleep loss can lead to a 30-40% reduction in glucose metabolism. 11% Tennis players get a 42% boost in hitting accuracy during depth drills. Sleep loss means a I1% reduction in time to exhaustion. LAP 1 4.3% Sleep improves split-second decision making ability by 4.3%. 17% 2 days of sleep restriction can lead to 3x increase in lapses of attention and reactivity. Sleep extension provides swimmers a 17% improvement in reaction time off the starting block. G6 love to sleep. 5 LINDSEY VONN X 20lbs LAP 2 0.1s Maximum bench press drops 20 lbs after 4 days of restricted sleep. 17-19% Football players drop 0.Is off their 40-yard dash times by sleeping more. Perceived exertion increases 17-19% after 30 hours without sleep. I think sleep is just as important as [diet and exercise]. 42% A 20-30 min power nap improves alertness by 100%. GRANT HILL Sleep is for Champions Sleep is half my training. JARROD SHOEMAKER . SLEEP SECOND PLACE IS THE FIRST (SLEEP) LOSER. DIET If I don't sleep I-12 hours a day, it's not right. EXERCISE ROGER FEDERER Y A well-rested body is a healthier, more efficient, more capable one. This could be the hardest thing to accomplish on my to-do list, but it always makes a difference. KERRI WALSH HOW MUCH SLEEP THE PROS GET 11-12H 12 H 12H 10-12H 10 H 8-10H 8-10H 8-9H 10н 8-9н 8H 8H 8-9H 8-8.5H 8-9H Average Zeo User 6H 44 6 H 4-5H 4H 2H OH ROGER FEDERER LINDSEY VONN SARAH HUGHES TIGER WOODS LEBRON JAMES STEVE NASH VENUS WILLIAMS MICHELLE WIE MATT SLAUSON MARIA SHARAPOVA APOLO ANTON OHNO JARROD SHOEMAKER Coach Mah's Game Plan Sleep is extremely important to me – I need to rest and recover in order for the training I do to be absorbed by my body. כל USAIN BOLT 2 Maintain a regular sleep and wake schedule Train and practice during the time of day you will compete during training A good night of sleep before the game = Adjust your training load based on your A WINNING GAME recovery A season of good sleep every night = A SEASON OF WINS 20-30 min pre-game nap for the win For me, sleeping well could mean the difference between putting up 30 points and living with 15. I think that napping every game day, whether you feel like it or not, not only has a positive effect on your performance that night but also a cumulative effect on your body throughout the season. STEVE NASH MAKE SLEEP A PRIORITY Treat sleep like your secret weapon. Start sleeping more and you'll soon be setting new personal records. You'll become an MVP. Then you will qualify for the next Olympics. In no time, you'll be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Ready. Break. IN YOUR DAILY TRAINING MORE SLEEP MEANS BETTER FREE THROW SHOOTING BY 11% – Mah C, Mah K, Dement W. The effect of extra sleep on mood and athletic performance amongst collegiate athletes. Sleep 2007; 30 (Suppl.):A151. Abstract 0443. 1 SLEEP EXTENSION PROVIDES SWIMMERS A 17% IMPROVEMENT IN REACTION TIME OFF THE STARTING BLOCK – Mah CD, Mah KE, Dement WC. Extended sleep and the effects on mood and athletic performance in collegiate swimmers. Slep 2008; 31 (Suppl.):A128. Abstract 0384. | TENNIS PLAYERS GET A 42% BOOST IN HITTING ACCURACY DURING DEPTH DRILLS – Mah CD, Mah KE, Dement WC. Athletic performance improvements and sleep extension in collegiate tennis players. Sleep 2009: 32 (SuppL):A155. Abstract 0469. | FOOTBALL PLAYERS DROP 0.1S OFF THEIR 40-YARD DASH TIMES BY SLEEPING MORE – Mah CD, Mah KE, Dement WC. Sleep extension and athletic performance in collegiate football. Sleep 2010; 33 (Suppl.): A105-A106. Abstract 0304. 1 SLEEP LOSS MEANS AN 11% REDUCTION IN TIME TO EXHAUSTION – Martin BJ. Effect of sleep deprivation on tolerance of prolonged exercise. Eur J Appl Physiol Occup Physiol 1981; 47[4):345-354. | CHRONIC SLEEP LOSS CAN LEAD TO A 30-40% REDUCTION IN GLUCOSE METABOLISM – Spiegel K, Leproult R, Van Cauter E. Impact of sleep debt on metabolic and endocrine function. Lancet 1999; 354(9188): 1435-1439. I 2 DAYS OF SLEEP RESTRICTION CAN LEAD TO 3X INCREASE IN LAPSES OF ATTENTION AND REACTIVITY – Dinges DF, Pack F, Williams K, Gillen KA, Powell JW, Ott GE, Aptowicz C, Pack Al. Cumulative sleepiness, mood disturbance, and psychomotor vigilance performance decrements during a week of sleep restricted to 4-5 hours per night. Sleep 1997: 20(4):2267-277. | COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE WITH 6 HOURS OR LESS SLEEP PER NIGHT IS THE SAME AS GETTING NO SLEEP FOR 48 HOURS. – Van Dongen HPA, Maislin G, Mullington JM, Dinges DF. The cumulative cost of additional wakefulness: dose-response effects on neurobehavioral functions and sleep physialogy fram chronic sleep restriction and total sleep deprivation. Sleep 2003: 26(2): 117-126. | SLEEP IMPROVES SPLIT-SECOND DECISION MAKING ABILITY BY 4.3% – Maddox WT. Glass BD, Wolosin SM, Savarie ZR, Bowen C. Matthews MD, Schnyer DM. The effects of sleep deprivation on information-integration categorization performance. Sleep 2009: 32(11):1439-1448. 1| REDUCING SLEEP DEBT INCREASES VIGOR BY 64% – Kamdar BB, Kaplan KA, Kezirian EJ, Dement WC. The impact of extended sleep on daytime alertness, vigilance, and mood. Sleep Med 2004;5:441-448. | PERCEIVED EXERTION INCREASES 17-19% AFTER 30 HOURS WITHOUT SLEEP – Martin BJ, Gaddis GM. Exercise after sleep deprivation. Med Sci Sports Exerc 1981;13:220-223. I MAXIMUM BENCH PRESS DROPS 20 LBS AFTER 4 DAYS OF RESTRICTED SLEEP – Reilly T, Piercy M. The effect of partial sleep deprivation on weight-lifting performance. Ergonomics 1994;37:107-115. ¶| A 20-30 MIN POWER NAP IMPROVES ALERTNESS BY 100% –, National Sleep Foundation. Accessed 2011-02-07. Additional materials sourced from publically available references – contact Zeo for more information. © Zeo, Inc. 2011. All rights reserved. INFOGRAPHIC BY FFUNCTION SINCE 2008 USAIN BOLT RAFAEL NADAL

Sleep to be an All-Star

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Infographic about the correlation between sleep and performance.





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